ive just been diagnosed with the condition please help !!

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ive just been told i have blephartutis im sooo scared, my eyes are sore and swollen and its horrible to look at, ive been told to scrub my eyes with baby shampoo and not to wear make up, which is really hard.

im a forgetful person, so remembering to clean my eyes twice a day will be a struggle in itself, i have a very low self esteem and count on make up to actually feel good about myself, ive also been told i cant wear contacts which is gonna put my self esteem even lower. my eye keeps on watering which is a pain and i look silly as it looks like im crying all the time.

any hints and tips to get rid of it? i mean the swelling, redness, soreness, crusts and the eye watering?

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    You can kill this with Benzethonium Chloride.

    A friend and myself no longer have Blepharitis. She used a facial scrub with Benzethonium Chloride in it and it killed the Blepharitis on her eyelids (it had moved up from her eyelashes).

    I could no longer find that product for sale so looked on line and found it in WET ONES, antibacterial hand wipes, in the red box.

    Tear each one into 8 sections and use 2 on each eyelash area for a week or two. Then down to 3 times a day for a month (eyes start to feel so much better). Then it is 2 times a day for several months.

    You can wear mascara while doing this. It involves throw away wands and new makeup. Applicators from the drugstore that are throw away too. Never put any used wand or applicator in the new makeup.

    My daughters helped with that one.

    The Dr. who diagnosed the Blepharitis told me it would come back (3 doctors looked into my eyes). I told him it had been 4-5 months. It is now almost a year and not back.

    Wish you well like us.


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    Hi, I looked up both Blephasol and Blephex. They can't kill Blepharitis. They can make you feel a little better.

    Why not just kill it off. When I heard my friend got rid of it I was all over it. I wanted to know what she used and where to buy it, etc.

    We killed Blepharitis using 2 different products both with Benzethonium Chloride in it. It is an anti-

    bacterial. Blepharitis is a bacterial infection.

    This is the cheapest thing in the world to kill it.

    I guess I was more desperate to get rid of it and willing to go the extra mile for the cure.

    It is not hard and you do not have to rinse. A Dr. responded to the post and he wanted to know if you rinsed after and I told him no.

    I think people do not believe this as it sounds too easy. And so it went with ulcers. They are now cured with antibiotics. There was no cure. It sounded too easy.

    Please try it and see in a couple of days you will feel the difference.

    Wishing you well.


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    Just been told I have Blepharitis by my doctor, been told to use a cotton bud & & johnsons baby shampoo to clean the area where the eye lashes come out.

    Any body else tried this?? it does seem a bit of strange treantment.

    But just made a note of the Wet Ones, so might consider buying some of those to try.

    Any thing to get rid of the consent itching.

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    Dear Linda,

    Everyone is told to use baby shampoo. I did it and also I did antibiotics 3 times. Nothing worked.

    When my friend used an Avon Facial Scrub that was antibacterial and killed I wanted to use it too but it was not for sale with Benzethonium Chloride in it any longer. I looked on line and found that Benzethonium Chloride was in WET ONES.

    Since then, honjon (on this site) used another wipe and it is working for him too. Both of these wipes are made from quaternary ammonium salts or compounds. There is a Patent in the US that used Mehylbenzethonium Chloride and it went in the eye (at a lower amount then the wipe). That is an ammonium salt or compound too.

    There are 16.5% out of 950 plus people who are allergic to these ammonium salts or compounds.

    Use them on your hand or area of your face first to see if you are allergic.

    A person who is allergic to shampoo, detergent, fabric softner or even spermicidal jellies could be allergic to this. If not, what have you got to lose? See if it helps you.

    I have posted on this site how to use mascara and makeup and still kill it. If you need that info let me know. I did this routine myself.

    Honjon used the wipe that was sold in the UK and has Benzalkonium

    chloride in it and it worked for him.

    Hope this info helps you.


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    Lynda79. Thank you for the reply. I think I will try the Wet Wipes 1st. I am to look for those in a Red Packet. Have I got this right???

    Then to rub along the eye line, near to eye lashes??

