Just realised my hideous symptoms could be down to a month of being on Amlodipine

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I am so glad I found this group, it has given some hope that I am it suffering from something awful or about to have a heart attack. I have had high blood pressure for 7 years and have been on felodipine which helped for a bit. About 4 months ago I short back up again and my GP doubled my dose. All was going well until I get told they are no longer making them and I have to take Amlodipine instead. That was a month ago, over the last week I have been having what I thought was a continuous panic attack, I suffer on occasions and couldn't work out the trigger. I've not slept in 3  days, lying down makes it all worse, feels like I'm in a fog, heart racing , palpitations, sweating, shaking uncontrollably, pins and needles, pain in my arm, blurry, tired eyes which led me to buy tinted glasses as I thought it was the lights at work. I thought it must have been anoer increase in my bp but are checking at home it was fine. It then dawned on me it's been getting slowly worse since these new tablets. I started googling and came across this site, I can't believe what I'm reading and feel I am lucky to have only been on them a month, needless to say I have stopped taking them and will be going to my Drs on Monday to see what they say. However I'm now concerned they will just give me something else for my bp and that will mean more symptoms. Why couldn't I have just stayed on felodipine........

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    Really sorry you are suffering so badly on this drug. But the good thing is you've only used it for a month so hopefully the side effects shouldn't last too long. Just be aware that the horrible effects can carry on for a while even though you are no longer on it. I've been off it since begining of September but was on it for 10 years so am still having some residue effects. I too didn't realise why l felt so awful, anxiety, stuffed nose, feeling of utter doom, altered eyesight, worsening ear deafness and mad itch. Also breathing difficulties which was awful. My blood pressure was great on the Amlodopine for quite a few years, so couldn't understand why these side effects started out of the blue. It's a shame you couldn't stay on the drug that suited you best. I am on Lostarten now and still some side effects with this but am going to try and persevere,fingers crossed. Good luck for when you go back to Drs.

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    Those symptoms can be a part of the same syndrome, without being directly caused by amlodipine.  Is that the only BP drug you're currently on?  You can try diuretic plus ACE/ARB, and maybe a little beta blocker.  All those work for me without the calcium-channel blocker.  I never thought it was a good idea to block any calcium channels in the first place!

    ?When I tried increasing my amlodipine to 10mg/day, I did have something like those symptoms but far milder.  I'd had the symptoms years earlier as well, when I was on no drugs.  They can be very real, but I guess they turn out to be harmless after all.

    ?Make sure your electrolytes are good, avoid spicy foods for a few days, and see if it passes - before you can even get into the doctor's office!

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      I also take lisinopril for my blood pressure have been on that for 6 years and also citalopram which i have been on for 10 years. Have had panic attack feelings before but been related to an upcoming event however this time no reason whatsoever and not subsided at all in 3 days.

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      Michelle, the source may be cardiac-related, but I don't know how that might relate to the other drugs, especially the citalopram.  I have seen others describe it, as well as having gone through it myself.  It's pretty bad.  I don't know how the other cases worked out, but for me it did pass, and after the fact I thought it might also have been triggered at least in part by (spicy) food, although in general I've always eaten a lot of spicy food - less with age, actually, and also less partially because of my experience.

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    Sorry to hear that Michelle.

    I stopped taking mine after 8 days and I'm trying some natural remedies. Garlic and hawthorn capsules cider vinegar and carrying on with my turmeric paste.my doctor does not approve!

    At the moment bp is a bit high but ok. Watch this space and good luck.

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    Amlodopine is a very dangerous drug. I suffered all the symptoms you did and though it was 'getting older' -  the foggy brain all day, the nightmares at night and the palpatations which would wake me up feeling  just like panic attacks are explained. The worse is the crippling effects on my muscles. It is only with this current GP that I have been sent for a scan and they can see the physical effects it has had on me. They said it was 'wear and etar' but I was fine before I took this drug; and my leg muscles have started feeling more normal since being  off it for a month. The problem with my shoulder I suspect will take much longer as  this started earlier. I have been on the drug for 2 years and I believe it has ruined my body. I am now in constant pain with my shoulder. The GP has suggested a courtesan injection but I am waiting to see if a bit longer off the Amlodopine helps. I am now on Candestartan - is anyone else on this and what are the side effects?

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      meles, Candesartan is a different class of drug, it is an ARB with a half-life of 9 hours.  Might be better to take it twice a day, unless it's already in a time-release form. Of course all the regular, generic warnings for all drugs apply, watch carefully for almost any crazy side-effects for the first few days (well, and always!).  But overall it's a more modern and targeted drug than amlodipine.  Sometimes may produce a little dry cough.  And any drug that widens (relaxes) your arteries, pretty much any current BP drug, is going to affect your exercise and muscles at least indirectly.

      For me ?Amlodipine effects seem to taper off over weeks and months, hope it's the same for you.

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    I am now having same problem, the Felodipine that I was taking is no longer available.  I started Amlodipine yesterday, I felt so awful weird all day, shakey breathless, stuffed up feeling, weak talking funny just can't function felt like an allergy to me. I going to GP tomorrow can't cope with these symptoms, thumping headaches.  And all just before Christmas.  Good luck Michelle hope you get sorted.

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