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Anyone else in my position I'm sure would be really happy right now. But instead I just feel filled with pure frustration!!!

I had an echocardiogram on Tuesday the result was normal and I even managed the exercise without any pains!!! This is what frustrates me. As for nearly a year now I have not been unable to walk 4 steps sometimes let alone exercise. Standing, cooking the smallest of tasks set me off. For months I felt my life had changed beyond recognition. And my symptoms scared the living daylights out of me.

About two weeks ago I was put on a medication that lowered my blood pressure more, but didn't agree with me otherwise. So since then, even though I had to revert back to my old medication, I have started to feel so much like my old self. I have had little to no chest pains and feel a lot better.

But I just feel like someone is messing with my Mind! As soon as I have to have a test I start to feel a little better. This does coincide with medication changes admittedly. But it just makes me feel like professionals won't believe me, or my family. I'm just so upset!!!

I'm really sorry if I offend someone who is constantly battling. I don't mean to be ungrateful for feeling better. I'm just so confused by how my body responds. I would really like to understand this. I may apparently have microvascular, or just bp problems that cause chest pains.

But I feel sad that until 2 weeks ago I felt debilitated. Lost my job in the process, and now im ok. No explanation!!

Like I say, I'm just venting no need to reply x

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    Hi gracey

    You sound in a difficult position I'm a nurse but we're sometimes patients too - I am having an angiogram on the 21st myself and understand your frustrations. Firstly you have had a medeication change albeit it briefly so it could have had a slight impact but I wouldn't expect the improvement to continue long term now back on original medication. If it was the new medication it will be long out of your system and so you would expect your symptoms to return.

    perhaps your body goes into the fight or flight response when faced with medical appaointments and tests in that things improve at the time so there is nothing to find, and then revert and you are left with debilitating symptoms. You need to carry on seeing GP Consultant or whoever is looking after you, and ask for onward referrals until an answer is found for your symptoms. Just because they don't display on the day doesn't mean you aren't experiencing them! Hang in there and see what the next step is.

    As an aside I am expecting similar from my angiogram, if I walk on flat normally am fine can walk 8 or 9 miles no problem . however stairs, the slightest bit of rushing around or exerting myself brings in breathlessness and burning central across my chest, relieved by rest. Been happening for 16 months now. Cardiac perfusion scan normal, battery of bloods normal CXR abnormal but GP doesn't think it's the cause, tells me I should be fit because I look fit! I am generally healthy apart from this so as completely understand your frustration.

    maybe the test needs to be repeated or you need the 24hour cardiac monitoring I wish you well and hope gets resolved for you.

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      Thank you Vivienne for responding and understanding x

      Hopefully we will both soon have some answers soon. I don't know if I will remain well, but will keep my fingers crossed.

      Take care as well and all the best!

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    Hi gracey,

    I understand your frustrations with out any solid diagnosis from GP's and Cardiologists. For me I actually have sometimes visited my cardiologists rooms with chest pain, I have bought it to his attention, all he does is feel my pulse, sometimes he'll listen, I have a slow heart rate but he has put it down to the medication I'm on, he says there's no point in doing an ECG because it "probably " wouldn't look any different than the others I have had, that's true, perhaps, but one day he's going to miss something.

    Now you say you had a medication change, did you start to feel better on it and just the side effects that wouldn't allow you to continue ? BP medication is touchy for a lot of people, I know it's not much comfort but it's trial and error in that department. I'm only just wondering, the old medication you were on would have been long gone out of your system while on the new meds but as soon as you had to revert back they probably were actually working for you because you hadn't been on them for X amount of weeks, if you start to get all your old symptoms back perhaps an increase dose of that medication maybe needed or a better class of drug, I don't know, that's the only thing that I could think of that has made you feel well in that period. Just out of interest and I know everyone feels this when an attack comes on, Anxiety, are you prone to panic / anxiety attacks ?  Panic and anxiety are uncomfortable, very uncomfortable but they do not cause pain, your chest may feel tight and find it hard to breath in a panic attack but there's no pain, in angina there is pain, well nearly always and angina doesn't have to start in the chest, here last month my left shoulder and arm had a heaviness in them with a bit of pain in my left shoulder and mid back, no chest pain well not until the afternoon. because I couldn't stop the pain / spasms I called for an ambulance and taken to our emergency department, I had mentioned the "reversal " of symptoms to the treating doctor and he informed me that angina doesn't have to start in the chest. See I thought I may of somehow pinched a nerve or somehow hurt my arm but I didn't, that's why I had never thought of it as angina at first.

    Sorry I forgot to ask this further up, how long have you been back on your  original BP medication ? has it been longer than 2-4 weeks ?

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      Hi Samuel thanks for your reply.

      I was o my original BP / nitrate tablets for several months. They kept increasing the dose of the nitrates because my BP was still not well maintained, and I got a lot of CP. Just over a month ago a doctor changed the brand of my medications and I went even further down hill. They put me back on my original brands and I felt a little better, but my BP was still not well maintained. So I had to change my BP medication it lowered my BP and I started to improve all around. But it gave me terrible stomach pains and a burning in my throat. It was stopped and about 2 weeks ago I have been back on my original medication again. My BP is still normal.

      I have had increases in medication and felt a bit better before. But this time I feel more like my old self. I do realise that the medication could stop working at anytime. Sometimes when this happens I alter the time I take it. It sometimes resets it and it starts working again for a while.

      I am starting to think that it is just my BP that needs to be managed, particularly if I improve greatly when my BP is lowered.

      I get neck pain sometimes without CP. I have also had pains in my collar bone, back, haw, pain and numbness down my left arm. My pulse sometimes gets too high also. Usually on minimal exertion I get these pains. I sit in the sun and get CP. Emotional stress I get CP. But just nothing during my echocardiogram!!

      I was also thinking that when I feel very unwell I lay down. This helps me feel relaxed. I can't walk and sitting up delays recovery. The echocardiogram you exercise tilted on your left side. Just maybe this helped my body tolerate more? Who knows!

      But I certainly understand everyone's frustration. Hopefully there will continue to be further studies of our conditions and a better way to detect what's happening in our bodies.

      Take care x

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      Oh yes, shortness of breath was a big problem for me. I could hear my blood gushing past my right ear when my BP is high. At these times I'm particularly short of breath. But also get short of breath if I get CP also.

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