Just a girl that nobody knows

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Im the girl that no one sees

They Just don't know the real me

I miss the girl I used to be

They only see the highs, don't see the lows

I'm just a girl that nobody knows

Was a time when I was happy when life was great

But now I'm just sad and lonely and full of self hate

Wasn't ready for this life, wasn't ready to grow

I'm just a girl that nobody knows

Have family and friends but i don't belong

They're all happy, they're all strong

I'm the weak link, I'm just not the same

I'm Just a pawn in lifes cruel game

My true feelings I wish I could show

But I'm just the girl that nobody knows!

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    Hello Dondons,

    "My true feelings I wish I could show

    But I'm just the girl that nobody knows!"

    Why is it that no one knows the true you ?What prevents you from showing the real you ?is it because you are simply shy,or do you feel just so unable to be the real you .

    I would imagine from your posting that you are deep inside that lovely person with a beautiful interior,only you know what has happened to change you from what you once were ,to how you see yourself now ,always there is someone here willing to listen and to reply ,if you ever wish to post out your feelings .

    You posting of the lovely worded poem is beautiful, ,and such beautiful words can only come from someone as beautiful as the words they speak/post.

    Take Care


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      Dear Dondons3,

      Thank you for your reply,but what I said I do mean ,there has to be someone so beautiful within you ,otherwise you would never have been able to post those words.

      If you are the auther of the words,then that proves a point,but even if you are not the auther,and you have simply copied them,then that too proves the point .

      Someone who did not have that inner beauty would not even read the words let alone post them.

      Please do try and look deep within yourself.find that beautiful little inner child who lives within you she is so beautifl Dondons,she is simply waiting for you to hold her close to you and love her and hug her ,give her all the love you have deep within you ,both she and you need to feel this ,you deserve it ,please keep posting as long as you wish to

      Take Care



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      Just words?

      They are lovely words.

      Words about a sad time but nonetheless very well written!

      You should be proud that you have that gift, not a lot of people do.

      I feel like I'm talking to myself lol. I mean that in a nice way!

      Whenever I show my psychologist things I've written they praise the writing, the act itself not just the words you put down on the page, and I'm like "yeah ok... ".

      But seeing it from another perspective, from another person writing them and not myself, I get it.

      It's cathartic, it's helpful to others (well it has been for me, nice to know I'm not alone in my feelings!) and it's so brave to share.

      Go you! xxx

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      I write when I'm really struggling im sure your writing is really good, I just write and it rhymes no gift involved anyone can make words rhyme xx
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    Agh god.

    Couldn't agree with this post more.

    I can't say I know exactly how you feel because I don't know your background or what you've been through, but I know I have very similar feelings to you.

    It's tough when people can't/won't see what pain you are feeling.

    It's tough having to mask your feelings or feel that you should.

    It's like sometimes for me, it'd be easier if I had a physical symptom I could show people to help them understand the sheer torment going on in my head.

    You are very good at writing, I realise my posts haven't been as eloquent as this one but I do the same as you with the writing, I do think it helps ( I have a file on my laptop with feelings like this, too scared to share!).

    I think you are very brave.

    Keep on keeping on.

    Lots of love and best wishes xx

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      Dear Audrey,

      Just read your posting ,please do post some of your witings ,going off what you say I feel they are good enought tp post ,so to please me and others in here sort some out and POST POST please I look forward to reading through them

      Take Care millyimp1322



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      Brave or stupid? Not sure there's much of a difference, it's just words that rhyme it's how I express myself, keep myself sane...ish! Writing poems is just something I do, it's silly but helps a little only way I really know how to express myself xxx
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      Ok my only shared one as of yet was one written at a very painful time when both my grandparents had died...

      Not my best work! And a bit more spiritual/religious then usual I think just maybe at times of bereavement people feel more this way? I dunno!

      In those darkest hours

      In the bleak of night

      You are with me,

      You are my sight.

      In those weary mornings

      When light is still to come

      You are with me

      You are my sun

      In the blissful lightness

      Of a cloudless day

      You are with me

      And by my side you'll stay

      Together we are fearless

      Together we are tall

      And in those nights and days and morns,

      Our love survives it all.

      Soulmates are forever

      A union never broke

      And we sealed this promise

      With the vows we spoke

      We set off into our future

      A bond that's cast in stone

      And you and I will be together

      In all our days to come


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      this is for you Audrey and for you too DONdons 3

      Oh Dear one you are only one of my beautiful children ,

      But you must remember I love you all,

      Each and everyone of you ,

      Hold that special place within  my heart,

      Never ever lose sight of that,

      I hold you close to me,

      Each and everyone of my children,

      No one receives more than the other,

      All receive all my love ,

      For I am with you always,

      I never leave your side,

      You are never alone,

      Even at times you believe you are ,

      Please place your trust in me .


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      Dear Audrey ,

      You oght to be very proud ,your posting is so beautiful,it is a prayer I would say, I would very much like you to post it in my Prayer group.

      If that is ok with you ,go to the general section look for the prayer group aand post it in there for me please


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      Its a great way to express yourself. Lots of people find relief from menatl angush in creative arts. My wife paints which helps her. Your poetry is a wonderful way of expression.

      On a different note have you spoke to a doctor about how your feeling?

      Be mindful that some of your assumptions about what others maybe thinking could be a product of your state of mind. They may care but because your suffering you may not be able to see it

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      Audrey ,ithere is a list of groups ,if you go there you should find 2 groupd named general .click on the first or second one under the name of general scroll down ,you will find it in there  

      Take Care

      this is for you too Dondons3,I understand where you are coming from I really do ,but I also know prayer does work,what makes it appeaar not to ,is that it doesn`t work in the way WE would like or in the way WE ask ..but rather it works in our sweet Lord`s way and in his own time .but even if you sti don`t believe  Dondons ,please do put your posting in there for me ,and for others who go in there to read ..Thanking you in anticipation ,remember Don dons3 I said you are beautiful, you have an inner child who rdaiates your inner beauty .hold on to this thought ,and please don`t think you have been rude ,you are simply speaking your mind ,that is what we all in this world of ours has the right to do

      Take  Care


      xx  for you Audrey and xx for you too Dondons3


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