Iv got a lot of swelling on outside of knee 8 wks after tkr!

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Hi all im 8 weeks post op of left tkr today! I have a lot of swelling on outside of knee in the area that is numb. It seemed to go down last wk but has swelled again. I ice regularly about 4 times a day. I went to physio today and they said they think its a pulled or swollen tendon where tendon joins muscle. I was wondering if this is a common problem? I am working very hard on my bend as this is what iv struggled with it was 77 when i was measured 3 wks ago and it was 86 today! I do bending exercises loads so had hoped for 90 today. The physio said bend could be better! Im going to try even more as iv got appt with surgeon 2 wks today! Any advice would be appreciated!

Im going to try to be confident enough to walk upstairs bending knee to do one foot on each step! Do you think this will help?

I did feel upset today as 2 men were only 5 wks and were chatting and saying they both had over 100"at bend and were walking unaided! Im finding it so much harder and i know i am trying my best! I did have a cry! Silly me! Thanks for any opinions! Hope i can sleep better tonight ! It helps !

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    Hi. I am 3 wks out and only at 70 at bend. I was 78 but mom passed away and loss 3 days of pt time. My husband has a friend that had surgery 1 week before me and he tells me he is At 100. For some reason I get very emotional and almost feel like a failure.I do pt 3 X's week and at home other days. I have lots of swelling. Dr says there is still blood pooled in my knee. This hinders the bending. I did order a small chair exercise bike. Can't wait to get it. Hopefully this will help with the bending. I think my husband thinks I should be further ahead of where I am and that adds to how I'm feeling emotionally. I'm told everyone one heals different. I hunt fish golf and camp alot. I'm just not healing fast enough. Going to try some fish oil glucosamine. Hoping you recovery quickly. I feel your pain and frustration because I'm there with you.
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      Linlee, there is way more to this healing process than just the bend.  You are at a very early stage in this whole thing.  Your emotional roller coaster has just left the station,lady....there will be more of this to come.  Lack of sleep, and pain...creates a lot of anxiety and depression.  Do not compare yourself to your husbands friend.  I also was very active prior to surgery....and actually it caused a few slow bumps in the road for me.  My muscles and IT band became very angry at me and caused a lot of extra swelling and pain at 1 month...PT helped me to learn some additional stretches to help tame this.  You are ahead of the curve on your bend...trust me.  I am over 120% bend now at 7 weeks plus a few days....but I still have the pain...throbbing and swelling that comes with the Healing process.  Surgeon told me 4 months to feel somewhat normal and a year to heal.  I have to remind my hubby of the time line a lot.  Chin up...smile. 


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      The fact that you are grieving for the loss of your mum wil make you terribly emotional anyway without having had a tkr 3 wks ago to! You must be kind to yourself and take it each day at a time. I know not to compare myself to others but its hard when you see someone doing a lot more. As long as we are improving we are going in the right direction!
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    I'm just over 6 weeks post Tkr and feel exactly the same !! Also meeting people 2/3 weeks behind me who are achieving better results - some driving and back at work ! I've also worked hard on my bend which is 90 but am struggling with the swelling and pain especially on the outside of my knee. I saw my consultant this week and it all makes sense now !! Not sure about the additional work you had done but my arthritis was on the outside of my knee (10% group ) and I had a lateral repair to straighten my leg to ensure the replacement worked. My knee cap was also repositioned So that explains the additional swelling and discomfort and so you think of what the surgery entailed then it's hardly surprising !! I've been recommended massage will ease this. Feeling positive now but am still looking forward to more than a 3 hour uninterrupted sleep. Don't worry you are doing fine and just remember everyone heals differently.

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      Thank you for you up lifting message. My knee caps were bone on bone and the rest was bad too. So I had tkr. You no I get all of that just wish I could move a little faster! The death of my mom a week after surgery hit me hard. She was my best friend. We had services this past week so I'm hoping to get some energy back. Good luck to you and again thank you for your response.
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      linlee,  I was also bone on bone...with a lot of bone spurs...some broken and floating around....surgeon also told me he had to scrape inside of my bones to remove some arthritis.  Just remember healing takes time.


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    I wouldn't be surprised if the swelling is hampering your knee bending. Mine felt stiffer when swollen. Maybe a few more short rest breaks with your leg elevated will help control it? Tiredness can make you feel a bit despondent, so watch your energy doesn't get sapped by standing around. Blood loss during surgery takes a while to recover and you may feel weaker if you are still a bit anaemic.

    The stairs are good exercise, but I still hold on tight when coming downstairs. It was exhilerating to be able to walk up properly for the first time though!

    Don't be discouraged, because you keep making huge progress at 8-11 weeks and the swelling wiil reduce to a bit of a fat knee at the end of the day. We all heal at different rates and it's the long term result that matters. I lost 2-3 weeks progress because of a wound infection, but at 12 weeks, it's just everything I hoped from the surgery.

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      Thank you so much for your reply it all makes perfect sense. Thats true about the blood loss i didnt think about it to be honest. I walked along the street today for a while and found it not to bad. Im very slow and use a crutch but felt good to have done it!
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      of course the swelling hampers your bend.  Mine does....just had a shower and actually fixed my hair....sat while doing both, but dressing, coming downstairs...etc.  I am swollen and now hobbling....in chair elevating and icing now.  I also understand the good feeling of getting outside.  I try to walk some outside any day weather permits, but I also do less when exercising that afternoon.  I focus on muscle building exercises and leave the bending stuff out....I have bent enough when walking.  

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    Debbie,  everyone heals at a different rate.  Each of us have struggles and issues during this process.  Please be careful pushing yourself....when u do not know what is causing the swelling.  You could do more harm than good. And of course you cried...we all would.....we are all human.  God bless.
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    Pain is my best friend. I am not saying that pain is a good thing but is does tell me a lot and never lies to me. The trick for me is what is the pain telling me? I was having a very hard time with my squats I just couldn’t get past the pain in my left knee, x-rays showed that it was a soft tissue issue. As I worked with my trainers we discovered that my form was wrong. I was letting my knees go past my toes when I squatted which was putting way too much pressure on the knee and causing pain. I changed my form and the pain mitigated. So what is my pain telling me?

    1. Am I ready to start working or is rest the best for me right now?

    2. Is my form correct?

    3. Am is working within my range of motion?

    4. Is there a structural problem that I cannot address with strength and range of motion work? Pain speaks a language of its own, about the time you think you understand it starts speaking a totally different language. Is your pain telling you to stop, go slow, or change direction? Only you can decide.

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      Never really thought much about it but you are so right. I often don't listen. I think the more exercises I do at home the faster I will get there. I also do pt outside my home 3 X's week. Then the next day I am so puffy and sore......I need to start listening to my pain. Thanks!
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      I always knew Papa Smurf was the wise one.  Listen to him.  I am only ahead of the curve do to listening to my body.  I have overdone a time or two....but learned to slow the roll.....you will not HEAL faster...just because you do more.  It takes time.

      ran my vacuum today in one room on a small rug...looked at hubby and said....well I should not of done that....now I am icing and elevating.

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      Funny you say that because I was thinking of vacuuming today....seeing I'm just 3 week out i think I'll stick to just folding laundry!
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      Sounds like a good idea.  💕  Take care of yourself.  Help properly so you can be pain free again and get back to all those activities. 

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