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Hi all,

I've written before about my situation.  The fact is I have been having some really odd feelings since January, to where I first felt movement in my abdomin. As many times as I went to ER about it no one would do a damn thing but do a bunch of repeatitive test look at me as I were nuts and send me home no better off then when I came.  So over the last 3 weeks or so I feel that my symptoms have changed to the point that I started to feel creepy crawly things moving all around my chest as well.  Even to the point of feeling that at times things have been able to get into my lungs and possibly my heart.  Now I notice my head is always itching or I am starting to feel something moving in my head at times,  I have been on my doctor like a fly on sh*t about her slow response to my situation as much as i have been keeping her informed.  So, she has basically done what little she could do by sending me for a variety of test sigmoidoscopy (came back w healthy colon), OB Gyn, (found a 7m Fibroid that posed no danger), Eurology (scheduled to remove a kidney stone), heart stress test (did okay on the treadmill).....but now that my doctor has informed me that she is retiring and handng all her patients over to another doctor I need to start all over again with a new doctor.

Thing is I'm starting to have head aches that are so bad I don't know what to do.  Is anyone out there who started with the whole worms in the stomach, had them go to the chest area and now feeling them in the head?  If so, I'd like to know what you are doing I don't know if just taking pain meds is going to be enough or what all is being damaged.

Let me know your story.

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    There is something strange happening in my neck of the woods. Pathology results are coming back negative and people are being misdiagnosed, left untreated and told it is all psychological. Even by specialists. It is sending people crazy n they are killing each other. Others are getting cancer.

    In order to be taken seriously by the medical profession gather evidence and clearly state why you believe you have parasites. Thephones nowadays have some great features and provide a great record. Tell me how to upload photos n u will b amazed. There is a magnifying glass which is invaluable. Arm ur self with tweezers a splinter probe and magnoplasm and remove it as you would a screw worm. Find a doctor who will prescribe ivermectin without a positive result.

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    Your story sounds a lot like mine! Except I thought it was fibromyalgia that was making me so tired I could not get out of bed. Then the dry itchy pates started in my head. Then I could feel movement and actually see what looked like a worm crawling under my scalp and it hurt so bad! If I tried to push it towards one of the sores it made in my head I would get electricity in my hair and what felt like biting pain. I went to the E.R. 3 times the pain was so bad felt like a jackhammer in my head. They did cat scans and looked at me like I was nuts. Since this all began last year, I've had a cerebral aneurism coiled. 3 kidney stone surgeries in 6 months (I believe from waste product of worms) I too feel them and sometimes see them crawling throughout my body.

    I've seen a dermatologist who told me it was my nerves. Infectious Deseases who said "it was a known syndrome that just feels like you have bugs crawling under your skin!" I say what about my bloodied and scabbed up scalp? They think I'm doing it to myself! I'm not! They've insulted my intelligence repeatedly! I finally saw a dermatologist who was willing to say "I don't know enough about parasites but I know someone who does" she referred me to Dr Fried of Yardley Pennsyvania who is a dermatologist and parasitologist! His biopsies came back negative but he said "50% of the time blood work and biopsies will come back negative." Theses are sly little suckers! He told me I had a parasitic infestation and apologized for the rest of the medical field who has no clue about parasites and thinks it is a third world problem only! He put me on Ivermectin in July of 2015 6 tabs 3mg every 10 days and other antibiotics intermittently. On my own Ive been taking supplements black walnut hauls, vitamin D 4000 units. Wormwood, 2000 units of garlic per day and drinking pinapple smoothies with "crushed coriander seeds for eggs" "crushed & eaten separately, pumpkin seeds" with honey & coconut water. Supposedly the enzymes in this concoction kills them. & when in season papaya seeds. Staying away from carbs and sugar that supposedly feeds them. Eating lots of cabbage with onions, ginger, garlic and coriander seeds. A month ago I thought I was through with them! Except I had a small soft lump in the back of my head. In due time that lump start moving and all the symptoms start returning. Not as bad as last time but I do feel them throughout my body. I wish you well. I also drink a shot of brags organic vinegar and recently started juicing and drinking the juice of one lemon or lime daily! Anything I read or see on YouTube that sounds reasonable I try! All of this along with bathes of Epsom salt, baking soda and Borax all bought online. My dr says I can get the same results with a cup of bleach added to the tub. Good luck to us all!

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      I've just started taking salt tablets and vitamin C increasing the dose as tolerated hopefully the salt will burn them out before it raises my blood pressure! 🐛🔫
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      After a bit more research unless everyone in the household gets treated for these worms including your pets you will keep getting reinfected. I have noticed white distinctive shapes under people's skin yet if I raise this subject they think I m nutty. They can lie dormant there without incident for years. If your body raises temperature it triggers a breeding cycle and causes problems which is why ice addicts are prone to the picking and then infect others because at that stage they are highly infectious. Some believe that the government are using this parasite in the war on drugs. So take ivermectin and albendqzole together every six months use ivermectin lotion or selsun gold for skin disorders. Avoid dogs and cats. Always wear shoes. Finding others in your area for support is also of great psychological help. Stay empowered when dealing with the medical profession unfortunately they have an attitude of superiority and until we treat them as advisors and not gods it's not going to change. Pathology results in our cases prove nothing because they are not yet aware of what it is they are dealing with and doctors would be foolish to solely rely on these and if they do pull them up on it.

      Best of luck everyone

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