Just had a flexi cystoscopy performed an hour ago.

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I am 19 yeas old man and i had my first flexi cystoscopy performed an hour ago.

I was very, very very scared, because it was my first time, but let me tell you something: It is not that scarry, neither painful.

So first you need to take your clothes off(you can leave your t-shirt on). Then you will sit on a chair that is like the chairs for pregnant woman :D

Then the doctor will insert a gel fluid in your penis so you can't feel pain. So the only painful part was when i got the gel into my penis. It was painful like for 3-4 sec and the feeling was like an injection.

After that you will wait 10-15 minutes and then they will start with the actual tool. At this point i didn't even knew the tool was in my penis, because i didn't feel anything. After the doctor said that he was in my penis and i should look on the screen, I was amazed, because there was no pain at all, just feeling something moving in your penis.

And then he went in my prostate and it was prety cool :D

The trick here is you need to relax and don't tight your muscles.

And yeah duration around 5-8minutes. But for you guys out there who are scared as i was, don't worry. As i said only the gel hirts for 3sec but then you won't feel any pain, just something moving in your penis cheesygrin^

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    hi asdafag

    glad to hear you didn't feel it as many men as complained it hurts ive had many done and more to come its no were as bad as some people as experienced they just  try to frighten people im just glad your not a moener and its nice you have the guts to admit it /its not as bad as you thought if you would have asked any one they would have told you oh it hurts to make you more scared.

    im very supprised you didn't have an antibiotic injection just in case you got any infection you may get a bit of stinging in the next few days when you pass urine so just whatch for this its common so you no what to expect .this is the reson they really should have give you it  least you can be proud to no youve had it done its weird to see it on the screen.

    thanks for posting hope you are ok and they don't find anything wrong with you from your results.


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    thanks, man. I've got mine on Friday and i'm very nervous about the pain and the embarrassment of it all.

    Write ups like yours help balance out some of the muhc more negative experiences that I have read about!


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    I had one two weeks ago and after having cameras up my bottom and own my throat I have to say this was the easiest and least uncomfortable (although nore were really painful).

    As for embarrassment, remember, a penis to a urologist is like nose to an ENT doctor. After an antibiotic tablet, They clean the end of your penis with some antiseptic and, as said before, inject some lubricant/anaesthetic which stings for a few seconds. My doctor went straight in with the camera immediately and I never even knew it was inside until he told me to watch the screen. It was fascinating. Never felt it coming out. First pee didn't sting, a little blood only. After that the next two pees stung a little (at the end of the penis) after that nothing.

    I was relieved that, at 60 years old he just found that my prostate was blocking the urethra slightly which tablets should fix. No cancer or anything else. My bladder pristine with no problems.

    To all men I would say that this really is nothing, the dentist is far worse. It is SO IMPORTANT to get problems in this area checked because prostate cancer is a leading killer of men.

    I have also had the dreaded finger up the bottom to check the prostate and this too is absolutely nothing.

    Forget false pride - get it done.


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    You were lucky. It's not always like that
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      Dead right,  there is a myth being pushed about that it is painless, no idea why it is being perpetuated, as it most certainly is NOT. Yes you need to get stuff checked out, but pretending it might not be painful is just like the fairy tales we tell to kids - those never did me any good either. It's not so bad an experience you should be put off, but there is a fair chace it is going to hurt a good bit. Just take it very seriously and make all precauaitons to help, such as drinking a LOT and make sure the person doing it isn't a total idiot!

      OK, some will find it harder than others, like every suituation, but those with prostatic enlargement (including ME!) seem likely to find it worse, as common sense would imply, the pee has a job getting out the tiny gap so naturally anything else will find it harder than normal to get through too.

      I never got an infection, naturally those who do will have a worse experience too.

      Just had a second cystoscopy yesterday (yes, NHS DO work on Sundays already!), and I now know for certain that it is all about TECHNIQUE and time taken too - still not nice at all, but compared to the first time, it was almost a pleasure (just kidding!), and just plain nasty instead of a truly awful experience like the first time when it was carried out by an early 20s F1 that also took forever. This time it was a mid-40s Consultant who didn't messs around, and that makes SUCH a difference!

      Either time there was not nearly enough time left to allow the local anaesthetic to work, so it didn't have ANY effect until some time after (and the anaesthetic gel can be painful in it's own right, it stings pretty bad, but nothing compared to the stinging in the following days!)

      The shorter time taken also helped as the pressure build up the first time was quite distressing, this time, that part was just uncomfortable.

      Afterwards - Yesterday, once the anaesthetic gel had lost it's (after) effect the stinging on urination got a lot worse, bit it is helped by drinking copious amounts so it flushes out and stings less, but it's still pretty sore and still stingin every time, and seeing it makes the urge to pee pretty frequent, this is a LOT of times more than usual! This time no blood visible, the first time a good bit for a few days, so I am hopeful it means things will settle down sooner there being less apparent damage.

      Sex? Forget it.

      It was weeks before I dared try, and about 6 weeks before it wasn't painful on ejaculating, the first 5 or 6 times were not nice, and something like aversion therapy! It doesn't half put you off the idea. Hopeful it will not be so long this time, as it fells there is undoubtedly less damage going on.

      Having also had a full scale general anaesthetic Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy procedure before, in itself a much more invasive job, but the only real difference in the experience was, with that there was a lot more blood, and no pain during that process (as I was out cold then), but it did take just about as long to get back to being "right" again.

      Now my next job is Lithotripsy... another experience I haven't had that for some reason some people pretend is painless, but my own personal contacts tell me is anything BUT, and seeing that almost everyone gets at least a large haematoma around the kidney, passes shards of broken stones which scratch the linings of the urinary system and bleed profusely after, I am inclined to bleive them -  it seems pretty unlikely it isn't painful either!

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