Itching all over but no rash

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I have been itching, body wide now, on and off for nearly 12 months.

It doesn't leave any marks when I scratch and doesn't interfere with my sleep. In fact it can probably best be described as a feeling of insects crawling all over me.

The itching is worse on my scalp, face and shoulders and progressively less frequent the further down my body I go.

I have had various blood tests across the last 12 months and they have all been fine. During this period I have also been suffering with, again on and off, stomach discomfort, like a gnawing pain in the pit. I have been offered PPI's to treat it but it normally responds to probiotics and natural yogurt after a few weeks.

I have tried antihistamines to no effect and am really concerned that I might have an issue with kidneys, liver or pancreas.

I am 36, generally in good health, take no medications, I am not losing weight and am becoming increasingly frustrated with this worrisome annoying issue. I figured that as it has been happening on and off for 12 months, that any anomalies would have shown up in blood tests.

Does anyone have any thoughts or been in a similar situation.



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    Generally itching should not be much of a problem at your age. Do try Rigix which generally works for allergy problems at least temporarily. I am sure you must have got checked up for worms which can also be a reason for that. Good luck.

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    A simple cheap and effective test would be urine test strips . Try to do the tests last thing P.M. and first thing A.M. Check carefully for Protein and Glucose levels.

    They don't cost much to buy, but chat up the nurse at your surgery (smile) and they will probably give you a few. And an old bottle to check the colours.

    Please don't try any self medication just ask your G.P. Always remember, the crying baby gets the milk, so go back and ask. Good luck .E

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    I'm going through something very similar!

    • For about 6 months now I've been experiencing generalized itching on and off. It's mainly on my neck, hands, and arms. But unlike you, after I start scratching hives develop and it gets very red. I also notice if I accidentally scrape my arm somewhere or if I pick at a pimple on my face it gets all swollen and red too, like an allergic reaction.
    • What's interesting is that you're experiencing stomach issues too. I've been also having some stomach discomfort. It started a few months ago with a lot of belching, and a feeling of pressure after eating in my upper abdomen, and then lately turned to stomach cramps after eating. I just saw a gasto dr recently to try and fig out what's going on. I had an ultrasound done and everything was fine, now I just had an endoscopy and he said everything looked fine there too. I'm waiting on the biopsy results now. I don't get it!
    • I'm really starting to wonder if my itching is associated with anxiety. Bc I notice that when I'm distracted and busy, I'm not as itchy. And when I'm nervous, I get very itchy. I've had a lottt of different physical symptoms from anxiety over the last few years, so it wouldn't surprise me if this is just another symptom.
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    Sounds more like a food intolerance or a reaction to stress; try a food diary since you also have stomach discomfort. Has gastritis or food intolerance been mentioned. Keep going back to your doctor for diagnosis. If blood tests show nothing, simply relax and keeping using probiotics and natural yoghurt in the meantime since this helps. Stress and anxiety can also cause itching and some PPIs cause it too; maybe avoid PPIs for now in case it makes the itching worse.

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    do you any rashes or scabs where you are itching? Have you had your scalp examined for lice or a fungal infection or possibly dermatitis? A fungal infection can spread over your body if left untreated. The gnawing stomach pain sounds like it could be IBS have you tried antispasmodics? Also you could try deflatine, that can help. If you are in general good health, I wouldn't worry about liver problems with the itching, your blood tests would have definitely shown something if it had got to that stage. Maybe ask about allergy testing for the itching.

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    Have you seen a dermatologist? Do you shower daily with anti-itch soap? Do you use anti-itch lotion daily?

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    Hi James. I had this itching with no rash for about a year and my Granddaughter. It is caused by stress. I am A qualified Herbal Practitioner, but I used to work in Mental Health for many years. I read Behavioral Sciences in Uni and my major was abnormal Psychology.

    You need to go and speak to your G.P. about it as soon as possible. The can prescribe something and even send you on a Mindfulness course. If you go on you tube there is plenty of videos that teach you relaxation techniques to.

    Good luck. Hope you get some relief soon.

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    H James. The gnawing pain is also stress related. I have had 5 stomach Ulcers since I am 25. I am now 61. I had Gastritis and Duodenitis last year. Perhaps you need to see a Gastroenterologist just in case you are developing one of conditions. They will give you some tests.Try some Gaviscon medicine as well.

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    it could be something like Atopic dermatitis, which can be exacerbated by heat and stress. Or an allergic reaction to something around you. You should check with a dermatologist because they know skin best. I tried many creams and lotions just to try to keep the creepy crawly feeling away but that just irritated me worse. In the end I found out my skin was hyper sensitive even to plain water! I was advised to cut way back on showering, washing my hair and bathing. Really. You wash away your body's natural defenses every time you bathe or shower. Not saying stop altogether. You can rinse your stinky areas with a mild vinegar solution which will take care of odors. I use a spray bottle with water and a tiny bit of vinegar and if you do not like the odor of vinegar try baking soda water. My daughter is hyper sensitive to the sun and vinegar water is her go to after getting red.

    Quite often natural cleansers work best.

    Try not to scratch at all because it can transfer any thing you touch to your skin. You'd be surprised. Even the surface of your phone picks up dust and then when you lay it down somewhere it picks up whatever is on that surface as well. Look at everything you come in contact with every day. Your body is designed to protect you from germs and stuff but then if you wash off all your body oils every day then everything can then linger on your skin.

    You are lucky it does not interfere with sleep.

    Being that its primarily upper area I would suspect a shampoo or something you use in that area is not agreeing with you.

    If you have not seen any bumps or any thing then its most likely what my dermatologist calls internal hives that can feel

    like when you itch for no apparent reason.

    I hope you get some answers soon.

    You are on the right track with yogurt as it does restore the natural defenses to the gut. Good luck.

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      Water has a lot of chemicals in it such chlorine which can be tasted and smelt when you run the taps. These additives may affect the skin. Filter kettles are good to remove some of the impurities when using water for cooking, drinking plain water and tea and coffee.

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