Just been diagnosed with 'compensated hypothyroidism'

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Hi all

Really glad about being told about this place, its been useful and helpful to hear about other peoples situations... i have just been diagnosed with 'compensated hypothyroidism'.

My T4 is 11.9

My tsh is 47.84

While i have been told my tsh is high, i do not currently suffer from any of the symptoms associated with hypothyroidism'. i am fairly active and fit and and feel good about myself, so am worried about the Dr telling me i need to take thyroxine therapy........... i have asked the dr for another blood test to see what my bloods come back at........however im beginning to feel anxious and getting depressed as i think more and more about it. I have seen three doctors, two say i should be on treatment and one says to have another blood test...... so confused about the advice i have been given. I intend to have my second blood test in a 3 weeks from today and the first was on the 25/07/12...... does anyone know if tsh level could drop from 47.84 to something more acceptable in that time period ? I am also wondering if should ask the dr to refer me to a endocrinologist, has anyone benefit from speaking to endocrinologist ?


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    Dear Timmy12345,

    Please do not worry too much about having an underactive thyroid. I have been taking Thyroxine for over 30 years and know people who have taken it for much longer.

    Once you are diagnosed through tests, you can be treated via your gp or if necessary by the hospital.

    It may take a while to get the dose right but once that has happened you will feel perfectly normal.

    You will probably have yearly blood tests to make sure you are still on the right dose and that's that.

    There are several other posts here regarding thyroids here so have a look at them and their answers.

    Also via google you will find lots of information.

    It does sometimes take a while to get it all right, so give your gp a bit more time.

    Hope this makes you feel better. Also if you do start Thyroxine you can get free prescriptions for life.

    Good luck.

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    hi Fanny Jane

    Thank you for for the words of support much appreciated...... yes i've been looking at the posts they are helpful, did you ever feel the need to see a endocrinologist ?


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    My situation started when I fainted at work, my colleagues took me to A & E. Up to that time I had no symptoms other than being rather tired and sore eyes that I was treating with over the counter drops. As I was in my twenties then I ignored it as not serious.

    I had lots of tests and it came up that I had Graves Disease (Basically Overactive thyroid with eye problems). It had also affected my heart, which I didn't know about until then. I'd never heard of Thyroid problems at the time.

    I was admitted and saw and endocrinologist because I was in hospital and my heart was affected. Apparently I had it really badly but because of the heart bit they didn't want to do the surgery of removing all or part of my thyroid. So I was given Radio Actve Iodine, had to take medication called Carbimazole and Propanolol (may have incorrect spellings as a long time ago) for ages.

    I went home after about 10 days and told to go back two months later for a blood test. When I went back my tests showed my thyroid was now very underactive (very common with the treatment that I had had).

    I was then put on Thyroxine, which took about 4 months to get to the right dose, during which I had monthly blood tests. After that I was told my gp would look after me.In those days they didn't tell you actually what your T3 and T4 levels were, just that you needed treatment.

    Sometimes I think we are told too much today and get all upset about numbers. You need to just think that you have a problem that needs treatment and once the treatment starts you will start to feel better and get on with your life.

    For the last 29 years or so I have had yearly tests and have stayed on the same dose all that time and been fine.I've never had to go back to an edocrinologist again.

    My husband about five years ago got picked up on a routine blood test as having an underactive thyroid. He has never been to hospital with it or seen an endocrinologist as he was told that only happens if you have complications. He was given 175mcgm Thyroxine, which has suited him fine. He also has yearly blood tests and so far is well on this dose.

    To be honest neither of us give it a thought, just take our pills every morning.

    I hope you are not offended but I think you are getting stressed out unnecessarily. You say you've seen three doctors, same practice? or different? It does sound like the right tests are being done and I'm sure you will get sorted out soon. Perhaps they are not aware how stressed you are about it all. Have you told them that you are worried about the numbers and want to see an endocrinologist.You may be better to stick to the same doc each time and build up a relationship.The doc will then refer you or tell you why you don't need to see one. At least you'll have an answer about the endocrinologist.

    Hopefully then you can move on. I promise you that once your treatment is sorted out you will feel a lot better. Do you have a family member or friend that you'd feel comfortable coming with you to your next appointment? This can help to keep you calm and get all the information from the gp. I know what it's like to come out of an appointment and realise I'd forgotten/didn't pluck up the courage to say something that was important to me.

    I do hope that things go well for you. If you have the thyroxine it's just replacing the missing amount and keeping your body ticking over properly. I have since had children and lived a full life taking the thyroxine and so have millions of others.

    Try and keep calm and if you are depressed then tell your gp.

    Sorry it's such a long post but I am really worried about you.(That's the granny bit) Please let me know how you do, take care of yourself and try and be kind to yourself too.

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    Hi Fanny Jane

    Thanks for your replies and sharing a detailed account. i actually feel fine, i do not have any symptoms. if i had to take the pill then so be it, its just because i feel ok, im confused about why my results are showing so badly........ the reason i saw three drs was because the same one wasn't available at the time i wanted to be seen so i went with whoever was available. i have found there is someone i can talk to in my area, they are listed on the British thyroid foundation website.... they foundation have have a list of volunteers.....

    Thanks once again for your words of encouragement....

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