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I was prescribed CIPRO 9 days ago ( 8/3/16) for a seminal tract infection.

Took 15 of the 28 CIPRO prescribed tablets, stopping when;

i had severe bed sweats every night, unable to settle to sleep, pains in muscles and joints, only painkillers Ibuproufon, Paracetmol, has enabled me to get through the days and nights. The minor infection went in 4 days.

It's now the third day since stopping, the bed sweats continue, settling to sleep has improved as much as the sweating will allow. Muscle aches continue with painkillers to permit me to sleep and think.

I'm an active 60+, just retired ... i need to keep active to be sane.

Sent the Dr an email, waiting for a reply now, shame I did'nt read up ....

I'd be very interested in anyones prognosis........

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    Many people have bad reactions to fluoroquinolone antibiotics such as Cipro. The symptoms you describe are typical. You must never take it or any other fluoroquinolone again as you would risk an even worse reaction. If you look up fluoroquinolone toxicity online you will find many horror stories and this can be frightening but mist people do recover but with different timescales. It is a bad idea to take Ibuprofen as this can worsen things. Your doctor is unlikely to have any solution - there is no cure for FQ toxicity. Some people get better with various supplements but it is very individual - what works for one does nothing for another. Your doc might well even deny that Cipro could have caused this. Doctors are extremely ignorant of the real danger of this class of antibiotics that were developed to deal with serious infections such as anthrax. But there is no money in anthrax -too few people have it!- so the drug company reps have encouraged them into handing out these poisons like candy for minor infections.
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    Hi Ken  I had cipro 4 years at 66 yrs of age.  My health since then has been horrific I am virtually housebound and can barely walk or sleep, eyes ruined and tinitus if you join the site call quinolone toxicity support group uk they will give you as much information as you want.
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      sometimes pain or pressure behind eyes, white zig zags lasting approx 30 mins,permanently blurred in right eye, double vision at times in both eyes,.

      large black floater in left eye.

      Dr doesnt want to know.

      Are you in uk or usa?

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      I live in France but lived in UK till 15 years ago. I also get some eye pain blurred vision in the mornings when I wake but it goes away quite quickly. One of the problems with sensitivity to fluoroquinolones is that they are widely used on animals and the residues are in their flesh. If one is not a vegetarian there is constant reexposure. Even organic meat can have them -at least that is the case here, they can use them twice a year if the animal is ill but not on a systematic preventative basis.

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    Hi Ken,

    You've had some good replies, and I would especially reiterate what Madge said about NOT taking Ibuprofen - it can make things worse.

    If you go to the thread on this site called Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome, which was started by the Emis Moderator, you'll find links to some helpful sites where you can get more information.  There's also the link to our group which John mentioned - it's on Facebook, so if you're in the UK and use FB you can ask to join us there.  Lots of 'floxed' people are there talking to each other and offering help and support.  We're soon to have a website up and running, so I'll add a post here when that happens. 

    You say it's a shame you didn't read about Cipro before you took it.  Not many people do - we trust our doctors!  The real shame is that not many doctors read about it before they prescribe it. One of the aims of our group is to make doctors more aware, and to have much stronger warnings on the Patient Leaflets.

    I'm sorry that you are now having to go through all this pain - to understand better what is happening to your body to cause the pain have a look at the links - especially at the  site called floxie hope.

    As Madge said, make sure you never take any more Cipro, or any other Quinolone (Levofloxacin and others ending in floxacin) - your body won't like it at all.  Good luck,


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      Hi Miriam

      Am very interested to hear there will be a website soon about the dangers of Cipro , please do post the link as I don't use face book so haven't joined facebook groups . I ended up with IC ( bladder disease) thanks to Cipro. I have tried various ways to get people to listen (nice, mhra etc) about the dangers of this drug but the gov, drugs companies and doctors turn a deaf ear. Ken I really hope things improve for you and you get lots of info from the various sites/groups. Madge that is very interesting the anthrax link and why it got pushed for other uses. I know a long time ago a group of postal workers in US who had handled an anthrax packet who were then given Cipro ended up with a hideous list of medical problems, they took a group action against Bayer who make Cipro. They didn't win unfortunately but then a group of ordinary folk v a multi national pharmaceutical company who can afford top lawyers etc , it's not a surprise. I am very angry that innocent people are constantly being damaged by this drug. If I can help get this drug banned I will have achieved the best thing I ever could in my life.

      Best wishes to all


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      The chances of getting it banned are low I reckon. At least if doctors were aware of how devastating the side effects can be and how it is impossible to predict an individual's reaction they might think twice about prescribing it for trivial infections like bronchitis and sinusitus. I reckon I was floxed years ago when we moved to Brum and I started with sinus infections - probably due to the polluted air. I finally got rid of them with acupuncture but several months later was hit with horrendous back pain. For more than twenty years I have had a succession of mysterious symptoms that have come and gone in cycles and which fit the floxing pattern very well- now that I am aware of it!
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