just had a flexible cystoscopy 2 hours ago, though id share my experience to help calm other people

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im a male, 22. had my first flexible cystoscopy a couple hours ago, had been dreading it for weeks, getting all worked up and worried, was even shaking a little when i was in the waiting room.... dam do i feel ridiculous haha. was worrying over nothing, a blood test / dentist plaque scrape & polish is far worse. ill describe the process ( sorry in advance for massive bulk of text

checked into day unit and sat down, called me through to get changed into 2 gowns ( so my buttocks wernt showing haha ). put my things in a locker, sat in waiting room with the other men also having flexi scopes, i was by far the youngest but still chatted and chuckled a bit with them.

a nurse took me into an office room to explain it all and ask some questions like any allergies and any general questions.

went back into waiting room, got called to operating room, removed 1 of the gowns and underwear behind a screen ( not sure why they were all going to see my bits anyway ) i laid on the bed / table, there was the main professional urologist man, and 3 very nice and kind assisstant women nurses...was an awkward part for me as im a very shy person, i went bright red, they were all kind and calming and talked to me to keep me calm. the urologist cleaned the head and put the gel in ( the gel goes everywhere so youll need to clean it off with paper towels before you get changed again)..

people say the gel stings. it didnt with me, just a tingling sensation, they put a clamp on to stop the gel coming out so that it can let what little local anesthetic there is work ( the gel is more a lubricant than anesthetic ) though to be honest, unless you have a enlarged prostate you wouldnt even need anesthetic.

after a minute he inserted the scope slowly, we were all watching the tv screen, i felt a slight pushing feeling but barely felt the scope go in, was almost like i was just laid on the bed watching a video, we then came up to the source of my problem, a stricture, a pretty bad one too, i thought it was the sphincter at first but it wasnt. the urologist tried seeing if the scope could pass with the slightest movement but it couldnt so he didnt attempt to force it past and just took a few pictures from different ranges and angles then removed the scope, the scope was only in about 1 minute. i did want to have a look at the inside of my bladder to see if my pain in that area was being caused by something but with the stricture there it was not possible.

i was passed some paper towels to clean up with behind the screen and put my pants back on and a nurse helped with the very awkward gown ties l. the urologist gave me a breif summary as he was on a very busy scheduale and i was only patient 4/16 today, and urged me to agree to a DVIU ( direct vision internal urethrotomy ) which i was going to say aswell. i sat back in the waiting room after getting changed and was called back to the office by the consultant nurse who explained the possible side effects like soreness and minor bleeding. i ( so far ) have no side effects from the scope or gel, very mild borderline tingle / stinging for about 30 mins as the gel wears off. i urinated straight after and wasnt any discomfort ( probably from the gel still working ), no blood. the antibiotic tablet has given me a slight headache and made me a bit drowsy though.

all in all a procedure id like to keep to a minimum as im not one who likes showing my private area to multiple people haha, but by far, and i mean by far, the worst part is the anxiety and the waiting, its truly nothing to fret over, a word of warning though, the antibiotic tablet tastes awful so swallow it as fast as you can haha, if i had to choose between the flexi scope and a blood test ( excluding the embarrassment factor ) id probably choose the scope. its just fear of the unknown that makes people anxious. i bet when i was saying how nervous i was they probably thought i was a wuss haha. ill be having it done again some time after the DVIU to check its all healed nicley, and now knowing how it is i wont be nervous at all next time.

if anyones nervous and contemplating cancelling it, don't skip it or put it off, you will just be delaying the inevitable, i almost cancelled it. i cancelled one over a year ago and shouldnt of, if i didnt they would of found the stricture a year ago, and dealt with it a year ago, and id of been free of it a year ago. i massivly regret not getting it done a year ago. iv had to suffer with a flow rate of about 6ml /second, and the back pressure causing problems for the bladder and kidneys, potential deadly problems. if the urologist wants to do it then you clearly need it, and itd be very silly to back out of such a small procedure. i asked him how many they do on a weekley basis, they said "well you are 4/16 today" so they know what they are doing and embarrassment isnt a factor for them, they just want to help, and yes they fully steralise the scope after each procedure. only one embarrassed in the room was me, i went bright red :P.

sorry again for the massive essay. just wanted to make sure i help as much as i can for people worrying about having this flexible cystoscopy procedure. hope it helps.

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    I just wanted to thank you for your post. I am having this procedure at the end of the month & keep talking myself out of cancelling! I am female, so not sure if this will make it a little easier or not, but I feel so much better after reading your post. I have a wee bit of blood in the urine they are trying to get to the bottom of. I have been horrified about the upcoming procedure & not looking forward to the embarrassment factor either. But I do feel some relief now & will try not to cancel.LOL
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    Hi, I am female, aged 58 and had the cystoscopy and urethral dilation last week. I am so glad I did as I now have no discomfort like I did before the procedure. I too was getting quite anxious about how much it might hurt, but was told by the nurse who escorted me into theatre that it shouldn't hurt and to say if it did.

    He told me not to try and cope with any pain as it shouldn't hurt at all. It was over with quite quickly and

    because of the dilation (which I wasn't really aware was going to be done) I have had much less discomfort since. For a while now I have had the most overwhelming sensations of urgency, and also discomfort when I used to bend, crouch etc., and as it turns out, I had a stricture, and was unable to completely empty my

    bladder (probably why I always felt as if I needed a wee, even straight after going to the loo anyway) which the dilation appears to have cured.

    It might only be temporary, I don't know yet. The main point though is that, as Ollie64 said, a trip to the

    dentist is much worse, especially if you have sensitive teeth and gums like mine!

    I have to say I was dreading it, but as a friend pointed out, there is a reason for having it done, and just

    think what the outcome could be if you try and avoid it. I was booked in by my doctor as I kept getting water infections, and he wanted to check what the problem was as I only have one kidney.

    Go for it, and don't worry. If you watch the screen during the procedure, it takes your mind off what's going on!

    PS I had no problems afterwards either, but did drink loads like they told me to over the following few days.

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    no worries, glad its helped :D.

    after you have it you will know what i mean when i said " afterwards i was like, why the hell was i worrying", and " damn i felt ridiculous" haha, . the scope they use can be between 5-6.5mm wide, the gel they use somehow helps the tube become stretchier and softer for a while, although generally the opening is about 7-8mm anyway so the scope usually has absolutely no trouble.

    as i put, i barely felt it, i could feel it was there but hardly, i was going more on what was on the screen than what i could feel as to what was going on.

    as i put before the procedure is a walk in the park, the embarrassment was the worst part for me during the procedure and the anxiety was the worst part before, the anxiety stopped once i was in the room, as i knew it was about to be over and done with.

    not knowing whats wrong and having to live with an unknown problem is far worse than any procedure.

    if you're still worried when you enter the room just ask the urologist to be extra careful and delicate. maybe try make small talk or joke a little with one of the assistants or something too, or even take a magazine in with you.

    if they are looking for a source of blood they may take about 5-10 mins inside to thoroughly check every part for anything, they may also use a much longer scope and go up to the kidneys, one of my dads friends who had the procedure before me and told me of his experience said they went up to his kidneys and found a cyst which was causing his blood in urine, and just out him on a course of some tablets and told him to get a better diet and drink more.

    all in all there is nothing to worry about, once you know what its like you'll agree with me on the comparison of a blood test or routine dentist checkup being worse lol.

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