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I am 54, have had major issues with urgency, and going 20-30 times a day, when I had to wet my pants a few times (or pee in an elevator)I had decided enough was enough. For a few years I had been on alfusosin .. it worked well at first then stopped. The doctor did a cystoscopy and saw that my prostate was quite enlarged. (already knew this) but he felt like it was impeding my bladder emptying completely.

Fast forward, I had the TURP procedure Monday, catheter removed Thursday. Thursday once home I felt so much better once the catheter was gone, but Friday I woke up in major chills, shaking, and had a major fever, that got as high as 104. It was pretty scary. The doctor called me in some Cipro, now (Sunday) the fever is much lower.

I am dribbling at the end of urination, and wet my pants trying to make it to the bathroom once.

I guess because of the fever (and whatever infection this is) and the urination problems, I am wondering if I have made a huge mistake. Has anyone else gotten an infection like this - will the dribbling go away -- and urgency? If not, I have wasted my time. Not to mention the retrograde ejaculation that is to be expected.

Sorry to gripe and moan, just was very sick this weekend with 104 fever, and am a bit down. If all this straightens out I will be so happy!

Thanks for any input.


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    I had some problems after my turp 14 months ago , but I am now 95% better. You might want to read some of my posts , especially the later ones and it shows I have had slow but sure improvement . I cannot speak of your high temperature but hopefully if it is an infection you get better fast and from then on please have patience with your recovery . I have heard so many positive stories along with my own , about turp surgery. I am glad I had Turp .

    I can sleep through the night now which is wonderful . I am able to go five hours during dya time , without a dire need to pee.

    Geoff UK

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      Thanks for your response. After 2 days on this antibiotic, my fever is gone. It was so high it was scary. I am glad it's gone. I will seek out your posts. I am so glad to see your message. Now that the fever is gone, I feel better mentally too. I think the fever had me crazy haha. Onward and upward, ready to get on with it.



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      Great news. Don`t be put off by my story early on in my posts .

      I am now , so glad I have had the Turp and I feel as if life is virtually back as it was 18 months ago , if not even better . From everything I have read it can and often does take maybe a year to get fully back to normal but it is well worth it. I am 65 years of age and feel fitter and stronger than two years ago . I do a physical job which I thought I would need to retire from but not any more.

      After all my bladder has put up with I am amazed actually . Our bodies are incredible .


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    hey Clint ,

    hope you get to feeling better soon , from what i read about it , it may take up to 3 months to regulate , and not have blood in the urine and be more able to control your bladder as to when you pee ,, i am 64 an have had issues for 8 years and so been on meds for it but guess they did not work because im having TURP on August 31 st , i had a stone removed from my bladder and after that i cant pee at all , so i now have to self cath for over a month , , i was never empting my bladder , hope mine goes good , Did you have to have a blood transfusion ? an did you have a lot of pain with the catheter in ? , and now that its out can you pee on your own pretty good ?

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      Good luck on the procedure. In the scheme of things, to me, the surgery was simple. It was outpatient for me, I went home same day with a catheter.

      Besides broken bones, things like that, I haven't had any surgeries before. So my perspective may not be the best. To me the worst part (besides the surprise infection-yikes), was the catheter itself for 3 days. It was just a b!tch to carry around, and I didn't like the feeling of "something up in there" lol, I think I pulled and tugged it a lot somehow, so there was some pain when peeing. Sounds like you are used to a catheter, though. Yes, now that it is out, I am peeing pretty good, some burning, not the end of the world. The volume seems to be increasing. Will be glad when urgency dies down (the WHOLE reason I got the surgery) and the dribbling.

      IF and WHEN that dies down I will say this was a success. I'm reserving judgement until then. Best Wishes!


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    I am a happy TURP recipient. Had mine in Feb 2019. I stayed overnight in the hospital and went home without a catheter. Resumed all normal activities after 3 weeks (with my doctor's blessing) although he said it could take up to 3 months to heal completely. I don't think I noticed much change after the 2 month mark. My flow is good and I get up only once a night 6 nights out of 7. For me the best part is being able to hold it if I have to and not having to worry about taking 5 minutes to pee if I wait longer that I should. The post-op urgency and frequency are totally normal. Things should improve within a couple of weeks.

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    Update, 2 weeks post surgery.

    Still dribbling, still urgency, still some burning, but overall I feel better. That infection was NO joke.

    I am kind of freaked out by the loss of ejaculate, the retrograde deal. Be sure to think that through.

    I look forward to - stating in the future - whether I regret the surgery or whether I am glad I did it. Witholding judgement thus far. Today is my first walk / hike. I think some time in the forest is what I need.

    On an unexpected positive side note, I have noticed that erection strength is quite increased. Anyone else have that benefit? Hmmmmmmmm.


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    Just an update. I am 6 weeks post TURP now.

    The infection I had was called "k. pneumoniae", and is sadly common in medical environment. (yes I blame the hospital). My fever came back 3 weeks later, 103.9 ; they put me back on course of antibiotics, now it seems under control. This infection for some people is resistant to antibiotics. Made me nervous.....

    I feel better overall, more energy, been going to gym, hiking.

    But still peeing a LOT, often, and some urgency 6 weeks later. The doctor says the infection messed up my healing and will add some time to it. Because the symptoms or urinary tract infection which is what I had, are the SAME as for BPH in the first place. Peeing all the damn time, and urgency. Burning, pain.

    The retrograde ejaculation kind of hit me hard, made me sad.... but I will get over it, because for some reason..my erections are harder. They say BPH causes ED, so guess if he shaves down the prostate and makes it smaller, this benefit would make sense. At any rate, I will take the improvement. That is a win.

    I have an ache and pain in prostate that I have had off and on for years....but flared up after surgery ---have heard no one speak of this after surgery much; if this doesn't go away I am going to begin pelvic stretching and exercises for CPPS. I stay stressed and have high anxiety life and this may be a factor.

    Bottom line, feeling better...just want urgency / frequency to go away, or else this would have been a waste. That improvement may be delayed because of previous infection.

    Everyone have a good week.


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