Just been told I have a fibroid uterus now what?

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I'm 45 Been having irregular periods for 2 years but lately I've been bleeding heavy for the past 6 weeks with only 2 short breaks . My GP fast tracked me to see a gynaecologist for a hystogrophy ( I think that's what it was called). And a scan interna. Which detected fibroids don't know how many just that they are the size of smarties!

My stomach is huge and I feel so depressed and tired and have done for  a long time. I'm going to go to GP and have it all explained. Trouble is I get married in November and my wedding dress is too tight because if the big tummy . I really need to go back to work tomorrow but I have no energy. Glad I'm not going through this alone as at the moment I feel like a freak!

And I have the other joys of needing tena pads and laxatives!

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    Hi Alison,

    I have been on here for a while and have been in a similar position to you. No fun at all. I am getting married next Tuesday.

    Long story short, diagnosed after a lot of complaining at the doctors and eventually a referral (which was lost) with an ovarian cyst. Lots of pain and eventually admitted to A&E with ovarian torsion.

    Had an op, turned out to be a football sized fibroid. Now on my third month of zoladex to shrink it, just been put on HRT to combat the symptoms. After being unable to eat any but liquidized food, have now had 4 successful weeks of eating one meal a day.........

    This week back to problems again, waking in the middle of the night with horrific back pain, doubled over unable to move. Going back onto smoothies and soups for the next few days in a but to reduce the pain. Long long story.

    After losing lots of weight, now that I am back onto the odd meal, my stomach has continued to grow and the fibroid sticks out very far. Pain is not good at the mo.

    Determiined to make it to my wedding next week.

    Now finally, 10 months after flagging up the problem have a second op scheduled. Although my periods stopped well over a year and a half ago if not longer, been experiencing the temporary menopause for a long time.

    Totally understand how upset and frustrated you are feeling. Are you having an op or have you been given any pain relief. I was only given 15mg co codamol until my trip to A&E.

    What sort of symptoms do you have?

    Hope I can help, I completely understand what you are going through smile

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      Hi Bek 

      Thankyou for replying it means a lot 😊.

      It sounds like you've had a rough time of it I hope your next op will give you relief.

      I don't know what's going to happen next for me the gynacologist wasn't very friendly and I felt he was in a hurry! 

      The scan picked up the fibroids but I want given a lot of explanation only they were only smartie size and she couldn't find my ovaries! She said it was because of my age and they had shrunk but not to worry!

      No one seemed to worried about asking about my symptoms! 

      My GP is good so  hopefully getting an appointment tomorrow. 

      I've also got a scan on Tuesday at the surgery which I'm still going to have and hopefully they will find my ovaries!

      I'm feeling so tired all the time and my right hip and buttock ache constantly which I'm sure is related.

      Just want answers really 😒

      I hope you are able to go to your wedding it's heartbreaking when you can't get into your dress though!

      My appetite is poor and I've lost weight but I still look 6 months pregnant.

      Kind Regards 😊

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    Hello Allison,

    You need to take Tumeric capsules to help control the bleeding. When I was diagnosed with Fibroids blood was gushing out of me like water. I took tumerica capsules 5-6 pills 3x a day and the bleeding slowed and stopped in 2 days. Tumeric is an herb that helps with pain, inflammation and bleeding. What do you have to loose you should try it. I only know of alternative ways of how to heel things. I take DIM & vitex to balance the estrogen. Fibroids come from estrogen dominant. Also I took systemic enzymes 6-10 pills 3x day on an empty stomach  to shrink the fibroid. Today I am fibroid free. I wish more people would be aggressive with the natural approach it really works. I'm living proof. You also have to decrease/stop milk, meat and dairy. All are high in estrogen. As long as you keep putting estrogens in your body it will never have the chance to heal itself.

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      Hi there Otaey!

      Like many on this forum I too have fibroids, but thankfully no complications other than looking almost 8 months pregnant. Doctor says I need to remove them and there's a high chance due to their size that I'll need a hysterectomy. I'm 36 and have no children, so I definitely want to keep my "parts." I have your response from a while ago and am curious as to what a typical days diet was for you. I really believe I can shrink them. Thank you for any info that you can provide.

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    Hi Alison,

    Your symptoms are similar to mine.

    I loko pregnant, have huge pain in my abdomin. Pressure on my rectum and vagina which is very uncomfortable.

    No energy at all, I can walk the dogs and then have to sleep for an hour.

    Lost my appetite completely, but my stomach got huge. Now that I am eating again I have put a little of the stone (+) that I lost, but my stomach is the most swollen it has been in ages.

    Tramadol works when the pain is not too bad, but otherwise it is not really enough. On a bad day taking 20 tablets. Are you experiencing indigestion and nauseau too?

    I got pain in my hip and tingling in my feet, really not fun.

    The only reason they got to the bottom of it after telling me to stop whinging was the fact I ended up in agony in A&E. Another long story.

    I was the opposite lost so much weight my dress was falling off, although thought my stomach would be a problem. The style of the dress hides it well.

    What style is your dress?

    I completely sympathise with you, it hurts so much and not fun.

    I am guessing you are getting the pressure on your bladder and frequent trips to the toilet. Yey!. I am going to be busy running backwards and forwards during my wedding (hope I can hold out for another week).

    Keep talking, I'll see if I can help.

    I eat very healthly, exercise regularly , not a huge meat eater etc. Reading up on the info I don't really fit into the 'common' category. My problem was the pill from what I can gather and the fact that is what they initially treated me with????

    Can you get your dress adjusted? Is it around the waist that is the problem?

    Hope you can sort it soon x x 

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    Your Best Plan of action is to ask for a total abdominal hysterectomy ask the surgeon to check your ovaries and to leave the Ovaries in place if Ok. Helps slow the Menopause. Best thing I ever did went on HRT Tibolone ..I had 5 Fibroids the size of Tennis balls 3 pregnacies in all one miscarriage in the middle... and the weight of the womb causes a cystocele (Bladder complications) ..unable to void properly and difficulty with sexal penetration for the Male.
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    Hi Alison

    You are are most probably tired due to being anaemic from the Bleeding.  I would Postpone the wedding or change the style of your dress.. Have the operation Abdominal Hysterectomy and ask the surgeon to check your ovaries and if ok leave them in..this will delay the onset of Menopause.. the scar is on the bikini line and will fade in 3 years. Best thing I ever did..It will take 3-6 months for your recovery.. So it need a bit of thinking about especially as you are getting married.. You need to think of post op and getting fit again. If you want children perhaps you need to think of alternatives. Good Luck!

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