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itchy anus for several years diagnosed

I can really relate to some of these experiences, especially trying every availabel cream . I visited the doctor a few times and they treated me for either piles of gave me a mild steroid cream, which gave a little relief. It was only when I calculated how long I had been in my house(contemplating moving) when I realised I must have had this itching for 4/5 years. The penny dropped that if it was being caused by piles surely I would have an odd day off from the constant itching . I went to docs this week 'cos I feel it's relly affeccting my life- I can be in ameeting at work and desperately want to go to loo to have a scratch!! Not good for concentrating.

My GP has referred me to a dermatologist as she thinks it is [color=green:f86141bdf4][size=18:f86141bdf4]lichen sclerosis[/size:f86141bdf4][/color:f86141bdf4]. This mainly affects the vulva in women, but can affect the anus. And there is no cure, but apparently cna be controlled with strong steroid creams. reading info on various websites it is scary if it gets out of hand! I will have a biposy to confirm. Not sure if I am glad of diagnosis or not, as seems so much more depressing than just an uncomfortable itchy bum.

Anyone else had similar experience?

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  • corrinacorrina corrinacorrina

    Please try my recent self treatment I came up with. It has broke the cycle of itching and so far is not coming back. I thought too, that it could be something more serious, but did not see a dermatoligist. It might work for you, it might be worth a try. I let my doctor know what I was doing and she was excited that I got some relief too.

    look for I broke the cycle, try this posting

    Hope you get some relief too

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    lichen sclerosis really sucks. I had to have a circumcision because of it - which wasn't a fun experience; but it seems to have slowed it up for the time being. You have to nuke the hell out of it with proper steroids (not that weak hydrocortisone stuff), but you should get it properly diagnosed by a biopsy before doing that since steroids will seriously damage normal skin. It might just be dermatitus though - so do get a biopsy.

    You can try the capsaicin cream, but the skin from lichen sclerosis is heavily thickened and may not respond in the same way. LS also spreads so it pays to keep the area dry and clean.

    If all else fails just learn to enjoy scratching your ass in public. It worked for me for 10 years.

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    OK so now im freakin out!! My dermotologist said I had lichen simplex. Is that the same thing? I read info on lichen sclerosis and they are the same symptoms sad She said that it started as Pruritus ani and then the itch scratch cycle started and then it became lichen simplex which then she gave me diprosone (a steroid) which returned it back to pruritus ani, or well it wasnt thick anymore and way less itchy. My doctors are working on trying to figure out what is going on, I also have HPV affected cells in the anus, could this affect anything? Could it be the cause even? I am already super depressed as is and if i find out that this thing def cant go, then....

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    To Jay 1 - if you get this, I can assure you that lichen simplex is not the same as the somewhat misleadingly named lichen sclerosis that I had. Just type lichen simplex lichen sclerosis into a search engine and you'll see what I mean.

    You've just scratched the hell out of your skin and it's changed because of it. It's really horrible I know, but I doubt it'll spread and it's certainly not life threatening (just really annoying). Talk to your dermatologist about it and try to just get on with life. I have no doubts you'll get it under control provided it's just a vicious bit of eczma/dermatitis/herpes/whatever!

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    I had this terrible itchy anus for 5 years now. My previous GP didn't care much about it and I had to suffer for a long time. It was terrible - couldn't do anything including sex.

    So, I went to this new GP who is amazing. She prescribed me Benovate RD cream. This cream stopped the itchiness at once.

    Please do ask you GP to subscribe this. It is a form of steroid.

    I hope and pray no one ever gets this horrible thing.

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    There is a cure for this--it's Capsaicin cream. It has to be diluted in a 4:1 ratio with shea butter. There is a professor in CA who presented this at a Dermatology Convention years ago, and I found his findings on the web. Everyone who tried this after my initial post found relief. For me,The cream worked immediately, but at first you may have to use it daily, and then you can go to a few times a week, then weekly, then monthly, then only once every few months. It burns horribly the first five minutes, but this is normal, and the reason why it has to be diluted, because even at the 4:1 ratio it's so strong.

    Anyway, I still visit this site because I know how desperate I was for relief and a cure, and want to share my experience with others.Here is the info I copied straight from the article of the experiment that Dr. ****** did. I hope this helps lend credibility for all of you. I was afraid to try diluting it on my own, which is why I went to a compounding pharmacy, but had my doctor not written a prescription I would have resorted to doing it on my own also. I do hope this helps.

    \"Several topical capsaicin products are available; however, they contain a much greater percentage of the extract (0.035%-0.025%). Dr. ****** recommends a milder formulation of 0.006% extract, which he has specially compounded at a local pharmacy.

    Patients should apply the ointment to the affected area once a day. After a few weeks, they may be able to reduce the application to once every other day, but the itching may return if they stop treatment.

    Dr. ****** has only treated about five patients with the ointment. His interest in the therapy was sparked by a 2003 study by J***** L***, M.D., and colleagues at ******* University.

    They randomized 44 patients to either a 0.006% capsaicin ointment or 1% menthol ointment for 4 weeks. A 1-week washout period followed, after which the groups were crossed to the other therapy (Gut 2003; 52:1323-6).

    A total of 31 patients experienced relief during capsaicin treatment and did not respond to menthol. Capsaicin treatment was unsuccessful in 13 patients. Only four dropped out, because of a burning sensation at the site of application. Most patients said the burning feeling lessened with use. After 11 months' follow-up, 29 patients were able to reduce their use of the ointment to once every other day with maintained efficacy.

    Dr. **** decided on the 0.006% concentration after a dose-finding study. He created the ointment by diluting prescription capsaicin ointment of 0.025% (Zostrix) in a 1:4 ratio in white, soft paraffin.\"

    COPYRIGHT 2005 International Medical News Group[size=9:80f410633d][/size:80f410633d]


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    Interesting to note. When you have these sort of problems and they persist, your mind naturally thinks its worse than it actually is. Unless you have money to go private, doctors can only provide limited help until there is something really wrong with you. I had an anal itching problem for 12 years, with bleeding hemorrhoids, reddening of the skin, couldn't sleep without waking up scratching every night and got diagnosed with IBS at hospital this year. I had no idea what casued it foods, drink etc. A month ago I got prescribed a cream called Trimovate, it is fantastic, and has cleared everything up, no itching, hemorrhoids, or IBS symptoms. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, so it takes care of the parasites and reduces the swelling. Bit similar to your man who has the Betnovate cream I guess.

    I think for a lot of people this is the case, that it is a very simple problem which is misdiagnosed. It took about a week, for the cream to kick in, but since then I have been fine.

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    Trimovate is a steriod. Eventually your skin will thin and then youll have worse problems. Your doctor is an idiot mate.

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