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hi i have just recently got diagnosed with type2 diabeties. i wanna kno a lil bit on how much or less i should be eating what kinds of food should i be eating.. i slso get tgeses very major hot flashes very often and i googled and they said diabeties will cause u to feel hot flashes i mean i am drenched all the time and its so uncomfotable is anyone else going threw this

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    Jessica, sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Did they also give you any pills, or injections, including insulin?

    You certainly need to learn how to "count carbs". That's a little different from calories. Learn to read the guidelines on any food packages.

    In general you must cut way back on the "white" foods like sugar, of course, but also white bread, rice, and potatoes. Pasta only in small amounts. Also need to switch to a low-fat diet.

    This becomes pretty automatic after a while. Once you've practiced a while you'll find you can eat pretty freely, just smaller portions. Fruit is actually OK.

    As is common in medicine everyone is different. Doctor should give you a carbs per meal target. Doctor should also give you a referral to a diabetic nutritionist who can answer your questions and give you literature. Of course you can find a lot online, too.

    ALSO: EXERCISE. This is not a "oh yeah that's good" thing, that's a "DO IT TODAY AND EVERY DAY AND NO FOOLING AROUND." Doctors tend to not say it as LOUDLY as that, but they should. Diabetes is just as much you body's "insulin resistance" as it is diet. Exercise fixes it, in part, and like immediately. So, EXERCISE. Just walking a mile, two or three times a day, works MIRACLES.

    Finally - the hot flashes is not something that relates directly to diabetes, AFAIK. If you get a referral to an endocrinologist, which is generally the case for diabetes, that would be a good doctor to talk to further about the hot flashes as well.

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    Hi Jessica, this is just to let you know, you will be okay. DB is scary on being diagnosed, but you can tame it with the suggestions given.

    The first few months may be challenging until you find your rhythm and what works for you.

    Hot flashes come with many things, but you may ask for a thyroid function test. I understand ladies in or around menopause may have hot flashes too.


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    Jessica, first of the dieticians have got it all wrong. They will tell you to eat foods that will raise your blood sugar...crazy huh? They get their info from textbooks which are also wrong.

    i have had type 2 for thirty years now and ill tell you what works. Avoid carbs at all costs. they are the worst thing you can possibly eat as a diabetic.

    Actually the keto diet is perfect for diabetics. if i really stick to my keto diet my blood sugar is normal, i lose weight, lose sugar cravings and i feel great.

    best wishes.

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    thank you so much you guy's at least i know I'm not alone.. it's very scary and i do honestly feel ahole lot of changes in my body but the main thing is that I'm 30 yrs old and i get these hot flashes through out the day and it's very uncomfortable. also yes the Dr has givin me insulin but i don't want to use it so i just take the metformine she gave me.

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      Jessica dont worry about the stigma attached with insulin. new diabetics worry about insulin but you can achieve much better blood sugar control with insulin. metformin wont give you the same control. yes you will need a blood testing kit and test at least twice a day.

      remember the name of the game is to normalise your blood sugar, not to stay off insulin. i would never go back to metformin.

      dont worry about diabetes....it can easily be controlled and you can lead a perfectly normal life.


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      Hi Jessica: I was diagnosed type 2 in 2015. Do you know what your A1C is? It is also important to have your own test meter. I found the TrueTest meter to be the most accurate, but I have to buy my own test strips on ebay. But since I can test a hour after each meal or food, I have discovered what makes my blood glucose shoot up and what does not. For me, potatoes, potato chips, and other processed starchy foods. I take my 2 time release Metformin 6 hours apart, and it works very well. My doctor did not offer me insulin. She is a one step at a time doctor, and I'm glad. I would be concerned of becoming dependent on it or lose my ability to make insulin. After 2 years of controlling my type 2, I'm around 6.5 A1C, I can eat anything in moderation, even alcohol. I also support my system by taking a number of supplements known to affect glucose assimilation. B vitamins, chromium, multi minerals, A, D ,E, probiotics, yogurt, B12, Magnesium and enzymes. John

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      Jonathan, have you tried cinnamon? Bet you can lower your BG average ten points overnight.

      Alcohol is actually fine for diabetics, it's the carbs in beer or the sugar in some liquors that can cause problems. I mean in moderation, of course.

      I have a Contour Next EZ meter that is great, but I also got the cheapest meter at CVS (free with a box of 100 cheap test strips!) out of curiosity, and overall it seems good enough, too, seems to match within a few points of what the Contour says.

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    Jessica, I hope you also got a glucose testing kit, and if your numbers call for insulin you really should use it.

    A keto diet is certainly something to consider for diabetics, it's just not necessary for everyone.

    What is your most recent blood glucose reading?

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    I was told by a nurse when I was diagnosed a few years ago that there is no particular diet for diabetes. It also says that in the leaflet she gave me.

    Are you on tablets (Metformin) or insulin?

    There is loads of information you can get from Daibetes uk.

    The main thing to know is that you will be OK. It is quite common now.

    At least you know your diagnosis.

    Take care and keep in touch.

    Sarah xx

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    I'M a male and i know nothing of hot flashes but i do know this....

    You MUST have a blood testing kit if you have diabetes. unfortuneately the food that most of us love is poison for diabetes...bread, rice, pasta, cake, potatoe, cereals s etc. dont believe me? Well eat a plate od each of threse and go and test your sugar 90 minutes late.

    you must avoid these foods.

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