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Coeliac Disease

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  • rachel64474 1

    Next step after blood test?

    Hi all, My daughter's blood test came back positive for Celiac. I've been told by lots of people that she will now need a biopsy or another test to confirm but the doctor said she might not. She is 10. Can anyone tell me what they next step was for them at this stage please and how long it took? Thanks

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  • AT30 2

    New symptoms since going Gluten Free

    I was diagnosed as having Coeliac Disease last October after finding out in the summer I had chronic anemia which resutled in a blood transfusion and eventaully led to CD testing which came back borderline on blood test but positive on biopsy. I had suufered with constipation for years (even since

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  • laurabro 1

    Coeliac Disease and Eyelid problems

    I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease at the start of last December, after being ill for a good few months. I have now been on a gluten free diet since then and my symptoms have dramatically improved. Since being on a GF diet i have seemed to develop problems with my eyelids, which are getting

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  • harry04007 2

    Possible Coeliac?

    Hi, I am 18 and for the past 6 weeks I have been suffering from a strange combination of symptoms. It started with a general discomfort in my upper abdomen below the ribs along with pains. These pains are intermittent and are sometimes felt in the back and come in waves. I then developed a

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  • kay88151 2

    Mucus stools

    Hi I'm 26 years old with coeliac disease and I'm strictly gluten free for over 9 years. I'm having soft mucus stools for the past few weeks with the odd semi normal stool in between. I'm also having a lot of tummy pressure after eating. I'm eating small amounts of mainly toast, chicken and rice. I'

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  • nicola1927 1

    head sores

    coelic about 3 yrs ago( head sores)  dont know if any connection had them b4 diagnosed cant find anything that helps driving me crazy wondered any one else simular problems thanks nicola 

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  • pamela05183 1

    Feeling really unwell

    Going through tests at the moment for coeliac disease and just feeling very lethargic and unwell. I had been gluten free for a few months but as I now have appointment for endoscopy I have to eat gluten. While I was gluten free I did not feel any better. Any ideas ?

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  • stevieboy64 2

    So many symptoms

    Im looking for at least one person out there that can relate to not been tested for coeliac but im having a blood test this about 5 years ago with chest pains and lower ab a bad pain but worried had two ecg and blood tests since and everything seems

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  • kez00737 2

    Grown out of coeliacs

    When I was 16 I was diagnosed coeliacs confirmed by blood test and biopsy and immediately commenced the gluten free lifestyle and what followed was 10 years of hell. My skin condition was disgusting I developed severe Acne on my face and back, I couldn't go swimming because I didn't want people to

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  • alexandra 70706 1

    When I get depressed I find it really hard not to cheat

    Whenever other things in my life get on top if me, I find it increasingly hard not to cheat. I dont do it regularly, maybe once every 6-8 months. Afterwards I'm filled with regret then I obsess over the damage I might have done and I worry myself further. I know about all the health risks I must

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  • dee53012 6

    celiacs seizures

    Does anyone out there get grand mal seizures from celiac disease. I am 57 and have been gluten free for 15 months and I am better in many ways, but the seizures remain. Will the seizures go away once I bsorb more nutrition?  If you have seizures, how do you deal with them?  Afterwords, I hurt so

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  • smith84220 2
  • helen30692 2


    I was diagnosed with IBS way back in my late teens (I'm now 46) i've had three children ( and three miscarriages)I have hypothyroidism, pernicious anemia, recurring mouth ulcers, bleeding gums (my dentist can't find a cause ) three years ago I was advised to try the low FODMAP diet. Blood tests and

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  • amys13 3

    Advice for a newbie please!

    Hi all Firstly I apologise for the length of my post but am hoping someone will be able to help. I am a 31 year old woman who has been experiencing symptoms for the last three years.  Crohns and colitis runs in my family and 3 years ago my symptoms started with awful acid reflux, mucous stools

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  • Happypai 1

    Coming unglued

    I stopped eating gluten and November because I have family members becoming positive with celiac disease. I had really bad upper back and neck problems. It felt like really bad pressure period I couldn't really call it pain. I dealt with this for 10 years or more. It just seemed to slowly progress.

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  • marcus4101 2

    Please help!!!

    Been ill for a few months now symptoms started out as heart palpitations which ended in several trips to er ekgs which stated that I had possible left enlargement. Then followed by blood work, chest X-rays, 48hr halter monitor, echos, and stress tests which all came back normal.. I was then

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  • avhenri 1

    Support when diagnosed

    Hello, I was wondering if any parents with children diagnosed with celiac disease could share their thoughts on the support they received from health services? Do you think the support could be better? Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Av

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  • caitlin02656 1

    Is it worth eating gluten again to get tested?

