keep feeling sick in throat but no acid

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i am 56 years old and up to 2 weeks ago i would have the odd time of feeling sick in my throat (not stomach). but now i am getting it every day. It does not seem to have any pattern. I can wake up feeling sick or i can go nearly all day until i feel sick. I have kept a mental note of when it happens. sometimes it is before i eat, sometimes after i eat or just in between the two. As i said, no pattern.

Although i have a great fear of vomiting, i feel that it is not going to happen as the feeling is in my throat and not my stomach.

Everything that i have looked up said that it is either acid (i have never suffered from integestion or heartburn) or anxiety which I know it is not.

It is really depressing me as i never know when this is going to happen and when the feeling comes i feel really ill. It usually stays with me for an hour or so.

I have a funny taste in my mouth now and again (usually before i am going to feel sick) but it is not a acid taste or metallic one like some of you discribe.

My health history is that i had bowel cancer 11 years ago and had my last colonostopy last December and I have also had my Ovaries checked this July. (both clear thank goodness)

If anybody can help me in anyway i would be really appreciated.

thank you in advance

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    Hi Therasa,

    I'm not certain any of us can offer much but hopefully??

    Perhaps if you give a tad more info:

    ovaries checked CT MRI or

    Meds..vitamins/supplements your taking or were taking b4 last 2 weeks?

    Are you diabetic?

    are you a vegetarian?


    Any disorders?

    Any recent blood/fecal/urine labs?

    Last labs were all OK? anything out of range?

    I would think you are doing the CA125 and CEA?

    Without any clues difficult to come up with any "maybe's"

    If it were me, I would consider to quickly rule out CARDIO

    Cardio has been known to cause this kind of symptom.

    Since symptoms surface then fade away without any known or obvious stimulant. But there are many other possibilities on the

    totem pole.

    The "after" taste is most likely either a secondary

    or terciary immune response residual? a wild guess.

    Therasa, I know a "little" about a lot but am not skilled in

    any specific medical field.....

    I would like to get you pointed in the right or most promising direction,

    in the shortest time..but need mentioned clues...


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    Hi Claudio.

    Thank you for taking the time to repond to my message.

    Some of the answers i can give to your questions as follows -

    Ovaries were scanned and also an internal scan was used which showed as all clear.

    I dont take any vitamins and not on any medication. (the only thing i ever take is parcetamol or Nurofen) - these only when i really have too.

    I am not diabetic

    I am not a vegatarian

    I am 5 ft tall and weigh 9 1/2 stone.

    No disorders.

    last blood test was about 4/5 months ago (this was to check re my ovaries) all came back clear.

    When you mention cardio, (sorry for being thick here) but do you mean "as in heart". I have never been told i have any problems and have had the odd EGC done. I do get the odd "fast heartbeat" when just sitting around doing nothing, but nothing else i can think of.

    thank you again for trying to help me.

    keep safe and well


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    Thanks therasa,

    am very happy to see good results from blood work and a visual of the ovaries vs CT...and I suspect the blood work was limited to CA125?

    I was hoping you were doing both the CA125 and the CEA plus a standard panel. I paid out of pocket for my wife's standard panel...and got lucky..spoted a potential problem and requested the dr to prescribe a TSH (thyroid) results showing wife was hypothyroid. Absolutely no symptoms. EKG can show an abnormality therefore if one was done in the past several months...can most likely rule out cardio..the LADA (left anterior descending artery) if slightly blocked can manifest in a sick throat feeling but should be accompanied with some sort of pain in either one or both arm muscles.

    Next time this sick feeling happens....stop what your doing, take a very deep breath..hold for a count of 4 or 5, exhale slow....this will rule out the LADA being involved..if the sick feeling continues.

    Rare but possible...if your colon was may have lost some motility in the resected area? but would be associated with other symptoms.

    I need to chat with some associates to see if they have any the meantime, if your not taking vitamin D3..take 4000 (oil gel capsule vs the hard cap) .daily..(just insurance)

    May take a couple of days..before I can get back to you after consultings...I'm in conference and don't know their current schedule. Claudio

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    one response from an associate..he wants to rule out "silent reflux"...this would be the relaxation of your LES during the night and what ever you have in your stomach at the time has the opportunity to reflux thru the LES...maybe a simple trial...have your head slightly elevated night time..include your shoulder..favor your left side if possible, and a couple of swallows of water..tap or filtered...determine if this does anything (hopefully improvement).. the following day. He suggested an anti acid but I don't favor any anti acids other than something like a lozenge of Slippery elm or DGL. Claudio
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    Hello Claudio.

    Please accept my apologies for the long delay in replying to you. It has just been one thing and another and then with Christmas and everything, time has just gone by quickly, but it is no excuse when you have kindly tried to help me.

    I am still having the sick feeling, but it has not been every day. Sometimes i just get a taste in my mouth before the feeling is going to happen. (i cannot describe the taste, its not metallic or bitter, its just a taste !). I have had a couple of times where I have not been able to eat because i really felt sick, but did so later. There is still no pattern to it.

    I have never taken any antacides and hope never to have to, likewise never taken anything re my stomach if i have had diarrhea or constipation as I feel this only masks the problem and does not help.

    i have in the past couple of weeks had some painful eposides of pain just to the left of my bowel scar which is in line with where i had my colosopy bag. As I said in my first message that I had my last colonoscopy where they did say that it looks like it was slightly tight on that part of the bowel but nothing for them to feel they needed to do anything

    Once again, apologies and I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.

