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so im here getting over some long head and chest cold. Was on antibiotics and whatever. So two solid days ago a high pitched sound appears. I have had other form of tinnitus before always ,masked it, but this is very high. I also have eye issues optic nerve pallor and they are watching my inner angles deleteing many meds i can even use many medications which sucks. Thats the back ground.

So with all that how is one not suppose to not get anxiety or think bad things? I havent gone back to the doctor i was there three days ago for a chest xray and such for ending of whatever respiratory thing i had.he never checked my ears either. Last thing i needed was a high pitch ring. Anyway...here the issue the things i have science doesnt cure, not to say miracles cant occur oe self healing can occur just science cant cure. So im getting anxiety. Im keeping to myself. No one wants to hear it anyway and doubt anyone cares. I obviously have had anxiety before. The eye thing had re- enetered me into this anxiety mess three years ago. Heres what bugs me...you leave a person with ailments and no cure then dumbfounded they become anxious and i cant use meds..how is this a surprise?  I get so angry that all these or society talks about how to help people if they feel hopeless and that they shouldnt but really if you leave a person with issues what does this world expect?  Its garbage to rant the importance of life whilst the quality is compromised. Im holding on and i will hold on im not suicidal, i just saying this society we live in makes no sense. Insurance companies in usa really discourage people from going to the doctor as they limit so much and it costs a ton. In canada and uk you end up on long waiting lists? So wouldnt it make sense to allow people to get to specialists and doctors easier and not limit them? Wouldnt that help? I am feeling stressed and helpless and i will try hypnosis and mindful exercises to somehow find peace..i know what to do but this is all very hypocritical and unfair and this world does not appear to be kind to each other but rather a buisness and that is disgusting. All the progress made seems to be for a buck. A stupid buck when all of it was invented to help,people.

i need that high pitched sound to calm down. I cant get back to the doctor again. Google has been useless so ive looking on pinterest. Is this going to calm down? All i want is hope. I am set to go on holiday shortly this is so unfair already..i was really figuring how to self calm and everything and now this. 


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    Hi Lisa I'm sorry you are feeling awful. You were one of the first people who replied to me on here when I was terrified of my panic and high bp issues this was a great comfort to me. This whole anxiety thing sucks since I first became ill nearly seven years ago I didn't know what was happening to me all I was told by the ER and Drs it's just anxiety.

    I believe this is a living hell. A physical thing the anxiety has given me is dental problems several of my teeth started to become loose I'm now battling to save them. This also increases my anxiety. I truly wouldn't wish this on anyone . It's really limiting my life. My friends say just get on with it. They can't possibly understand.

    I've given in and started sertraline I'm on the 8th day and feel worse everyone says you have to stick with it and it gets better. I went out a little while ago I made it up to the shops but I had to turn around and come home.

    This is nearly 2017 and they don't seem to be able to make a med that works. I'm angry and frustrated too.

    I bet if the Drs suffered from this their would be more progress. I also getting the ringing in the ears which started after my first panic attack and never really went away.

    I hope you feel better I just needed to vent as well. I hope you have a nice holiday for xmas and let's hope 2017 we will feel better.

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      I hope we heal and i really hope this world figures out a lot more cures and stuff then they have to date. It seems the world is getting more issues then used to exist.  I dont need ,material gifts id take  having my health in great shape and be the most grateful person walking. 
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    Hello lisa

    With your ears and breathing after a cold or flue you need a strong decongestant to clean out the tubes in ears, nose and throat to lungs.

    In the UK for a Viral Infection, they will not prescribe Antibiotics as the condition is generally viral, not Biological. Talk to your Chemist and they will help you choose a good medication.

    Good Luck



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      I give up worrying im going to the ent to see what they say. Although its an assistant who is seeing me on such short notice. But she has been working there 30 years so im sure shes knowledgable. I cant guess anymore. I need to hear it will resolve itself and not to worry but from a specialist.  Even if its a retracted ear tube or whatever. I just got off a course of antibiotics and it has messed up my stomach as well. Im sure my anxiety is stirring the pot in all this as well. The what if it doesnt heal theory...which is never correct but it play a role in all this. 
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    Hi Lisa I am sorry you're so down at the moment. I wish I could offer a hug.

    If it is any consolation (I don't know if this may be the case for you?) but I and some others had a bug last week. It made my ears worse and gave me a high pitched type tinnitus. A few others I knew with it thought hey had an ear infection but just had swelling from the virus. Maybe this is the case for you x

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      You were very accurate. The ENT ran some tests and the left ear is a bit retracted and they feel it is sweilling. I used motrin over the last two weeks for a horrid head and chest cold and the ent felt it caused the tinnitus (idk) it could have been the antibiotics or the alternative stuff i used but something did it.she also felt i should  get migraine meds and stop using motrin for them. She vaccummed my ears to remove anything and everything which i appreciated that. They said  a month or two it will absolutely resolve the audiologist agreed as well. but i have to avoid getting sick, it seems i have had four bad colds since may making the healing part rough. I also have tmj but thats a different tinnitus. Thats a vibration roaring thing which i know already.But im glad i went because i didnt know if the left ear perforated or not. If it did its healinng itself. I did end up taking a Xanax to calm myself down. Unnerving. I do like my sanity and hopefully this will resolve shortly.
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