    I cut out gluten around 3 months ago now and I've been feeling so much better, but when I spoke to my doctor last week she told me I should get tested for coeliac. I told her that I'm fine with not knowing because I don't want to eat gluten again for 6+ weeks, and she was insisting that I could get

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  • lara41608 2

    3 year old son positive result me negative

    Hi, So where to start. I started feeling ill 6 weeks after having my son 4 years ago. Upset stomachs bloating cramps lost a lot of weight. Had bloods done it revealed I had low ferritin. I discovered pasta and bread was making me ill so cut them out. I've had loads of coeliac tests and they always

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  • elena81919 1

    Negative Coeliac Blood Test result

    Hello, I have just received a negative blood test result for Coeliac Disease.  I am very frustrated as I have so many of the symptoms.  Tiredness, headaches, mouth ulcers, stomach aches, constipation, bloating and diarrhoea.  My hair is also falling out.  My Dr has indicated that I may need to have

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  • Lilebz77 1

    I'm at my wits end...please help...

    My lg is now 3&1/2 years old she's had stomach issues from birth. (Lactose free, colic, then under a Dietician at 1 year and told she had dairy and soya allergies) but over the last 9 months she's been getting progressively worse, she has many symtoms of celiac but after months of arguing with docs

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  • adclee 1
  • suzyh 1

    Upper left quadrant pain, radiating into back

    Sorry, this is going to be ! About aged 17 I started with severe abdo pains usually after gluten ingestion now I look back and chronic constipation. Diagnosed IBS at that time. A few years later about aged 26, worsening anaemia (very low Hb indeed) with terrible exhaustion. Coeliac bloods

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  • lunalove 1

    So Confused.

    You would think that as I nurse, I would have some insight or not be so confused about what is going on, but being on the other end (being the patient) is downright frustrating.  I've always felt like I'm more sore than the average person. I always have had minor aches and pains throughout my body,...

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  • leigh74005 3

    Wondering if maybe I have coeliac

    Hi all. I'll apologise before hand for the length of my post. Here goes. For as long as I can remember, I've always had a nervous bowel. Would always manifest as loud noises and diarrhoea. I useually had no other symptoms that went alongside this apart from occasional acid reflux and heartburn.

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  • mary jean40205 1

    Should you see a Celiac Specialist

    I was diagnosed in November. I have been gluten free but I still have some of the symptoms mostly in the morning . The gastrologist only told me I had it and to go on Gluten Free diet. Do you get tested again ? What kind of Dr should you go to afterwards? Is there something I should be doing ?

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  • leigh74005 3

    Negative blood test positive biopsy.

    Just a quick survey. How many of you actually tested negative by blood test but positive by biopsy? I've read that the blood test is 98% reliable. I've not been diagnosed with celiac but have a lot of symptoms of it. Had a blood test that was negative in august. Just had a biopsy done when I had

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  • lauren77392 2

    I don't feel any better

    Hello I've posted before but here goes again! I have been diagnosed and gluten free for 6 months now. At diagnosis I had replacement b12 injections. 6 months on I don't feel any better at all. In fact I feel worse as the weeks go by. My main symptom and the reason I initially went to my GP was

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  • mari34228 3

    Son having a blood test tomorrow

    Hi, I took my son to the GP yesterday as he has been having many physical and mental problems for some time now. He has already been referred to counselling, and we have had one session so far. I mentioned coeliac disease to the GP and he said it was worth checking. This was based on the fact that

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  • mikki53585 1

    Celia and Infertility

    I am doing a research project about links between celiac and infertility. If anyone has experience or knowledge over this that would be very helpful!

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  • jmcg2014 6

    Lump in throat

    Hi all For the last 2 years I've had what felt like a lot of extra mucous in my throat, a horrible constant lump that won't shift. I've had all kind of tests and scopes and theres nothing there. It's been horrible. Lately my gp thinks I may have coeliac as I've been anaemic a few times lately and

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  • sarahr78 1

    Negative coeliac test results

    Hi everyone! I've just found this forum and am excited to possibly be able to talk to some people who can empathise with my symptoms! I have just had a negative blood result for coeliac and have been told categorically that I don't have cd. But I have so many symptoms (listed below) that I am

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  • karlzemmo 1
  • hollym 1

    Could this be something else?

    Hi, sorry if this post is quite long and if I'm graphic in describing my symptoms, I'm just desperate for an answer . Starting May this year I've been having gastro symptoms. It just started as some mild cramping pain in the lower abdomen and needing to pass stools more frequently. I thought it

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  • sid123 2

    Advice please

    Hi everyone.I've just joined the site because I would like help from anywhere and anyone.i was diagnosed with coeliac disease a month ago and having great difficulty with food now.I didn't have any symptoms except my bloated stomach - I look 6 months pregnant!I get told by some people I need to be

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