Just diagnosed w/acute pancreatitis

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Let me begin by saying I've never been a blogger, however, I hope that interaction with others with a similar ailment will help me with the anxiety I have associated with this disorder.  I am a 45 year old male that has approx. 3 drinks per year for the last 8 years.  prior to that I was definately a partier "binge" drinker.  About 8 mos ago, i would awaken with the most excruciating pain just below the center of my rib cage.  I would grunt and bear it, take a handful of tums and it would finally subside several hours later.  I might also add--I work in a high stress environment, was eating fast food daily, drinking approx 10 cups of coffee and another 10 sodas per day.  Also, would eat my second meal (supper) around 10 or 11 PM just before bed.  I know, sounds like I was begging for this to happen right?  Anyways, 2 mos ago the pain was horrific, but I continued to work until my coworkers looked at me and stated that I was yellow (skin and eyes).  I had my wife take me to the ER where upon blood testing, Ultrasound and CT the doctors found that I had gallstones and some of them were blocking the bile duct.  I was schedule for surgery the following morning and everything went well.  I was home in a couple of days and quite honestly, could not remember the last time I felt as well.  I had energy, no nagging tightness under the ribcage, solid bowel movements and my anxiety had subsided.  I felt I had a new lease on life.  Dr. told me that I shouldn't have to change anything about my diet and that this was a very common problem (Although, I may have neglected to disclose to him how much I loved fatty foods).  So life went on, however, I began to notice that the pain was coming back, my stomach sounded like a warzone after eating--and I began having arrythmia and weird palpitations (It always went hand in hand with the nagging tightness and bloated feeling).  About a week ago, I experienced the worst pain I have ever felt (It felt like a gorilla had a grip on my heart and was squeezing it).  I was out of breath--was convinced I was having a heart attack.  My wife took me back to the ER, they did blood work and discovered that there was a cardiac marker (Tropinin i think it's called) and said I needed to have a catheter procedure done to see if I had clogged plumbing in my heart.  I'm thinking, "that's got to be the reason for my sudden onset of arrythmia".  Not the case.  Heart came back in good shape.  I was then informed that my lipase was slightly elevated and that I had acute pancreatitis.  I was told to remove most (if not all) of the fat I possibly could from my diet and was prescribed a Lipase enzyme as a meal supplement.  So, I am going to follow doctor's orders and give up the bacon burgers cry

I am wondering if smoking contributes to recurrent attacks?

​Has anyone ever noticed arrythmias with this disorder?

​Any discussion would be greatly appreciated as I am just now learning about this disorder through experience.


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    Hi bill,

    I have PVC with my chronic pancreatitis. It causes me anxiety and panic attacks because it makes u think your having a heart attack its scary. PVC means premature ventricular contractions. Also makes me have high blood pressure from the pain.C P has ruined my life.😑

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    Studies have shown that people that smoke are more prone to attacks.

    Do you know youre lipase levels?

    Try to stick to a fat free diet for a month, give your pancreas time to heal.

    It dosent sound like your condition is critical yet, but that dosent mean that is a goos idea to neglect and continue your rich fat diet along with boose.

    Take a rest, cleanse youre colon, and slowly try to get back to youre normal life with injesting fatty foods maybe only a few times a week.

    You body is giving you the warning signs, take time to heal.

    And feel blessed that is not critical like some other poor souls had to go thru.

    Man up, do the sacrifice, and you will be back to enjoying life.

    Keep us updated.

    god bless and take care

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    Oh I forgot, and yes, sometimes when your getting an attack it feels like you cant catch your breath, main reason is because when you breathe it hurts more and feels like youre having a heart attack and get the feeling of gasping for air.

    I bet once they gave you something for the pain, your beathing became bettersmile

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    Thanks for the info--I have also been enduring incredible night sweats and insomnia.  When I awaken, I do test blood glucose and it is in the 80's which I think would be normal?  Could this just be worry while i sleep?  I have given up fat completely--however, still smoking?  Any thoughts?

    ​Thanks a bunch. 

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      Sometimes night sweats are normal or do to worry other times night sweats happen when your body is fighting an infection, and like you are just recovering from acute pancreatitis it could be just that.

      Yeah smoking is not good, I guess you can use your ap incident as a push to quit.

      Get on the patch or gum, stopping smoking will only increase your life span anyways smile

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    So sorry you are going through this. 

    I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis about 6 weeks ago.  Have been on a fat free (or as close to it as I can) and taking pancreatic enzymes and life is so much better.  You bet I miss the burgers, cookies, cheese, bacon, all those good things.  But I sure don't miss the pain.  I've been told that smoking can contribute and am battling that nasty habit. 

    I too get occasional night sweats.  The pain under the ribs radiating around to the back did feel like there were cardiac problems but it was not so. 

    I go back to the doctor next week for a follow up and am hoping that I can relax some on the diet.  I'm so tired of fish and chicken, LOL.  And, I've lost 20 pounds, 10 of which I definitely did not need to lose. 

    Definitely get a good GI doctor to help you through this. 

    Sending you good thoughts.

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    Hi Bill l have just been dignosed with pancreatitis. It all started 9 years ago when l was very sick with gallstones l had the gallbladder removed but for a few months l continued to have pain then it stopped. I have always had a problem with my pluming but thought it was ibs. 3 years ago l lost 4stone which l needed to. I then gave up the cigarattes that was nearly 2 years of course weigh goes back on. Then about 4 weeks ago gallstone pain back again. I attend gp who put on medication for gassy tummy. Got bloods done increase in sugar reading. End up in A&E had catscan, mri. and scope. I need to have another scope so they can do an biopsy on my pancrease. Consultant not very nice asking me was a heavy drinker. I am a social drinker in the last number hardly drank have 3 kids work full time dont have time to drink. I firmly believe that the problems l am having now go back to 9 years ago to my gallstones l was so sick. I have lost nearly stone in the last month which is fine as l need to loose it. If you can give me any further advice l would appraciate it. Thanks

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