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Last month I had my 12th joint replacement, I've had 6 total hips 5 on left 1 on the right, 3 total knee replacements 2 on the left 1 on the right, 3 shoulders all on the right, I had 2 total shoulder replacement's but due to my rotator cuff being completely gone and pain they switched my regular shoulder replacement to a reverse shoulder replacement. Then in December 2015 I had spinal fusion I had to have disc removed and 3 vertebrae fused together. I've had 3 hip infection's MRSA. I'm 55 year's old and I'm so tired of all the surgery and problems that I've been having with my body I know I caused most of the problems I've had I worked as a logged and really beat up my body, I've also had 2 broken necks it hasn't been all my bones I've had a brain tumor and I have had 20 heart procedures and also I currently have a aortic aneurysm can anyone else here relate to the kind of problem's I've had and have, I still have faith that I'll be pain free, I'm able to do almost anything I want to except run, I have a torn quadricep tendon that I'm going to have surgery on in 3 weeks. I hope that will be the end of surgery. I've had 95% of my health issues taken care of at the Mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota. If you Google Mayo clinic Mark Pearce you can see me in a video Mayo did about me when they did the video I was at 8 joint replacement. 4 more since then. Thank you, God bless. Mark

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    My goodness - you do seem to be the bionic man.  Have you had a holistic assessment, to look at your hormone and antibody levels to see if there is an underlying metabolic condition that could be treated?  There also may be some connective tissue issue going on?

    They're making great headway with genetic therapies - maybe you would be eligible for stem cell or some other treatment to try to fix the cause rather than mending the symptoms?

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    Hi Mark!

    Just read your post and viewed your video! You are pretty amazing! There's a great guy here...OldFatGuy1...that you HAVE to meet! He has had quite a time of it, too, with multiple replacements, a tumor, and infections! I hope he responds to your post and shares HIS story with YOU!

    YOU mentioned you "worked as a logged". Was that "LOGGER"? If so, I have watched shows about those guys. Incredible all they do! Very tough job in my opinion!

    How did you fracture your neck? That sounds really scary!

    I'm assuming that the joint replacements were due to Osteoarthritis. Am I correct on that? I am 64 and had both knees replaced last year due to Osteoarthritis (cartilage gone, BONE-ON-BONE, bow-legged on X-RAYS, walking on about one INCH of bone of inner knee area). Arthritis is a very EVIL disease!

    I was very sad to hear about all the infections you contracted! The inflammation issue that you have sure sounds awful. Your body REALLY has been through A LOT!

    One of the guys in my husband's band began having issues with his heart following his arthroscopic procedure on his knee to remove bone fragments. He was a pole jumper in high school and college, so I'm SURE he put quite a bit of wear and tear on his body! Marching band and also dragging band equipment (PA speakers, amps etc. is NOT an easy task!) and to do so for 30 years really takes a toll! Dave has had seven heart procedures where they stop his heart and then start it again! He's a brave guy like YOU with having the courage to put himself in the hands of his surgeon so many times! He is on LOTS of medication that have caused weight issues which bring on even MORE issues! He just turned 60 this month.

    I guess that we are an accumulation of all that we have done as kids, teens, young adults. Our bodies were along for that ride, too! I think back to all the trees I climbed, all the times I have crossed creeks by swinging on those cool vines that grow on trees in Pennsylvania where I grew up. I think about all the times I crashed on my bike or skidded on ashes they put down instead of salt in my steel town in western PA. I had permanent Band-Aids on my knees and elbows from roller skating on concrete sidewalks. Back then nobody ever had knees pads or elbow pads like they do now! I think about the competitive volleyball I played in college. When I look back, I was already starting to experience pain in my knees, shoulders, hips, and elbows THEN, but my young body just took aspirin and sucked it up as I would head to class or some sorority function.Thirty years on my feet teaching, leaning over desks, sitting on the floor took its toll, too! We have two sons, and I continued the active MOM STUFF with them as we went sled riding, bike riding, rollerblading (with PADS this time!), swimming every good day, and of course all the chase games, pitching balls to them (OUCH on my shoulder, but KEPT doing it because they were getting REALLY GOOD at hitting those balls I threw!)

    Oh yes, we surely ARE an accumulation of all that we have subjected our bodies to over the years!

    My knees feel great now. Very glad I had them both replaced. My shoulders are the big issue now. I have pain which wakes me up in the night just like my KNEES used to do. HIPS start screaming, too, at times, and those elbows and now even several fingers are stiffening and manifesting pain issues. Just when you get one or two parts under control, OTHER PARTS start causing trouble!

    Well, I sure hope YOU will be pain-free very soon! I hope your body's inflammatory response will get tired and quit causing you so much grief. I hope that your heart will now catch a break and be satisfied that all is well and be satisfied that there's no more need to get upset.

    You didn't mention if you were a Christian, but I am, and I sense that your calmness through all of this has come from a much Higher Power. I pray that He continues to bless you and keep you strong in your fight for wellness.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    You inspire all of us with your tenacity and your courage!

