just need reasurance please HELP

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Hi since july 2014 i have been having a bloated feeling from under my breast bone to my belly button went to see dr x he got me in for scan x scan showed i had gaulstone sitting under my right breast was still gettn terrible pains x being violetly sick during night went back to drs x he asked if i have any other underlying problems arising as where my gaulstone was sitting shouldnt give me problem. I told dr my periods where changing x terrible pains on my right ovary he sent me for ultasound scan went x theyve found some kind of mass which i'm really frighteneď i'm 43years of age . When they did ultrasound they also did a vaginal 1 using a probe x still same she wasnt 100% sure what it was. I am going to see gynea tonight to see what they come up with do u think this could be a cyst please help . My mum died at age 43years old she had ovarian cancer but secondary bowel cancer which she lost her young life too sad thanks

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    Oh dear, I can see why you feel so scared.  Wh en I had my ultrasound they said thught it was a dermoid cyst.  When I say the gynaecologist she I said I wanted it removed.  I waited two months and had it removed and both ovaries and fallopian tubes.  They said that they could only confirm that it was a dermoid cyst once they'd removed it.  It was definitely a dermoid cyst and it has been sent to be analysed to  make sure it's not cancer.  Only 2% of cysts turn out to be cancerous.  I have previously had a large polyp in my bowel which was removed and found to be benign.  It was follow up colonscopy for a bowel condition (diverticular disease) that discovered the cyst.  I have another gynae appt on 30th March where I will get the results of the analysis,  I am 57, my gradma died of cancer of the cervix when she was 49.  You're doing all the right things.  Hopefully the gynaecologist will have good news for you tonight.  You are in my thoughts and I hope you get the right help as soon as possible.  As for the fear you feel, all i can suggest is that you try and think positive, treatments have improved in recent years.  Take care, and treat yourself well.  Good luck.wink
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      Thanks for reply much appreciated consultant thinks defo dermoid cyst hes sending me to get MRI to detect whats up which he says should just take upto 14days then go see him for results but hes wanting to do full hysterctomy just due to my mums history x i think my age as dont need my ovary due to being 43years old he also did a internal again x says looks ok so now itsjust waitn on app coming through. So did u have full hysterctomy aswell? Can i ask what was ur recovery time to get better x
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      Hi Evonne, short answer is I am still recovering, my op was 3 weeks ago tomorrow.  I still have my uterus, I did have bad cells on my cervix when I was about 42 and I had a colposcopy for that at that time.  They burnt away some of my cervix with a laser, with no anaesthetic!  I felt like punching the guy who did it!  Anyway, if that treatment had been available for my grandma, and also if she hadn't been so scared of going to the doctor, I might have got to meet her.  That was in 1955 and I think all treatments are light years ahead of what they were back then. 

      I wasn't offered a full hysterectomy and didn't want one, but I think they would have recommended it if they thought it was necessary. 

      Research I've done on the internet (and I am actually a qualified researcher so I'm scientifically sceptical if you know what I mean) said that dermoid cysts are only cancerous in 2% of cases.  But no consolation if one happens to be one of the 2%! My daughter is worrying about me in case it is cancerous, but I'm ridiculously optimistic.  I've worried so much over the years about other things I'm just taking it one day at a time.  It is annoying that I can't work, although I haven't got a job at the moment anyway!rolleyes

      I had laparascopic surgery, 4 one cm incisions, one in my tummy button.  I still feel a bit weak and wobbly, and sometimes a bit dizzy.  Am not lifting anything heavier that 4 pints of milk and was told no driving the car and no heavy housework like vacuuming for six weeks.  Myleft ovary area still feels a little tender mostly when I'm tired.  I keep dozing off! But I'm not taking any more pain killers except 1 paracetomol before bed.

      I suppose from a medical point of view, and because of your family history, your consultants advice to have the full hysterectomy would seem wise.  I was already post menopausal by about 11 years, but I have been experiencing more hot flushes than usual.  I've begun taking vitamin E and that seems to be reducing the hot flushes.

      There are loads of posts on this site about ovarian cysts.  I've found some of the women very kind and helpful.  My stitches are all out now, they've gradually dissolved away.  I definitely feel a lot  better since about yesterday and have caught up on washing today.  I live on my own.  I've been going on this site and pretending it's 'work'.  it's keeping my brain in gear anyway.  The very best of luck to you.  Take care of yourself.coolIt was sunny here today!

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      Hi titabeth i was just thinking the same thing wish there was all the treatment what is now as my mum lost her life aswell young x hated seeing her go through all her treatment she was giving not to help her .

      Glad ur recoveryn each week u sound u've been through alot take care of urself x relax x

      As for consultant wanting to do full hysterectomy cause my family has had cancer dont think i fancy HRT like as suppose to be bad if alot of cancer in family going to speak with him again to see what else they can give .

      Aww thanks i need the luck like its still a worry like but feeling positive just waiting on postie bringing my letter for mri now .

      Glad ur recovering x managing to get about mind mustve been hard if you stay alone .

      I think this site is great x looking at every1 elses x theyve recovered sounds gd aswell possitive thoughts

      Its sunny in edinburgh today but freezing like ☆

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    Hi evonne. I know how it feels to watch a loved one suffering, I lost my Dad to prostate cancer, but I was lucky enough to have him until he was 79, he got to see my daughter graduate.  I just loved him as much as I could.  Also I don't know how much it might have helped that we live only about a mile away from the Royal Marsden, the Sutton Surrey one.  Dad took every experimental trial going and thanks to early diagnosis, plus I think he was just a very robust type of person healthwise, he lived for 12 years after diagnosis.  I feel very lucky to have had both my parents for so long.  My mum lost her mum at 23.  My mum is still very well at 80, still driving and looking after my brother's children 1 afternoon a week, plus all her singing activities, even driving some of her friends to hospital appointments.  I don't feel alone, I was a single parent from my daugher's birth, she is 30 now and getting married in June!  she regularly  phones and visits, with her fiance and the dog, and I must admit I love to cuddle the dog!  My mum and sister are only 15minutes walk away.  I've got used to managing on my own and I have neighbours  who would help if I needed or asked them.  I live on the North Downs, Banstead near Epsom, I expect you've hear of the Derby Horse Race, not that I'm a fan, just that it's only a mile away.  It's about 500 feet above sea level and can get a lot colder than lower down, spring  comes about a week later here than surrounding lower areas.  I can 't believe it is snowing here today,rolleyes just as I thought we'd got our second winter without snow.  I saw the weather forecast for Scotland last night, hope you're keeping nice and warm!  It's only an inch, but it'll probably freeze overnight,  I have slipped over so many times in the ice here, I live on the northern facing slope, hardly the North face of the Eiger, but treatcherous enough. I really should move to a flatter areacheesygrin.  Hope you're keeping your pecker up.  I have found this site very supportive too.
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      Hi titabeth hope you are keeping good

      So sorry to hear of your dad sounds like you where a close family

      Yes i have heard of epson defo the horseracing my man just loves betting on them lol is it nice down there?, whats the weather like today ? Weather here in edinburgh sunshine but cold

      well thats my MRI app through x its on wednesday gettn scared but i'm sure i'll be fine will just take my wee olly murs cd with me smile will let you know how i get on

      hope your doing ok x

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    Hi Evonne,  yep we've had some sunshine today!  but the north wind has been very cold.  I had plasterers re boarding my living room ceiling today.  Am much better after op, can do some lifting etc.  I got cozy in the kitchen whilst they cut out the bad bit of ceiling (after a water tank leakage last summer).  Have you had any news yet about your scan?
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