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Just taken Sertraline for 2 weeks, yesterday was the worst yet with side effects but have noticed that things that gave me anxiety have now started to lessen, hope it is now kicking in. Since taking the first two tablets I have wanted to give up but managed to think 'it will be better'. Am I past the worst? Sleep it is problem but hope to stop taking the sleeping pills tonight, I know a will have a couple of sleepless nights before a managed to sleep.

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    Hi, like you i had a lot of side effects early on and felt like stopping them. I had severe anxiety and was desperate for something to work quickly, i think that is the problem with anxiety we feel that we need a quick fix which doesnt happen with sertraline, it is a slow process. I would say it took about 3 months for me to feel better, that is when i stopped asking myself every minute of every day how i was feeling, to me that is when you know you are on the road to recovery. I am now 9 months into my medication 50mgs a day and i would not be without it, i hope this helps you and if you need any mor advice let me know.Take care Jinxy.
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    Hi what a lovely reply Jinkys gave you. Its absolutly spot on what Jinkys said. I have been on Sertraline for a year now and just keep on improving however it is a very slow working drug. You just stick with it you have jinkys and me for some support If you need it. Lucky
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    Thank you both for your positive replies, I have just been to the doctors for a new prescription. Yesterday I felt a little better but today am anxious again and have shaky legs, hopefully within the next few weeks I will feel better and life will be worth living again.
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    Hi Lucky & Jinxy. Have now taken 16 tablets and side effects today are terrible, still not eating, anxiety, trembling have decided to go to different doctor tomorrow to see this if this degree of anxiety is normal, I was not as bad as this before taking the tablets and see what she advisers. Surely you shouldn't be worst that before.
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      Hi I know your post is a while ago but when did the Sertraline start to work for you ?
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    Please don't give up now! I am in my 9th week and I have to say it is only just really working. It is a shame if you have gone through so much - if you can bear with it it will start to improve - my doc has put me from 50mg to 100mg to 125mg to 150mg!!!! Each time the side effects were there, but got less each time.....my depression is much improved and my anxiety is bearable and I even forget it sometimes! I am working full time, and my collegues have been brill, don't be ashamed of your condition.....it will amaze you how many people have been through the same...and you didn't even suspect they had a problem.

    The doc warned me it would be rough for about 3 weeks. ...and it was, but am glad I stuck with it.

    Perhaps he would give you a small amount of valium just for a few days, it does help ease you through the difficult times.

    Best wishes,

    you have plenty support & encouragement here![/b]

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      I know this post is old but it's giving me so much hope right now

      im on week 4 of 200mg and am nervous it isnt going to work;(

      i havent noticed any huge difference...sad

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      I stopped taking sertraline as they made me feel horrible. I now take fluoxetine and did take propanalol but no longer take them. Speak to your doctor if you don’t think the tablets are agreeing with you! So glad I stopped taking them as I hated the way they made me feel 
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      Oh ok, thanks for the update!

      I was on sertraline for 10 years and loved it til I tapered down to 50 and had a setback. Really hoping it starts working again!

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    Thank you Annie6, I have been to the doctors and she has given me some Valium for the bad days only, I did not even have to ask. I am staying on the Sertraline and hope the worst side effects have passed. On holiday now for 3 weeks, Hope I cope.

    Thank you all for your super comments and advise.

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    Of course you will cope! Also forgot to say I have found Glen Harrold's relaxation & positive thinking CD's a great help....you can get them on Amazon & in Waterstones, they really do work for me!

    Good luck & keep us posted with progress.


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    Hi Dianess and all, i am glad you found my reply helpful sometimes in the early days its just knowing you are not alone that helps you to get through the really bad days, and anyone who has suffered anxiety will suffer many. When i started sertraline i certainly got worse before getting better, but where i am today was well worth it, sometimes it was just hard to tell myself that at the beginning. My experience with anxiety was really bad, just getting up in the morning and trying to get through the day was sometimes unbearable. I wonder if you have read any books on anxiety i bought Claire Weeks book on anxiety which i think helped as much as sertraline, once you have an understanding about your condition you will cope with it and not be so afraid of it. I remember never being off the computer looking for answers. I dont feel i have to do that anymore but i like to come on this site now and then to offer any help i can. Eventually YOU WILL get better. Take care.
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    Jinksy, I just have to say my experience mirrors yours totally! I am def. on the right road, but I have to smile about checking on how you feel, and all the other things you said....It is true, you really don't know who else is suffering out there. Strangely I just got Claire Weeks book off of Ebay - the best 99p I have spent in ages!

    I wish you all the best of health and happiness in your recovery.

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    :D Hi im new on this site & think its great to have people 2 chat with who are experiencing similar thing! Iv bin sufferin terrible with anxienty for years but only recently got to the point wher iv had enough its totaly ruinin my life!!! So started takin citalopram, iv just come off them as they didnt work for me & now just started on sertraline. its So great to read positive messages & feel ther might b light at the end of the tunnel? I love a few glasses of wine at the end of the day(not every day lol) but have avoided it so far whilst takin these, does any1 no if its ok 2 drink? x
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    Hello, pretty late to this conversation. Have been taking it for 3 years now. What I think happens is that in the initial stages, and through out the process, we self analyze as we are now aware there is something out there we cannot touch or see effecting us. Because of the way we think we try to associate tangible things to our condition to give us mini milestones to prove to ourselves that we are indeed getting better. Unfortunately, the mind is a not so regimented or linear and so lets us down. We see these non compliance to our hopes as failures, and then think \"its not working\".

    Rest assured it will. One day you'll notice you haven't thought about it or the condition in a while, you will start to see and enjoy to silly things in life again, simple things will give you enjoyment. The way I describe it to my wife, is that I finally get a break from my mind. :-)

    Stick with it. Most of the pain has gone, you now understand there is something wrong. I know you want to rush to the solution -we all do - but hang on in.


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