it really IBS?

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G'Day friends, 

i'm a 27 year old male... for past few years i've suffered from stomach problems which before could be described as flare ups but this past 6 months it has not calmed down infact gotten worse , 

the symptoms consist of everytime i eat i'm so bloated that my stomach is extended even the smallest of meals and simply wont digest, only relief i get is by making myself sick at the end of the night as its so uncomfortable and everything i've ate will come up.

there is also other symtoms that come along with this but what i just explained seems to be the stem of the problem.

the other symptoms include:

trapped wind



shortness of breath [sometimes]

at first my doctor said it was IBS but now after so long and with prescriptions and movicol doing nothing im starting to question that.

I have an ultrasound scan booked in a few weeks time.

I also suffer from anxiety and depression but came off medication 2 years ago now to manage it by my own.

could anyone shed some light? 

Thank you


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    Hi Joe;

    First, let me say that I am sorry that you are suffering. I know because I have something similar except I do not insomnia and shortness of breath. Your symptoms sound a lot like mine though. I have IBS and have had it since I was younger. I am beginning to suffer more the older I get. First off, IBS has many many symptoms. Bloat and gas is just a few as well as shortness of breath. From what I've learned about IBS, you MUST have a good diet, or you are going to suffer. Second, if you are constipated, you are going to be bloated and have trapped gas. So, you must include fiber in your diet EVERYDAY. I wont tell you what kind, because, it all depends on what your body can stand. Of course you know that you can get fiber from vegetables, but, for IBS suffers, you have to add fiber by taking psyllium or a fiber of your type. Google fiber and read up on it. It is natural, but, it is a God send. And, third exercise, exercise. It keeps the body flowing and moving. Even if you only walk, some kind of exercise is very good for IBS. Now, I have no idea what your diet is like but IBS sufferers must exclude junk food. Doctors know very little about IBS and the meds that they put you on are worse for you. You are going to have to research and learn all the things that will help. But, please stop taking the meds. They onlyharm you.I realize that you have to take something for relief, but start doing the things mentioned above and I guarantee you that you will start to feel good, good,good. There is so much that I can share with you, but, it will take time. Being an IBS sufferer, I know what I have to do to feel well. Oh, and I forgot start drinking lots of water. Spring water if you can or some natural clean water. Water keeps the food moving through the body. Once the food starts moving, I guarantee that you will feel better. I wont ask how many movements to the bathroom you go a day. But, I will tell you that you have to relieve yourself at least three times daily. The colon is spastic with IBS and it does not like food packed in it. So, I hope that I have been of some help. 

    You can try psyllium husk. Most health food stores or even GNC has it.It is a natural seed that ground. Start with a small amount so that your body can get use to the fiber. I would say a tablespoon in  a glass of juice or whatever you prefer. Afterwards, drink another glass of water. Do that everyday for a week. After that week, you can add a little more if you want. Happy Movement, LOL

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      Hi elvira,

      Thank you so much for your detailed reply.

      i think the main problem is i never really understood IBS, it would flare up and go away so i had just accepted that until now as it has gotten unbearable and naturally i thought it would be treated medically.

      I've always went to the gym and followed a strict diet that is until 6 months ago when the IBS had got worse, and by not going to the gym you do tend to lose that dedication to the lifestyle so i did start eating junk food, I tried to go back to the gym but it never worked out as trying to excercise while feeling pregnant and bringing up sick in your mouth every 10 seconds i had abandoned the gym again.

      I know its definitely not 3 times a day i'm going to the bathroom, once if lucky.. which is what i told my gp and why im on movicol.

      Having this huge flareup at this time of year when my depression worsens its hard to tell if all symptoms are IBS or some depression or infact both are bouncing off each other which might explain the shortness of breath and insomnia, suffering from it everytime you eat not exactly knowing what to do is depressing on its own.

      the only real steps i had took is i'm actually addicted to milk i drink as much as 2 litres a day, so i thought i was lactose intolerant and switched to lactofree milk.

      But i will surely take your advice on board and start with those tips straight away, anything for some relief lol

      thank you for your help.

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      Hi Joe,

      I wont make it so long today. I want to express how important it is that you keep your bowels open. You will feel such tremendous relief if you get your bowels under control. For some reason people who suffer with IBS also say that they are constipated. I would pull back on the milk if I were you. Good luck in your quest for a feel good day.

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    IBS comes with diarrhea or constipation or both. You haven't said any of those. 

    Or did you mean Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome ? 

    and not Irritable Bowel ? 

    Shortness of Breath and insomnia could also mean that your having some other problems related to Respiration. 

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      thank you for your reply rocky,

      sorry i never specified but i meant irritable bowel.

      its mostly constipation i have problems with.

      its hard to tell when you have so many problems go on at once where they stem from, because of the time of year where my depression worsens and the symptoms of ibs happening all at the same time the shortness of breath and insomnia could be from the depression.

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      I have IBS-For me the main symptom is stomach cramps-usually after a big meal and then D.

      This like you came and went and I have managed to deal with it without using any meds.

      Since Xmas though my problem became worse and never really went away-constant bellyache and more constipated than anything with lots of wind.

      I have been back and forth with Docs and had various tests to rule things out.

      I saw a consultant and he told me most meds wont work-but to add fibre to my diet(i use ground flax seeds-as these were the ones he mentioned) he also said peppermint oil capsules can work for some people.

      Intrestingly he said to a diet full of healthly things doesnt always work for some and actually junk food can be ok!!!

      Its just about seeing what sets you off

      TBH I have tried a food diary and cannot see anything which makes me worse-but eating smaller meals works best for me.

      I still feel a ache in my stomach most days and this does start the panic-which makes everything worse.

      I am hoping after the one or two tests I have not had yet are over and nothing is found to be wrong I can finally relax with all this.

      If you still have problems keep going to Docs and having more tests.

      IBS cant be confirmed until everything else is ruled out.

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      good afternoon sarah,

      i thought i had wrote your comment myself lol.

      i don't know where your from but im from scotland and as you can imagine we dont see much sun, it seems like it does worsen winter time,

      my IBS worsens which then gets you worried and its back and forth to the doctors and when they can't give an answer it worsens my depression which then worsens the IBS further.

      but speaking of doctors i'm just back from mine i got prescribed opramazole, dicyclomine and fibogel.

      he said pretty much the same as your consultant had apart from he said the fibre part is a bit contradictory with IBS some people swear by it and other believe it to be a cause.


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      Hi Joe.

      Hopefully now with the meds you have been given you can see some inprovement.

      I am just sick to death of feeling not quite right for days/weeks at a time.

      If I get the all clear I can cope with this,just so long as I know its nothing to worry about.

      I am in the North West of England so know just how you feel with the dark cold and wet gloomy months!

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    Sounds like IBS especially if you have anxiety/depression.  If your tests come back negative. trust your doctor's diagnosis of IBS. Keep a food diary to see if you have food triggers.  If you have IBS, you may have to try a number of antispasmodics to find one that works.  Everyone is different with IBS and symptoms vary.  Anxiety will make symptoms worse. Symptoms come and go or can be constant.  My IBS was constant for three and a half monrhs before diagnosis.  After diagnosis, my symptoms    became much less frequent because my anxiety cleared up.

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