Jock itch or something else?

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So I have had a problem that was dealt with a while ago, recently return.

Long story short, I have red skin on my scrotum just underneath where the penis would lie.

It has no border, no pimples, rarely itchty. Just red skin, it also goes slightly up the shaft of the penis, very slightly.

In the folds of my thighs there is a tiny dark line, i say dark as it is not bright red nor brown, just darker than my other skin.

Is it possible for a fungal infection to be solely on the scrotum and penis without being anywhere else?

The reason I ask is when this issue was first here, 1 GP said "I don't think it's fungal" the other said "I do think it's fungal" so I really have no idea what I had before and what this returning thing could be.

I do have some 'dry skin' around my body, which appears as just a patch of reddish skin in blotches around my shoulders and chest, could it be similar to this?

All opinions welcome, thanks.

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    Did you try an anti fungal cream? If so did it work? If not it probably is not a fungal problem! 
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      Hi. When this first arose, i tried hydrocortisone, daktarin, daktacort and betamethasone steroid cream. Not one seemed to help but it started to get slowly better after use of daktacort and betamethasone. It then spread to my penis after it cleared there.

      Now it has returned on the scrotum, redness only, I have used daktacort twice already and will apply it again tonight.

      Trying to keep the area dry, though my concern is, if this is NOT fungal, will keeping the area dry make it worse? Or is it sensible to keep it dry (wearing no pants and airing out)?

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      Hydrocortisone and betamethasone are anti inflammatories. Daktarin and daktacort are anti fungals. If daktacort seems to have worked it is quite possible it is a fungal problem. Have you talked to a pharmacist, they are usually very helpful and you don't need an appointment? They are also very knowledgable about medicines. 
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      Yeah i'm aware of that. I think it is fungal. I spoke to a pharmacist today, explained my situation and she said 'it's more likely to be fungal, use daktacort for a week and then if it changes/doesnt heal, see your gp'.

      I was just interested if there was any other reason for this to re-occur, or for it to be something else. As I wash and dry daily without soap, rarely get sweaty, wear 100% cotton boxers all the time. Just seems unlikely for it to come back after being so careful.

      I will try the daktacort for a while though and hope it helps.

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      Daktacort is an anti fungal and steroid cream, as is Canesten HC, they use different anti fungals, so it one doesn't work, the other might.

      It is a good idea to let air get to the area, women can wear long skirts and no knickers, perhaps you could adapt the idea and carry on 'airing out'

      The other thing to look at, is, what do you use to wash your clothes?  Have you recently changed your product, or has the manufacturer changed the ingredients?  12 years ago, I was having dreadful problems and eventually, was referred to a Dermatologist who did patch testing and found I was allergic to several chemicals.  I now know what to look for in washing powders etc., and life is much better.

      You could try rinsing your clothes with white vinegar instead of fabric conditioner.  It makes clothes soft and removes washing powder/liquid residue.

      I used steroid creams for years, just to cheer you up!!  It can be a long winded process.

      Good luck.


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    I am in England. I had a foot fungus and was prescribed “Daktacort Ointment”. It contains “Miconazole Nitrate 2% w/w Hydrocortisone 1% w/wliquid paraffin/polysthyiene base.

    I used it and after 2 days the fungus had disappeared but I continue the treatment as advised to use up the Ointment.

    However, after the 2 days I lost the top of my tongue which was my taste buds. Also my lips became greatly swollen and my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. I had great difficulty trying to swallow water. I had to wet my tongue several times to gradually open my throat before I could swallow water the food. By food I mean saps!

    I complained to my Doctor and she gave me another “Daktacort oral gel”.

    Oral Gel contains Miconazole 20 mg per g of gel. I squirt this gel onto my tongue especially going to bed. My mouth and lips has been dry, hot pain. now after a week the terrible hot pain has gradually gone to the back of my mouth and tonsils. It is gradually clearing my lips and mouth but is going down my throat. Often when i drink water it goes down the wrong way and leaves me gasping with pain. I cannot drink anything hot because my lips are cannot take heat. My chin has become nearly paralized and I dribble down mt cup and chin. So I have to eat with a constant paper wipe for my chin and cup. I only drink cold or warm liquids.

    All drinks, coffee,tea, tonic, waters fizzy drinks all taste of water, no taste.

    All foods, chicken,beef, ice cream, coca cola, soups, all vegetables, cheeses all taste of greasy liquids.

    It’s horrific. No Christmas for me to enjoy the feast.

    Now you complain of “Terbinafine”.Could this be the same medicine as Daktarin with just a UK name?

    I am afraid of this problem going deep into my stomach as I already have difficulty speaking.

     I need help as I have lost faith in our National Health Scheme in the UK.

    Could anyone advise me what to do. Be it to compare Terbinafine with Daktacort.

    If not the same but the same hellish results?   


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