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Well...This week I have stayed indoors. I have done my usual housework. Slept twice each day. Today I have more energy but I just don't feel like going out . If I go out for a walk or to the shops in can guarantee that I will regret it. I will be aching for 2 days after.

I have done a bit of crochet and I have started learning swedish. 

Today I mostly feel ugly and overweight. 

I suppose this is a moan. But I don't really have any one else to talk to except my partner. I don't want to burden him .

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    Well, welcome to my world 🤗 but without the partner to bore, lol.

    I know exactly how you feel, the fear of overdoing things just by taking a walk to the shop, yes, yes, yes.

    The trouble is, that by protecting ourselves from pain and fatigue we don't exercise those muscles and although we probably will feel rubbish for a couple of days after the walk to the shops, it is also true that by not taking the walk we go into a cycle of too little activity that makes us put on weight, have no muscle tone and feel fat and useless. 

    I feel like that. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people with ME/CFS who feel the same.

    Solution? I don't have one, sorry.

    I have a mobility scooter, if it's a nice day and I feel well enough, I use it to go out to the park etc.

    It takes me far further than my legs ever would but by using it I don't get the same exercise as walking and after a trip to the shops, navigating dropped kerbs and bumpy pavements, I feel just as drained and achey as a short walk to the local shop would have left me.

    I'm moaning too....sorry, your post touched a nerve, I am having a fat and cross day too. I want to get outside and do some repotting of plants. Should I? Probably not if I want to stay on a level of pain I can cope with.

    That is so frustrating and I feel I need to go and do the re-potting even just to prove a point to myself that there still are things I can achieve, albeit small victories smile 

    Thanks for sharing your own frustration, I guess we may be hearing from more people about this post. 

    Stay strong, 


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      Hi Katcat & Bl4ckrose:  I think it's perfectly acceptable to have a whinge on our down days. sometimes the obsession with ALWAYS trying to be positive takes a lot more energy than just scumming to the negativity and having a good cry or whatever it is that help us lighten the load, as long as we don't become habitually negative - i.e. negativity becomes our default setting. I find it very difficult to be positive all the time. sometimes we need to go easier with ourselves, we haven't been given such a great lot in life. it's not  a condition that we consciously caused like COPD etc.  

      take care ppl.


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      Hi caitlyn, 

      Thankyou for your reply. 

      I have always been quite negative anyway so it comes naturally to me.

      I think negative is a word I don't like to describe it though. I would say I am more cautious about expecting the worst then I am prepared.

      How are you today?


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      Hi Bla4ckrose 

      I thoroughly get what you're saying. 

      what's often termed ''negative'' is frequently conflated with being ''cautious'' or even a ''pessimist''.  I think there's  a difference, albeit subtle.

      being ''cautious'' is more about ''thinking ahead'' to reduce risk and comes from a ''caring'' motivation to prevent/minimize bad things happening.  it's like having a ''contingency plan'' and being aware & fully present to alternative possibilities. 

      I used to work in a hospital department where ordinary scenarios could v. quickly become ''critical''. I tended to respond on ''hunches'' (i.e. if a ''patient'' looked/behaved ''odd'' (something, I couldn't put my finger on) I'd  prepare quietly for the worst & know where the critical care resus. team were located.

      sometimes the Consultants were on their 'private work' in other hospitals. my colleagues used to laugh at me, and say I was a ''pessimist'' and even negative always expecting the worst.  that  wasn't, true. like you, I was being ''cautious'' to prevent/minimize disasters. and my thinking/planning often paid off.  I got so much ''flack'' from my colleagues, that I read a book on ''The Power of Negative Thinking'' and it corroborated my thinking. I think the important thing is to be aware of alternative possibilities but not to consciously ''feed'' them.

      to answer your question, I'm not too bad to day, even got some physical work (cleaning) done. and you, how are progressing?

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      Hi Caitli,

      It is amazing isn't it? How we used to be. Full of energy,strong and active.

      Well that is how I used to be.

      I used to walk loads. Go to the gym. Do a million tasks each day. I can't believe how weak my body has become. 

      I did go out yesterday but in the car just to cross the bridge , to get to the vets and that was it. I don't drive my partner does.

      I am not feeling to bad today. Just about to take my daily nap. 

      I have noticed one thing recently. I have been having really clear dreams like I am playing out a movie. Maybe I watch too much Netflix ?

      Do you have any pets?


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    Hi Iv just recently been diagnosed with chronic fatigue im also suffering neck shoulder and arm pain and weakness is this to do with chronic fatigue?? Im so worried there's something serious wrong with me in 34 its ruining my life as just wanna sleep all the time and tired all day 😟 this is not living I just want to feel normal again

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      Hi kerry, 

      Sorry to hear about your suffering. 

      I also went through the pain in my arm and neck (even my armpit) I haven't had that for a while now. 

      I feel tired all the time sometimes I just get on other times I admit defeat and go to sleep. Not that it helps because I feel worse after.

      Have the doctors checked for anything other than cfs? 

      Today I will mostly be in bed because I am suffering with palpations. Hope you have a good day.

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      Hi bl4ckrose

      Thank you so much for replying. Sorry to hear your suffering too!it's nice to know that the pain is connected to the cfs. Defiantly not nice at all. Iv been anaemic for years and have iron infusions on a monthly basis my fatigue was always put down to that but recently my iron levels are fine higher than they have ever been. Im undoing different test scans ECT. Just tired all the time with 3 little 1s is not good. I do sympathize with you with the palpitations as I suffer a heart condition which cause me palpitations and dangerous heart rate. I hope you feel better soon and thank you for replying.

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      Thank you kerry.

      I hope you feel better soon and get a break. I have a 12 year old boy at home and it is a struggle when you can't spend time with them because you are too tired to do anything. 


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