Ive been depressed for months now

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Hi everyone just wondering if anyone can help me.. I’ve been struggling a lot initially started with a problem with my ear it would block up completely for weeks.. then my partner went into hospital then I had stressed with some exams I had to complete.. I woke up one day and I wasn’t me I couldn’t explain it the world seemed a different place nothing seems to excite me anymore.. this has been going on for a good month or two now and I was put on Citalopram I couldn’t sleep and I had every side effect going I even had to go to hospital.. my doctor took me straight off them.. my anxiety has eased slightly now since being off them but I still don’t feel me!! I know the old me and how I used to feel and I’m not that person anymore.  My doctor prescribed Mirtazapine and I’m hestitant to take them she has prescribed 15mg I could do with the sleep but I’m also wondering would these help with depression I’ve heard the lower doses don’t help? Any help appreciated 

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    Sorry for your suffering depression.my experience from this drug,I was put on 15mg initially,then titrated up to 45mg within 4 to 6 weeks,I had been suffering major depression,couldn't sleep,couldn't eat,felt anxious,all time really unwell.it took a good 3    

    to 6 months on this drug before gradually got back to my old self.been very well on it for nearly six years.

    Looking back I may have had some side effects when I went on them,but as I was so unwell,anxious,no sleep,couldn't function really,so wouldn't have noticed start up side effects,and was just willing to take every night,to get sleep,and hold on to hope that these pills would eventually work,which they did for me.


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      That’s so good to hear that you are feeling well again now.. it took a while but it was worth it. With me I want to get better on my own but I know I might not. Sometimes I feel some relief like I’m getting better then the depression just blinds me again. It takes me hours to get to sleep as when I do I often jolt awake..did you start to feel any type of improvement in first few weeks? 
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      I was able to sleep right from the first tablet,but for me,no didn't feel improvement for a while,it took many months before I felt some improvement,then gradually bit by bit got back full health.

      some people say they feel improvement sooner,that was just my experience..

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    Hi Joanne, Perhaps Mirtazapine 15 mg will fix your sleep issues short term but it won’t last and then you are left with the side effects of this nasty drug. Perhaps zopiclone will help fir sleep...short term.

    I take 40mg of Citalopram and things are bearable. We are all different.

    You are not alone with the negativity of “life’s futility” . Life is tough and we just have to lower our long term happiness expectations and get on a day at a time. 

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      Hi Drew 

      My doctor prescribed zopiclone it did help initially.. you can’t take it long term though and my sleep is still scattered. People will have good and bad reviews for every drug like you said everyone is different.. Citalopram didn’t agree with me but it works for you. I have took mirtizipine in the past and thinking back it just helped me sleep but I was only on it for about a week until I gave it up I don’t think I was very depressed back then thinking back 

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    I might be wrong but I thought that the lower doses increased the 'dont care so much' feeling, which helps to switch your mind off at night so can sleep uninterupted and takes edge off anxiety during the day. My gut feeling was that higher doses like 45mg might be better if the problem is you dont care enough and want to feel more and sleep isnt so much of a problem?

    I read 30 mg is supposed to be 'the sweet spot' where you get insomnia relief but dont get so emotionally blunted that you cant be bothered to get out of bed to go to work and make appointments etc.

    Ive been on 30mg for years and will take it forever so I can get a full nights sleep.If I forget to take it I go straight back to 2 hours of interrupted sleep, take it next night and back to full nights sleep. I dont think it made a massive difference with my anxiety or depression during day. The biggest difference is dealing with my life situation on a full nights sleep, not strung out through lack of sleep.


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    hi i take 15mg and they do help me sleep  for five or 6 hour and work well as i used to get hardly any sleep. most people  it would appear on here seem to say they dream a lot with them ,i do but never bad dreams, so in that respect they are ok for me .they have never helped with anxiety. i don't know now i manage with out them. but higher than 15mg causes me anxiety the next morning

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      Thats interesting because what you say fits in with idea that lower dose is better for anxiety (turns down emotions) and higher dose is better for depression? Depressed people tend to be able to sleep a lot and anxious people cant sleep enough??
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    So (joanne?) maybe if you are getting the benefit if enough sleep from the 15mg, but feel emotionally blunted, maybe you can try 30mg? 

    But if you are feeeling really anxious still, AND you feel depressed, its going to be tricky trying to balance the two. I would have a think about which is causing you the most problem and aim for that. For me, I need to keep a job that causes me massive anxiety so I dont want to lose the slight benefit mirtaz seems to be giving me to not care so much. The trade off is that whilst I 'dont mind' the bullying at work as much, I also dont care about my partner as much and get almost no pleasure whatsoever out of all the things I used to love.

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    Hey everyone thanks for your input.. since coming off my Citalopram my anxiety has been not to bad.. my sleep is scattered but I’m sleeping a little which is enough to keep me going through the day.. my main issue right now is crying all the time I just feel I will never get better I always feel going out or doing this or that will make me feel better but it doesn’t.. so my main concern right now is the depression and constantly overthinking.. some people say it has helped for depression others say it hasn’t I guess it’s just one of them things I will need to try out 
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    Hi, Joanne, I would not go on remeron if I would be you. 

    You said your anxiety not to bad and you are sleeping. Then why would you go on a very strong depression pills if you doing relatively good?  This drug dos not work for everyone and has a lots of side effect. Coming off from this drug is very hard too for most people. 

    I'm on remeron right now and I get it bc I had seve nausea and lost 25 lbs. but is messed up my brain completely and having a very hard time to coming off. I never had depression or anxiety in my life until  they put me on this medication. 

    I would stay away from any drug if I  would doing good like you. 

    Try to exercise and eat healthy your health will come back. Don't try to fix something what can create even more problem. 

    I think your anxiety what you have is still from citalopram. Withrawl can last for long tim ( months or years) for some people. But eventually you will get better.

    This is just my opinion but you do what you think is best for you. 


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