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I've been back on this Doxycycline 2 days after having 8 days off the Meds and I'm getting worse each day, I felt horrendous last time I was on it, felt the same off it, and now I feel even worse now I'm back on, so all in all I'm on my 5th week and haven't noticed a single bit of improvement, I started the Meds 10 days after noticing two rashes that spread, really at my wits end here, feel like I'm gunna drop dead, is it normal to feel this bad ?

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    They say the worse you feel  means that the spirochete are dying off

    which is to be a good thing.... even though it don't feel like it...

    i am in same boat. Just started a week. Ago. Again on doxy  

    hope u feel better

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      How long have you been going through this, I felt terrible off the Meds as well as on, but right now I feel like I'm on my last legs, currently in the A&E Liverpool trying to get a 2nd opinion or some help

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       Diagnosed a year and a half ago symptoms for a few years r u from east Liverpool. 


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      How you getting on mate, any better ?

      I meant to ask you how soon after your symptoms did you start taking antibiotics ? I'm on another course now from that Breaksphere medical, the dizzy spells haven't been as often although it has been back today, my anxiety is worse than it's ever been, have you been ok for long periods or have the Meds never ever worked for you ?

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      I have been better ,  the. Anxiety   Is. gone,  no more  head pressure, still jaw pain... tingling in legs.  But. A lot better since I started. Doxycycline.   How. R u 
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      I started feeling a couple weeks. After but. I still get. Some. Symptoms. ...  

      the palpitations. Head pressure was the worst....  hope all is well with you

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      Yeah the dizziness is there a lot less and less over the past few weeks but my anxiety has got the better of me lately, I'll get there, just taking each day as it come's, cheers for the reply, good to hear your doing better 👍

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    I've  never had Doxy but yes Lyme is  is bad and you feel terrible.  

    Some people feel terrible on doxycycline. Others less so. 

    But hang in there and things get easier. It doesn't happen overnight though.

    Go back to Dr. Tell him how things are.

    Get him to check your BP and pulse etc

    maybe get to see a deratologist and have him do a skin scrape.

    Tell the Dr what the worst thing is(it is itching/sickness/brain fog/pain or? and see if he can help with that.Are you having .lemons? and low carb diet?

    Bath with epsom salts/ salt/   and a few drops of essential oils in the water(tea tree/ frankinsense/clove..

    Try Dermol 200 or 500 in bath or shower.

    No you'll not drop dead though sometimes you wish you could.

    It will pass.


    We get through it and come out the other side stronger though at the time it seems we;ll never be well again.

    You will be.

    get enough sleep. if you can't sleep ask the Dr for something to help you.


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      Cheers Marie, i haven't felt great for weeks as you can probably imagine but I went the gym earlier done some weights, went for a run on the treadmill then 1hr with intervals in the Sauna, it was on the way home I felt like I was going to Faint, I feel that fatigued I could just lie on the floor here at the hospital, also feel a bit Nauseous and a strange pressure feeling behind my ears but no pain, just horrible fatigue and spaced out feeling, I've drank more lemon water than you could imagine 😕

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    Hi Dave sorry to hear you're not feeling great after restarting doxy.

    Firstly, if you're in anyway worried about how you feel on the doxy I would speak to your GP tomorrow. Secondly it could be that you're herxing eg the spirochetes are dying off which can cause you to feel unwell. If this is the case after discussing with your gp, Id try to detox as much as you can to get rid of the toxins caused by die off eg drink warm water and lemon, drink plenty of water, take epsom salt baths. There's other detox protocols out there but this is just a basic guide. Hope you get sorted soon.

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      I've only just seen the Doc on Monday when he gave another month Doxy, he'll be sick of the site of me, I'm at the A&E now waiting to be seen, hopefully by someone who may know a bit about these feelings I'm having, I've been using Epsom salts and drinking more than enough water with fresh lemon juice in, I've felt like this going on a month now, fed up and worried.

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    That all sounds very familiar dave,

    i've had all of those including the ear thing. My lobes also swelled up and were red! . felt if I didn't sit down I'd pass out and all  without Doxy.

    As sarah says it's most likely die off.

    To do all that exercise you're definitely not on last legs!

    And if you are in  hospital you are in safe place.


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     Are both you and Lijom in the A and E??

    You just have to eb glad that your Lyme is caught early and there is every chance you will be completely cured.

    Once it gets your joints it's an added misery. so you will be spared all that.

    Hopefully you'll only have to wait another three hours before you're seen.

    No one can imagine how awful Lyme is until they have it.

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      Ah thanks Marie, you've been really helpful with your advice, really kind of you to give advice to others, especially as you sound like you've had it tough, there still some good people left in this world hey 😊👍

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    Hi Dave

    Sorry to hear that  you still not feeling well.  I hope my story (so far) can help .... 

    I was bitten at the beginning of August, got terrible flu like symptoms the weekend after.  After a few visits about my strange rash/bite the doc put me doc 3 weeks after and took my blood - one week later i was confirmed with Lymes.

    I took a month of Doci and the GP doesn’t want to give me any more - finished last Thursday.    My blood got sent away yesterday.  I did feel horrible for a over a month and woke up every day feeling like I had the worst hangover, tingly and sore  limbs, really dry eyes and mouth  and very fatigued.   

    One week after I started taking the Doci I have taken (and I wasn't  taking any supplements or vitamins before)  - 1000mg of Vit C powder, Vit B complex, Vid D, Co - 0x 10 30 mg and a probiotic (strength 52 million).   This advice was given to me by someone who is very knowledgeable about alternative health.

    I don’t know if I am just lucky or if the supplements have made the difference but it could definitely be worth while trying.

    But I’m feeling better every day.  Not so dry eyes, not so tingly and better energy for sure.  I'm feel like I'm on the mend.

     I also  loads of ginger, lemon and cranberry water.  I hope this helps.  

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      Hey Vee!! Thanks for the reply, really good to hear you sound like your on the mend, I would give me right arm to feel like that just now 😖

      Throughout my 5 weeks on/off of Doxy I've been supplementing with multi vitamin, Vit D, Glucosamine, Omega 3, I've been drinking this Nutri green powder from a supp shop in my Nutri bullet, I've been guzzling Cranberry water and lemon water like it's going out of fashion, I've been running on the treadmill and going the Sauna 6 days a week as I was told that was great for Detoxing, fingers crossed I start feeling better soon and get back to work 🙏

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      How you doing now mate ? Fully recovered now ? Was interested to know how long all in all did you have your symptoms for, was it just 1 month ?

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