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      Hi Cheryl, thank you for your message and the nice comments, it is nice to hear from another beliver, I ask Jesus to come into my heart when I was just 9 year's old, it has by far been the best decision I've ever made however I haven't always followed the right path that God put in front of me, you ask about how I broke my neck, I was 20 year's old and I had been drinking, I started drinking at 7 in the morning and by 7 pm just 12 hour's later when the EMS people found me in a river I had no heartbeat by, law enforcement estimated I had been ejected out the rear window of the car I was driving while drunk, they figured I flew out the window over 180 feet and landed in the river, I apparently had tried to pass a car and while doing that the front passenger side of my car clipped the rear of the car I was passing and spun me around and a oncoming car hit my car square in the rear end that's how I was ejected out the rear window of the car I was driving, after the EMS found me with no pulse they did CPR on me and got my heart beating I woke up in the emergency room I don't hardly remember what happened due to the head injury and I'm sure being drunk, anyway when I came to I had sand bags all around my body trying to keep me from moving because the ER doctors found out I had a severe broken neck. The break in my neck was at C2 and called a hangman's fracture somehow I rolled off the bed I was on and when I hit the floor it was lights out and I was completely paralyzed I was unconscious for 2 week's when I woke up I couldn't move anything and I could barely talk. I wished I was dead. I want to add I was very lucky I was hurt the worse out of all the people involved in the accident I had caused. There was a family in one of the cars I hit, God protected the children in the car but the father had a slight broken arm, after I healed from my injuries I got involved with MADD mother's against drunk drivers and talked to thousands of young people about what could happen when you get behind the wheel of a car drunk. I've actually had two neck injuries the second time a tree fell on me when I was working in the woods. God has blessed my life so much I've been married for 30 year's to a beautiful woman and lucky for me my Julie is a nurse. My faith keeps me happy when my health problems try to wear me down. When you said your husband's friend started having heart problems after having a procedure onhis knee, seems like that's when my heart issues started surfacing but its hard to pin it to that as my dad died at age 54 heart attack and my brother died at age 39 also a heart attack and there are many more in my family that have died of heart disease at very young age. At some point I will have to have my aortic aneurysm repaired the heart Dr's kept telling me that I would have to have my aneurysm repaired when it reaches 50mm mine stayed 48 mm for quite awhile then it grew to 53mm now the Dr's say I'm safe to 55mm. The hardest part in my life is dealing with the pain I have I can't even count how many operations I've had. Thank you again for writing to me and I hope your health is good and pain free. Take care, Mark
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      We are, ALL of us, HUMAN. We are guaranteed to make mistakes, do REALLY dumb things, hurt others. It is hard being a human! Fortunately God came down to Earth as a tiny baby and saw for himself how hard it is to be human! Fortunately for US, he also is completely GOD and suffered so we could all be forgiven. God has forgiven you and set you on a path to learn many new things.

      Yes, I too, draw strength from my faith. It is very comforting to know that, as a believer, I am never alone in my struggles.

      Thanks for filling me in on the details of the horrendous accident you had so many years ago. Neck injuries are very frightening!

      I'm sorry to hear that you lost your dad and brother at such early ages. Hopefully your heart will be healed in an upcoming procedure and you will go on to break the cycle of heart issues in your family.

      Sending prayers tonight for your strength, for your pain to lessen, and for increased happiness each day as you continue to grow in your faith!

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    Hello Mark,  Thank you for sharing about all your operations and pain. You have had a lot to contend with and so young too. I have had my left knee replaced twice. Ist time at 39, i had septic arthritis at aged 11. My knee was totally deformed to the point my knee was on the side. My Tibia and Fibia had to be straightened as they were bowed. My second total knee replacement was done aged 52, i had to have doner bone

    graft and permanent stents to support the leg. I had also broken that

    leg so had the replacement done with the broken leg. I am now 59. I have problems with my other knee and have tried steriod injections

    which haven't helped. Consultant says i will need a partial knee done for this one. I also had several operations as a kid on my left knee. I have

    had my right knee washed out in the past. I have osteoarthritis of the lower spine also. You have amazed me how much you have had done,

    how have you managed and What pain meds do you take?

    I will google the video about you soon.

    I am a christian too i don't think i would be able to cope without my faith.

    I have read your other post about how you broke your neck. I will not condone you drinking and driving but i am sorry you broke your neck. Thank God the kids were saved in the other car and that the father didn't suffer too much. I am glad that you are involved with MADD thou i haven't heard of them before. My friend lost her husband to somebody that was drunk behind the wheel. He was only young early thirties and a muscian, what a loss of life. My friend was devastated and for ten years

    destroyed her own life by drinking and cutting herself off from everybody. I am glad you saw the error of your ways.


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      You said something about my drinking, I haven't had a drink since my early 20s and prior to that I wasn't a big drinker but as many people find out in their lives it only takes one time drunk driving to screw up your life and others that you come into contact with. Its been 35 years since I've had a drink. I don't miss it. Take care
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    I have listened to your video at the Mayo clinic. You are a remarkable man to have gone through so much and be so cheerful. 
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      Thank you Elizabeth, since they made that video I've had 4 more joints replaced and my spine fused. It hasn't been easy but I'm happy I'm still walking and can get around pretty good. Take care. Mark
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      You are so brave and remarkable and still being young. I didn't realise that they coud keep replacing joints. I maybe due my third on my left knee in a couple of years. I was told when had my first one done that they didn't think they could do a third one. Since my second one i have suffered with nerve pain which is not nice. 

      I hope you do not have to have many more operations now, but hey on a lighter note have you got shares in the hospital. lol  smile 

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      Ha-ha no, no share's in the hospital, I keep asking for free parking though!!! 3 knees is a lot to go through, hips aren't to bad knee's are rough and shoulders are horrible, I have a lot of nerve damage caused by the joint replacements, nerve pain is some of the worst pain I've ever had I hope you get help with that.
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      Nerve pain for me is really awful. It only started two years ago after i had the knee replaced for the second time. What meds are you on? I take Gaberpentin for the nerve pain. I also take Naproxen and Cocodamol and Amitriptyline at night to help with sleep.


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