Just switched from Citalopram to Duloxetine

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Hey everyone,

I just switched over to Duloxetine from Citalopram. I've never taken anti-depressants before as I've seen my parents both struggle with meds for depression and this has always motivated me to sort things out myself before. But this winter things got really bad and I thought I'd finally give the pills a go. I know they aren't going to solve the problems I stress over that get me down in the first place, but it go to the point where I need something to stabilize myself to figure them out.

Citalopram was awful for me, I tried sticking it out for over a week but the side effects where too severe and I got very suicidal. Which scared the hell out of me because I've had thoughts cross my mind and things before but never to such an extreme extent.

Now the Doc's got me on this Duloxetine and I can eat again! It's wonderful I tell you just being able to keep a meal down and actually getting hungry again. Sleeping is still a bit difficult but then it always has been for me, meds or no meds. I'm not sure if I'm starting to feel many benefits yet, but just getting off the citalopram has improved my mood tenfold.

Each anti-depressant is different for each person. I hope that with this I've found one that can help me. I'm trying not to think of withdrawl symptoms at this early point but now that my friends and family know what I'm going through I feel a lot calmer and more secure. I know that if it got that bad again I have too many caring people looking out for me to let anything stupid happen to me.

So that's my experience so far... I shall keep you posted as I feel talking about this stuff really helps me and if it can help anyone else then brilliant!

Take care whoever you are smile

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    Hi Chippy

    I'm happy to hear that you're feeling positive smile.

    I had to go back on duloxetine because when I came off I just couldn't cope with all my issues.

    The only problem I have is weight gain, and I'm trying to manage that by cutting out junk. I still can't manage to exercise because I don't have any motivation for anything. At the moment, I push myself to get things done.

    It's nice to hear other people's stories - especially positive ones.

    All the best :wink:

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    His Chippy, thank you for sharing. My brother is on Citalopram and has been now getting on for 6 weeks! His dose has been put up from 20 mg to 30mg and 40mg! He doesn't seem to be improving and I have suggested to his GP that she puts him on Duloxotine (Citalopram didn't work for me but I immediately started to improve when I was prescribed Duloxotine )!! The GP has told my brother that he has two choices. ... 1. To try upping the dose of Citalopram yet again or 2. Weening off of Citalopram and starting from scratch with Duloxotine! He really wants to try Duloxotine as he is at his wits end, but is scared to have to start from scratch again and risk becoming even more depressed and anxious! I am pretty sure I just stopped one and started the other the next day, but as it was 10 years ago, I could be mistaken! How were you advised to change over and did the Duloxotine make a difference quite quickly? Also how many mg''s were you prescribed?

    Many thanks for taking the time to read my message.

    Julie (a very concerned sister)!!

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      Hi Julie,

      I swstiched from Venlafaxine to Duloxetine just over a year and a half ago.  The GP gave me plan to gradually reduce the venlafaxine, however, the withdrawal was really bad. 

      The only downside that Duloxetine appears to be available in capsule form, 30mg and 60mg - I started on 30mg.  

      Regardless of which anti-depressants you take, it can take a while before you start to feel the benefits from them.  

      The best thing that your brother can do, is to speak to his GP and discuss the merits of both types,  Everyone is different; what suits one person doesn't suit another.  If he decides to change, then this GP will be able to help with that too!

      Good luck!!


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    My friend has just been prescribed duloxetine this morning. He's on citalopram, 40mg and has been told to just stop the citalopram today and start duloxetine tomorrow. If citalopram isn't working for your brother at 40mgs its unlikely upping it another 10mg will work. Also if upping it 10 did happen to work he may find his mood drops again in a month or two, as his body adjusts to the new dose. If this were to happen he may be forced to start another antidepressant anyway because i think the maximum dose in most cases is 60mg. If he is going to change, he should do it sooner rather than later as the longer he takes it the more likely he is to experience discontinuation syndrome.

    I also agree with your point about duloxetine being helpful to you so it may be to him. Although everyone is different and responds differently to meds, my experience is that genetics do play a big role in a lot of cases so it would make sense that if something has helped you it may also help him.

    I really hope he finds the right med for him. Ive been on antidepressants since i was 16, im now 34. I know how hard it is and how desperate it makes you. Im currently in the process of withdrawing off sertraline so i can go on amitriptyline because im unable to tolerate ssri's at all now. Tell him he's not alone and to hang in there because when he does find the right one, it will be worth it. All the best to you both x

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