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Okay, so I forced myself to take my Duloxetine (Cymbalta) 20mg this morning. It's been about 6 hours. I've had three panic attacks because I don't like taking meds. Relatively calm now, but started feeling nauseated trying to eat lunch and feel like vomiting. Also have a funny feeling, like I'm not all there? If that makes sense. Kinda floaty, like my body is weird to me. Is this normal? How long does it last?

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    Is it the first time you've taken Duloxetine? It takes a few days to settle, I wouldn't advise anyone take Duloxetine as it's a nightmare of a drug to come off.

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      It is my first time taking it. I know about the withdrawals. I was on Venlafaxine (Effexor) for a very long time and cut cold turkey it at 150 mg. That was the worst experience. My med management doctor told me that Cymbalta is gentler than Effexor is with withdrawals (but they still exist), and wanted to try it because I was good for many years on that SNRI.

      Right now I'm just more scared of the side effects of getting on it. I had a bad experience trying to reinstate Effexor and am terrified it'll happen with the Duloxetine too. Am about 7 hours into it now.

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    Hello Arillustrates

    The feeling you are having are normal,and will pass soon. I started on 20 mg daily taken in mornings and felt nauseous and jittery from day one but that didn't last long tbh. I then increased to 30 mg daily then upto 60 mg daily the dose I'm on just now. I have been taking duloxetine for a year now for fibromyalgia/anxiety/depression and find it very helpful. So stick in there these feelings will soon pass. Feel free to ask me anything anytime.




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      Thank-you! Your response is very comforting. I have extreme medication anxiety and it's been bothering me all day that I took it. I'm not in a total panic anymore st least. I feel extremely awake and alert when I shouldn't be! And the derealization is just a little weird because I've never experienced it before. How long did it take you to get over these initial symptoms?

      Again, thanks for your response! I really appreciate hearing from someone who's had a good experience with it.

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      Hello again

      In the past I have tried many times with antidepressants and failed

      Every time!! But with Duloxetine I had very few side effects any

      I had only lasted around 2 weeks. But as I said very few. 20 mg

      Daily is a very low dose! The therapeutic dose is 60 mg daily

      And the maximum daily dose is 120 mg. Yeah I also get that out of

      Body feeling, like vague yeah? Also I found with every increase it

      Takes around the same 2 weeks to settle in. I find this drug by far

      The easiest to take with no side effects. If your like me I used to

      Trawl the internet looking for other peoples reviews, but found

      Nothing but negative stories that just frighten you. Remember

      Everyone is different.




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      Yeah, I do have a problem with searching the Internet. Have read pretty much everything there is to know about Cymbalta and also all of the bad reviews. It's a really bad habit.

      Thank-you though! Hopefully the side effects (and my panic) will be manageable. I have to go to work tomorrow and am worried about that.

      But you're right. Everyone is different. For every bad review online, I bet there's loads of people it's working for. My brain is just focusing on the irrational. I'm glad it worked for you, and I hope that I will have the same results!

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     Duloxetine like any other antidepressant can take up to a few weeks to start working. 

    I was on them for a while, but started having difficulty breathing and I just felt removed from my own body. Standing out looking in if you can understand what I mean. Anyway I stupidly came off them 120mg to nothing 😳 It was horrendous I was like a mad woman. Then I was told when eventually seen Dr it's worse than coming of heroin 😩😩 I would never ever take them again. I have heard some people are ok with them, so trial and error. 

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      I'm having that removed from my body feeling today too. It's weird to me. I'm only on a dose of 20 mg though. I cut velafaxine like you did at 150 mg. Was really, really horrible. I shouldn't have stopped it in the first place honestly.

      Yes, the trial and error sucks. Honestly, if this ends horribly, I will probably just stick with my panic. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with it rolleyes Your dose was pretty high! Have you ever tried anything else before?

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      I've tried lots through the years but everyone is different what works for me maybe wouldn't work for you I hope it works for you though 

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    I have also just started Duloxetine at 30mg, after I tapred off Effexor last year...I also take Mirtazipine and some diazipam to help with the anxiety

    Been on 30mg for 2 weeks and the SE do subside, although I think they will bump me up to 60mg this week, as that is the desired therapitic dose

    The heightened. anxiety will ease offf as your body and brain adjust to the new med, although I still feel nausuas and force myself to eat

    Hope today is better for your anxiety

    Oh and the derealisation is very normal as it's a foreign substance in your body and brain

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      Hi John I've just been put on Duloxetine today and I'm also taking Mirtazapine. So pls tell me that these work well together. I'm trying to come off Mirtazapine but I don't think it will be for a while though.

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    hi there, 

    I just wanted to see how you are getting on with duloxetine. 

    I've been on them for two weeks now and have had a couple of 'good' days but generally I don't really feel that much better.

    I've now developed anxiety on them.  

    I'm really hoping it will subside.  

    Yesterday was a really good day. Today is a bad day. I'm so up and down on them right now.  

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