    I would be interested in your tips on using make up, I have not been using any for ages now.

    I have been putting in Gel Tears, as the chemist I spoke to thought it might be Dry Eye. It does not seem to make it worse, infact it eases the itching.

    Look forward to hearing from you again.

    Kind Regards

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    Dear Linda,

    The WET ONES, with Benzethonium Chloride, are sold in the US. The other Honjon used have Benzalkonium Chloride in them and are sold in the UK. There is another one that was used in the US and there was a Patent for it in 1966 us3236730. That used Methylbenzethonium Chloride in it and it was put into the eyes.

    All of these are quaternary ammonium salts or compounds.

    The thing that my friend and I have realized is that you don't need to put it in the eye just on the eyelash areas. My friend's Blepharitis moved up onto her eyelids (where you put eyeshadow). That is why she used the facial scrub that was antibacterial. It worked on that so she moved it to her eyelashes. The rest is history now.

    I do put eye drops (over the counter) 6-10 times a day in my eyes. I use a warm rag on my eyes in the morning (Dr. said) to get things going. I use fish oil and Flax (Dr. said) but age is a factor with Flax as it is like a female hormone like soy and Red clover. Depends on your age or if you have no problems with using it.

    I tore the wipe into 8 sections and rubbed each eyelash area and rim of the eye twice for 4 times a day to start then down to 3 when it was better (week and a half for me) for a month. After that, I used it 2 times a day for 2 months. It bothered me once or twice after that and I jumped on it with the wipes for a day or two and then it was gone.

    You have to buy new makeup and mascara. Buy throw away wands (on internet). I bought hundreds. You can buy throw away makeup applicators from drugstore too. They look somewhat like a cuetip but sharp on one end and flat on the other (for eyeshadow and eyeliner).

    You will need 2 of each for your eyes. Never put a used anything back into your makeup. The same for the shadow (I used a black or dark grey shadow for eyeliner).

    When I washed my eyes I used a white washrag (to put into the bleach load) 2 of them. One for each eye so as not to infect the eyes again.

    I took the makeup off as soon as I came home with a gentle makeup remover. I used 2 washrags.

    If you are worred about getting it in your eyes, just put some of the eyedrops (water ones) in after that happens. A Dr. asked me if I rinsed my eyes after using the wipes and I said no. That may have helped to kill it too.

    Hope this info helps you,


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    Thank you your help Lynda. I am buying some throw away EyeShadow applicators, plus some throw away wands for mascara.

    Kind regards

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    Dear Linda,

    I used Neutrogena naturals. My daughter got it for me. You can use any gentle one or natural one.

    This takes months to get rid of so don't give up.

    Be sure and use 2 different washrags to clean or remove makeup too.

    Thinking of you,


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    hi lynda ,

    a week on from starting to use the wet ones , i havnt been using a warm compress in the morning . i find when i use the wet ones immediatly after my lids start to become oily .did you find this ? also still getting the "gluey eyes " in the morning. had to give my lids a rest for a night due to broken skin but back at them today .



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    Dear ian,

    The oily problem is what honjon had. He used a different handwipe. It had a different ammonium salt or compound. It was called Benzalkonium Chloride. I did not use the warm rag and then immediately do my eyelashes with the wipes. They do use Benzalkonium Chloride in eyedrops. That is what was in honjon's wipes. The concentration is a lot different, though, for what goes into the eyes.

    You should change things up to suit your eyes. You may need to cut down the number of times a day you do it and you may need to use the eyedrops for lubrication too. Dry eyes seem to cause a lot of Blepharitis.

    Check honjon's posts to see how he did it. He did go down faster in the amount of times he did it each day. Something for you to think about too.

    Hope everything is O. K. for you soon and hope to hear you are better too.


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    Supranette Eye Wipes ( obtainable at any Pharmacist but Milman's is the best price) are really helpful for this. Use in the morning . At night if you wish.

    I have found them really helpful, as has my husband.

    I've also today purchased Thealoz Eye rops for dry eyes. Havn't had a chance yet, to see how effective they are .

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