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Hi All

I started the tablets today and have stuck rigidly to low fat. I am determined to beat this weight thing. I have PCOS which doesn't help. I have been reading the posts over the last few weeks to help me decide and here I am on the diet train. This is a real last ditch attempt. Going to Florida on hols in 9 months and want to lose at least 3 stone before that.

Thanks for helping me decide to give it a go.


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    Welcome to you KJ

    That's my first two initials!

    I'm so glad you decided to join the GANG :!:

    The Shrinksville train is open to all so jump on and have some fun :D :!:


    TTFN Kal :wink:

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    Hi Kj i just wanted to say firstly...GOOD LUCK i hope you do really well.

    I am 6ft 31yrs old and use to be around a 10/12 [Belive me this took alot of hard work to keep to that size as i love my food] but since my accident i have gone up to a 14/16. Before i met my husband 6yrs ago i was a size 24 after having my 2 gorgeous girls.

    The weight gradually came off because i was happy and prior to meeting him i was in an extremly violent relationship with the father of my girls not only did he beat me he mentally and emotionally abused me and i just struggled so hard back then so my weight stayed on. There were also other reasons for me being big which i wont go into as i know im going off the track so sorry my love!

    Anyway so basically im a typical women who struggles with her weight,and it really does depress me. I know im lucky with my height as i can carry my weight off but i know that when the clothes come off at the end of the day i see myself as GROSS and DISGUSTING!!

    My family and friends are always telling me off as im forever putting myself down now the weight has gone back on,although my husband is so kind and sweet to me infact he prefers me this size ha BLOODT TYPICAL AY!! I have been trying to be good and have only lost 4lbs in the past 2 weeks. Because i have such poor mobility and have to use crutches tro get about on you can imagine my exercise is pretty much ZERO!!

    When i do get out i can not walk far at all or at a fast pace. I keep refusing to use a wheelchair which i know with the way im going il soon have no choice!! I love food not only to keep me alive but as a comfort! Anytime im upset or down il missuse food as a tool which i know is not healthy!!

    I too have polysistic ovarien syndrome,so like you it is a bugger to loose the weight!! And not only the weight we have to put up with but the missed periods and HORRIBLE body hair!! I got diagnosed at a young age and was extremly lucky to have my girls as after the 1st they said i would not concieve again!!

    How would i go about getting this tablet?? Is it my doc or hospital i ask??

    I weigh 13 half stone and my BMI is safe but i DESPERATELY need some help to shift these extra pounds iv put on!! Do you think i would be allowed to have it??

    Also what does taking it involve// is the programme easy to follow??

    Sorry to of picked on you bless your heart as i know your new to it and perhaps i should of asked others for advice.

    I just know though i need something as i can not stay this size.

    Thanks Kj Kindest regards Jaimie x x

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    Make that appt with ur doc and find out... smile

    Easy diet....low fat and calories around 1500. And a pill before each meal.

    Have a read of the previous posts KJ, u might find those helpful

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    Thanks for all your messsages. i think it helps to have this support - when i want to eat i can come on here and type!!!! In reply to you Jaimie, My BMi is not ok so therefore doc suggested orlistat to help. I have found that low fat or low GI helps PCOS but like normal people struggle to stick to it forever. I am using the pills as a deterrent and to get my head right once I have lost some. My doc and dietician are supportive. I have done WW, slimming world, rosemary conley etc many times and I am a good doeter when head is right. I can't keep it up and after one choc a whole load follows daily!!!! Low fat/GI helps PCos as it regulates blood sugar.

    Let me know if you want to email me to support each other with the PCOS as it is not relevant to all on here.

    Question to all - can eggs be eaten with this blue pill???? :?:

    thanks for being there everyone.


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    The nurse told me that you can have one only!!! I have only tried it once with a bacon and egg butty, normally only have the bacon and I felt a bit dodgy :o

    you've just got to try it and see, everyone tolerates these tabs differently

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    hi.....id never given eggs a thought.....i have two most days and iv never had any problems.......they must be ok for me.
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    Hi KJ.

    Ive had problems with my periods since I was 14. They root of the problem has never been diagnosed but im being tested for PCOS just now. To go back for another scan in 2 weeks and have been gives Provamine ( dont know if thats the spelling) .. To bring on a period.

    not had one in 10 months now but when I do its a disaster, really heavy.

    Ive never been told that this was the reason for any weight gain before though?

    Hope your well.

    Gill x

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    Hi Gill

    I'm ok. Two days in and stuck to diet. A couple of wines have gone down too tho!!! Weight gain is very common if you have PCOS and harder to lose as metabolism and hormones affected. Can affect insulin levels too. I am a lucky one as only have the weight and fertility issues and none of the other horrid effects. I have a son who is 9 who I had after taking clomid ( fertility tablet to help ovulation) and after a devastating miscarriage. We decided to stop at one given my history but he is a real blessing.

    I am on the blue tabs to help with my weight. they're a good deterrent!!!

    Ask your doc about PCOS. I take the progesterone only pilll to stop heavy periods and keep hormone levels even. Due to weight and being 38 I had to come off combined pill but doing ok.

    Good luck.


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    To the Guest who asked about EGGS!

    If you look in the lid of the egg box it gives you fat content for the eggs they are very high in fat!!

    Also the Xenical MAP phone line said to only eat @ 4 eggs a month YES A MONTH :!:

    So good luck with that all you eggheads!!! :lol:

    TTFN Kal :wink:

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    No wonder slimming world didn't work for me, I was having 4 a day!!!!!!! :o

    They're permitted as a syn free snack as well

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