    Kind regards


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      Hi Therasa,

      absolutely no apologies needed...used the time for intense can get excited when we know "what" but not "why" and like any puzzle its both fun and head ache.

      You didn't mention if your blood work included the ones I suggested? If not, you might consider it as a routine if your dr approves and insurance covers.

      My eldest sister's son, age 55 identical issues like you are experiencing. Might likely be that he is a fanatic about keeping all of his digestive system healthy using specific probiotics for mouth, throat, stomach and bowels.

      Is a fermented nutcase but apparetnly no issues..rarely a cold, fever, or anything else.

      If you wish, I'll obtain the probiotics he takes...originally he consumed his own home made yogurts, kefir, and fermented cabbage.

      Of course I don't know why you have this odd taste, but inasmuch as you also have this intermittent pain in your descending colon, it could be you need to focus on getting this compartment as healthy as possible...lactic acid accelerates gastric ulcer might contribute to healthy colon as might want to do some yourself much like a human mouse trial? my best for you...claudio

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    Thank you Claudio.

    I have an appointment with my Dr. on Wednesday and I will ask her about the bloods you mentioned.

    I would love to be able to eat Yogurt etc.. but I am such a fussy cow, but to me Yogurt tastes sour and it would not even get to my mouth before I would heave. I dont eat anything with Milk (school put me off for life) When I have my cereal for breakfast I use the milk just to wet it and its left in the bowl when i have finished.

    If I ate more stuff I would try to be a vegertain, although I mostly eat Chicken now and only have dark meat once a week, so did change my habits a lot from before the op.

    My Dr. thank goodness is really lovely and she will probably refer me back to my surgeon for him to check me over. I am very lucky with both of them and thank god for our National Health. They might not be the quickest but when something is found, they are wonderful.

    thank you again Claudio and I will message what the Dr thinks it may be

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      Ha you and my eldest daughter..."pa its too sour"...wife put honey an strawberries in it...look on her face told the story. There are some liquid yogurts that taste more like fruit juices than milk or yogurt...think they "might" have the probiotics in coconut cocktail?

      Well, you can yet get some few good stuff into your descending colon perhaps thru fermented fruit and vegetable...what about Soy? Its the lactic acid that has the potential to heal and supress bad bacteria. btw the probiotic nick and ann mentioned derived it name from saliva. Its abundant in healthy oral cavities but may not be otherwise.unfortunately I see where nick and ann got stuffed by using the name of the product...know the intent was to be helpful. I suspect they like me may be on a professional forum where primary source reference is demanded by members. in addition "cost", availability and a respected source. Am very pleased you are comfortable with your health care providers.claudio

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    Hi Claudio

    Well saw my Dr. yesterday and she has referred me back to my surgeon. she feels pretty sure nothing horrible is happening as my stomach felt fine to her (but she never takes chances). (touch wood she is correct). She thought it may probably be adhesions / scar tissue which is causing the pain.

    She did give me a prescription for some "anti spasm" pills, but to be honest I probably wont get them as im not likely to take them.

    thank you again soo much for your help. I will let you know when i have seen my surgeon which will probably be a month or so away.

    take care


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      Happy to learn your dr gave you the all clear and referred you for adhesions...doubt the surgeon will find...but??

      do a google scholar search for   

       Probiotics and Gastrointestinal Disease: Clinical Evidence and Basic Science

      Take your time to read don’t need to comprehend every detail..IL is “Interleukin”  .they are .numbered by what they do…such as pro or anti inflammation..


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    thank you Claudio.

    I have copied & pasted and have had a quick look but saved on favourites as it looks like i will need to go back and read a few times to understand.

    (also forgot to mention that my Dr. is also doing blood tests etc..) so doing everything she can.

    thank you again


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    Hi Claudio.

    Hope all well our end.

    I have now had my blood tests which came back normal except for my "platelet count" but said it was not too far out of the norm and would do another test in 3 months time.

    I also have been to the hospital and he felt around and said all felt fine. He said he would send me for a "CT Scan" just to double check all was fine, but felt there was nothing to worry about. I had the Scan last Wednesday so now waiting to hopefully hear that nothing horrid was found. (the longer i dont hear from them, the better i will feel).The Dr. also said he thought it would be adhesions that was causing my pain. I am still getting these on and of fand now getting really noisy belly sounds  but thank goodness I have not had the "sick feeling" for a while.

    take care  & thank you


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      two good more sick feelings and lab work looked ok...its a good idea to re check the platelets..sometimes platelets can aggregate, if all else is OK expecially lymphocytes/monocytes, wbc's etc...your in good hands...keep a copy of the results.

      Noisy stomach can usually mean your stomach is having difficulty processing but usually not a big deal as long as it isn't after every meal. Adhesions can be difficult...wife post surgery was fine until she did a quick twist...and it has taken a few months of slow stretching exercises and patience....and she protected the area.. "she did not  pick up anything heavy nor reach/stretch for anything too high.

      Lots of stuff to deal with from time to time.

      Oh, and  slow hand massage can somtimes be beneficial...taking your hand from the appendix area up the ascending colon, across the transverse, and then down the descending to the sigmoid, then around again..not pressing..just light movements for a few minutes twice or so daily, ...Claudio

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      Hi theresa,

      Had.a brief chat with an associate re your pain and she

      Suggested a possible restricted flow in that specific location due to either surgery or adhesions.

      She agreed with light massage. And she also agreed with your reluctance to use a motility med. Treat the cause not the symptom was her final remark.

      Our continued best to you..claudio

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