Just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism

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Hello ,I am a 57yrs old male. I was having terrible muscle and joints pain especially in my legs and knees added to sudden deep fatigue.Paid my doctor a visit and to my astonishment found out that I lost 12 unexplained lb.in a very short time. Blood test confirmed I have hyperthyroid problems. Put me on 15 mg of methimazole. Having a scan tomorrow. All I care is to get red of my legs stiffness and knees pain. Do hyperthyroid attack your legs and is it reversible? If I completely remove my thyroid, do this symptoms disappear?

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    Muscle pain is a common symptom in hyperthyroidism because of loss of vitamins, minerals and amino acids while you are running hyper.  They did a research study in Italy where they found all hyperthyroid patients benefitted from taking the amino acid L-Carnitine at a dose of 3,000 to 4,000 mg per day.  I also took vitamin D 1,000 mg per day and Magnesium 200 mg. per day.
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      Thank you so so so much for your quick reply. I will take your advice. The only thing that is worrying me is I feel some soreness in my mouth. I am worried that I may have a bad reaction to methimazole. I was reading the side effects and this is one of the rare side effects. I will call my doc tomorrow. Thanks again and best regards
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      It's usually the higher doses of methimazole that cause problems.  If you add the supplements and make sure to get frequent blood tests, your doc can lower your methimazole dosage more quickly.  You can also get your levels of Carnitine, vitamin D and Magnesium checked but I was either deficient or at bottom of range in all of these values and most hyper patients are as well because they lose these vitamins, minerals and amino acids from their muscles thru urination when they are running hyper.  

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    Hi mido5555,

    I was diagnosed hyper in September this year, I lost 15lb in this time,I also get really sore calves, some days I struggle to walk without being in a lot of pain, this usually lasts for around 4 days at a time when I get it.other days my legs and arms feel really weak, I hope you're u start to feel better soon.

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      Hello markn 14

      For sure I am not feeling better. I do have your calves problems and terrible knee pain. ON top it looks I am alergic to the medication. Surgery is looming in z distance

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    Mido.... please take your time about deciding to have surgery ... there are loads of people on here who have done just That !   and lived to regret it....

    some don't of course , in the beginning the Thyroxine drug helps.. I should know as many in my family have done this ... but slowly over the years.. the lack of real thyroid hormone can cause Havoc with muscles joints and other body organs .  my sister and my cousin are now at the end of the road as their thyroid a were left untreated for many years by doctors who knew nothing about Thyroid health..

    Linda has given you great advice .. she has treated herself to better health, as have I have ... I am not as knowledgeable as she is ... but I decided , that

    my Thyroid was out of kilter , in my situation, I have Graves' disease which simply put,  is Hyperthyroidism , with the immune system attacking the thyroid with its antibodies !!

    I was diagnosed over a year ago ..l   and now with self treatment I am Euthroid !...   so it can be done ... and by the way, my Thyroid appears to be working well for me Mido....  I.e.   I have got it back to the way it used to be ..l and you can do that too my friend.   so relax .. take things slowly 

    learn to research your condition .. know exactly what it is called and then you ll  know just how to deal with it !

    .....lSo after I'd finished with Carbimazole and was down to 5mg/day... I quickly started taking L Carnitine to wean myself off... I also decided I needed Vatamin B

    as I knew I was deficient .  !

    am I complicating things Mido  ?

    ....   so anyway, there are certain Minerals and Vitamins which taking helps greatly to restore the ones that you undoubtedly have lost through your Hyperthyroidism which makes your body go at 100 miles an hour 

    some of them are ....the following    ;-

    ......please google each one .. like this 

    Vitamin B Deficiency / HyperThyroid

    Vitamin B1          

    Vitamin B12              ( must be sub-lingual as it goes into bloodstream )

    Vitamin B Complex

    Vitamin D3

    Vitamin C


    Zinc and Copper


    Acidophilus    ( I take 20 billion  wink 

    L Carnitine ...


    I have suffered severe pain in my arms and legs with Graves' disease  

    land whilst taking these supplements ... the pain has greatly diminished

    ..also  you could look up    L Carnitine deficiency

    ... also look up  thyrotoxic Myopathy a condition caused by being hyperthyroid.     this info was given to me by another member in here ..Dan 

    and because of it I have stopped my supplements to have bloods taken to see if that is what is wrong with me , as I still have muscular pain.

    You will learn something new on here every day .. and hopefully you will learn to love your thyroid ... and keep it for as long as you possibly can .

    You need it so much is is integral to the good health if your body...

    goid luck to you.. ask more questions on her and get loads of answers.

    relax , rest take time to read and research lie down whenever you need 

    to ....

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      I really appreciate your answer. My God, you sound more knowledgeable than the doc. treating my thyroid 😊😊. I am concerned that the methamazol is causing my mouth ulcers. It is one of the bad side effects. The problem that I have other health issues. I have an implanted ICD due to my afib. I can not take any supplement that can trigger my afib. So I need to carefully study the side effect . Thanks again for your advice. I am going to print out your reply.

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      mmmmm....  yes you have a slightly more tricky thing there with your heart beat right ?   

      so....   the best thing to do would be  write down a list of those supplements  and takes them to the good Doctor ... who really should know a few things about them ... if not ..... he's a quack .. sorry !🐤

      he should be able to advise you as to which ones will affect your afib problem..

      as for the mouth ulcers ...   I did have a few .. but Endocrinologist told me it wasn't a problem...  I also had a slightly soar throat and he said  IF it was the Carbimazole ... I'd know all about it ... as it would be very severe indeed if it

      was Carbimazole causing it .. you see , as far as I'm aware it suppresses the immune system , and if you get an infection of any kind it could make it very severe.

      so.. perhaps a good idea to see or phone your doctor and ask ...or phone Endo , or attend A and E ,  or ask Pharmacist in Pharmacy for advice they have a great deal of knowledge on the subject of drug interactions ...

      have a nice warm bath, lie back , get comfy and get your iPad out 

      research ... that's te key !

      luv mx🌹

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      Thanks Madge for z cool and clear reply.I am tired from being sick. So many surgeries and now this out of no where thyroid problem. It is all my fault in z way I treat my body. I was paid to play sport until I tore my Achilles in 1992. Never did any activity after that. Became fat, old...now I am paying z price.
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      Hey  !  ... enough of that !   It's not your fault ... we were given these bodies 

      ... we never made them , how the hell are we supposed to know how they work , nobody gave us the manual...

      We do the best we can , you played sport , so you were looking after your body.  You say surgeries, well although they don't know exactly what causes 

      Graves' disease or Hyperthyroidism , they have some

      ideas on the cause,  Trauma, Stress, accident  or even surgery have been suspected , in many cases.  

      Who needs to be an Olympic athlete to be healthy !   go for a walk ,

      sit in a chair and lift your legs and arms, stretch your limbs , don't booze

      dont smoke eat well and clever... and that usually helps .

      Come on, cheer up Mido... this might feel like a mountain your about to climb... and believe me, a year ago I did not think I could climb it !!!

      But , I did !     and SO WILL YOU  !! just get started .  before you know it 

      you will start to feel well again, it's a cruel disease this one , but you DEFINATELY  can beat it ...  like I said before I never believed I would 

      land here I am ... Euthroid  .

      empower yourself with knowledge and spent a few  $  or £   on great 

      supplements and just you wait till you see the difference ..   

      Chin up !

      Luv m x🌹

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