Iv been able to get food down to my stomach both liquid and solid

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I had my 1st surgery of heller myotomy 2007 after I was diagnosed with achalasia. my case was worst then to the extent I could not even drink water without throwing up. I became lifeless for 2 months I thought I would die . when I was admitted for the surgery my surgeon said I am too weak to do a surgery that I may die in the process so I was placed on complan for 2 weeks before the surgery was carried out.

after the surgery 2007 I was able to live well and eat well for 4 years and I had to to another surgery 2011 but this one didn't last 3 month so my surgeon advice I do an eosophagectomy or a ballon dialation so I choose the dilation instead as I can't stand another major surgery. after the dialation in 2011 i was able to eat well for 3yrs which to do another dialation 2014. 2 months ago I came to here to tell you guys that I was unable to get both solid and liquid down to my stomach. I was like for 4weeks my surgeon told me i had to do the eosophagectomy which is the last solution for an achalasia patients. but I said I cant go thru that pain bcus eosophagectomy is a very different and difficult surgery and expensive and I cant afford the money or even to spend 6 to 7 month for recovery. so I started taking hot water and also tried some banana tho it was not going down to the stomach as I have to stil throw up later. even the hot water does not go down. I jump up many times after taking the banana bfor throwing up.

after the 4 weeks of the difficulty I tried dipping a slice of bread in to a cup of tea and I stood up for sometimes with difficulies den d food drops . so since then for a month now I have been able to eat both sold and liquid again. tho I had to manage to take down sold sometimes . but I am eating well now without any procedures

i just pray this will last long as I don't know what to do to have any difficulty in eating again .

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    I'm so sorry that you've had to experience so much! It's frustrating and scary when dealing with all the pain, choking and etc that comes with Achalasia. Especially trying to get medical help with everyone shut in or distancing.

    Happy to hear that you are managing to help your own situation and get some relief on your own.

    I'm a little concerned that you had the choice of dilations versus esophagectomy. That is certainly from one extreme to the other. You mention other surgeries. Heller Myotomy, POEM? Got to be something before esophagectomy.

    Prayers for continued success with your digestive health and pain control!

    Stick with asking questions! God Bless!

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      thank you for your response it really give me relief.

      what do u think or how do u think I can be able to manage this to avoid having difficulty in eating again?

      It appears that is no permanent cure for achalasia

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    Achalasia not only caused me swallowing but sometimes choking issues. Sometimes the pain was intense like when you swallow a hard candy or a large ice cube whole and...it won't go down. Whether I had just eaten or not. It was relentless.

    In 2013, I came down with Histoplasmosis (a fungal infection in the lungs) that caused lesions and scarring not only in my lungs but spread into my esophagus. I had trouble swallowing food and drink, the esophageal spasms caused EXTREME chest pain. I was referred to the University of Iowa Digestive Disease team. Esophageal Manometry showed seriously high pressures (they called it jackhammer esophagus)

    I had 3 dilations, then a Modified Heller Myotomy with fundiplication in 2014.

    I still had extreme pain and in 2016 underwent the POEM surgery. And yes, there's nothing else to do "surgically" at this point but esophagectomy . And until I exhaust all other avenues with my own eating habits, I refuse. Sounds like you're doing the same. Good for you! Surgery isnt always the "fix all" and postop scarring can cause other problems.

    If you haven't discovered already, here's some suggestions.

    1. Read all of Alan's comments.

      Then: Soft diet accompanied by lots of liquid or sauces, small meals, nothing after 7pm , no reclining after a meal, limit or stop caffeinated and carbonated drinks.

      Trouble makers for me: raw veggies, breads, some cereal, nuts, dried fruit, meat always needs a sauce or gravy.

      Really cold or really hot things can trigger.

      I've noticed also that I get pain surges with Barometric pressure changes like when storms come through the midwest.

      Stress can definitely cause spasms and pain to increase. Take time to meditate, do a hobby, listen to music, take a walk, stop-count you breathe and your blessings. Be good to yourself. Achalasia can be exhausting. Rest whenever you can.

      And finally, unfortunately, I know they say that "laughter is the best medicine" but in my case, too much of it around or during a mealtime can cause me problems too. Still I'm not giving up laughter and the joy that comes with it. I'll just take that one on the chin!

      Keep the faith for yourself and for those that love you.

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    When achalasia gets really serious, the surgeons may indeed advise an oesophagectomy because the function of the oesophagus has been so compromised. It is indeed very major surgery and takes a lot of strength and resilience to recover from, but there are many people who have this operation, many of whom have a satisfactory quality of life afterwards. And achalasia can bring your nutrition levels and strength so low that an oesophagectomy becomes the better option. But it does all depend on your own circumstances.

    The benefits of dilatation can often last only for a limited period and for some people they do undergo repeated dilatations. There are risks that repeated stretching may result in the lower oesophageal sphincter becoming fibrous and more difficult for surgeons to work on, but in the end another dilatation may be worth the risk if an oesophagectomy is not realistic for you. So perhaps you might consider returning to your surgeon and asking about reconsidering whether a further dilatation would be beneficial for you.

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    thank you for your advice.

    I live in Africa , Nigeria to be precise , things are hard over here so I have to use all my life saving to do the last surgery. so u can see how difficult it will be for me to be able to go for an eosophagectomy. I decided to go for a dilation as it will cost like 600 dollars even I dont even have an 100$ as I write here now . so u see the financial aspect is making me to go through a lot of pains so I cant imagine going tru the procedure of eosophagectomy unless I see divine help from above if achalasia did not take my life. I'm just unfortunate to have this kind of health challenge in a poor environment.

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