Kidney/ lower abdomen pains.

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Okay so I've been verbally diagnosed with ibs.

No scans or anything just went to see the doctor and told him what i was experiencing and he said ibs right away, at this point I only ever suffered the abdominal pain side of ibs I was "diagnosed" at a very young age, cut out fatty/greasy foods and started having activia probiotics everyday and the problems subsided.

About 2/3 years ago it came back with avengance! /:

(Still no scans or anything to date) so much pain and bloating after eating, it got to the point where I stopped. Then I cut out white bread, and milk. It didn't help too much but it helped abit, so to date I still don't intake milk bread or greasy/fried foods.

I still eat probiotics and have been on mebeverine for the pay 3 years and lanzoprizole for these problems for the past one and a half. Since taking lanzoprizole the bloating/wind has got I'd say better on a scale of 3 out of 10.

But the main problem is, for the past year or so I've been getting blood on my toilet paper, and sometimes in the toilet bowl too. Not in my actual still but it's coming from somewhere. I'm hoping and am pretty sure it's just a bad case of hemeroids, but my worry is as my abdominal pain is getting so excruciating to the point of crying/half giving myself a panic attack and needing an ambulance because I've panicked so much my whole body shuts down .. I'm worrying what if it's all tied in together and there is something seriously wrong. The bleeding isn't every time I go to the toilet, and it can vary the amount I bleed. I take all my tablets like I'm supposed to but I'm in pain and heavily bloated every day. The trapped wind is very painful as I physically find my body doesn't really pass wind easily without being forced and i often feel "pops" inside my tummy usual small but recently like about 20 minutes ago there was a huge one internally and it hurt so bad I nearly passed out. I have been told my a paramedic that one of my intestines is inflamed I can't remember which one.

But anyway, with the mebeverine and lanzoprizole and buscopan and precaughtions I am and have been taking I'm not 100% sure if this really is intierly or at all anything to do with ibs.

I also get horrible kidney pains, front and back. Like a cold stabbing, have been to the hospital for this before and they said there was nothing wrong, even had a scan on my kidneys for that and they said nothing is unusual.

But this pain is so much. I'm nearly 21 and constantly in pain. Does anyone know could this be something other than ibs?

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    Take a stool sample to your doctor to be tested for fecal calprotectin which measures inflammation in your colon.  If it comes back high, they may do a colonoscopy to check for IBD.
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      I've got to try and get an appointment. Which is hard as there's such high demand as my one doctors covers a lot of areas. You have to ring at 8 in the morning to get a cancellation appointment or wait up to a month for an appointment. And every time I go to an appointment I'm out of some kind of meds and once I sorted that out with the doctor and I try to mention the bleeding I get told to get another appointment and the same thing happens over and over. I've just had a repeat of all my meds collected today so going to set my alarm to get up half an hour early to be ready to phone and get an appointment. Thanks for your advice

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      Getting appointments these days is like gold dust especially when you only get 10 or 15 minutes with the doctor.  I go to a walk in centre and can book an appointment at reception to see my usual doctor or wait to see anyone I like on the spot.
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      See that's a struggle for me as I'm pretty much a recluse at the moment with my anxiety and social phobia..

      so it's not really a option to go walk in at the moment because it'll just cause unnessasary panic attacks and I'm having more than usual at the moment anyway. Yes I agree it really is like gold dust!

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      I have a phobia about anything medical and usually try to avoid doctors.  However, when my stomach pain began suddenly last year and was constant, I panicked myself to the surgery.  This was very difficult because  I got a blood test injury there a couple of months previous to the stomach woes which has never healed. That had been my first treatment!  I suspect the IBS I was eventually diagnosed with was triggered by the stress of the blood test going wrong. Now my phobia is worse and I fear ever going back there because I don't want to see the culprits!

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    I had same symptoms except blood thanks God! My pain was that bad that I couldnt eat for many days. I was nloaded too and my stool was too lose. They thought it was IBS and acid reflux. After 4 weeks of taking omeprazole it didnt help much . I went to ER coz of my pain that I couldnt locate at the begining. They did sll tests snd ultrasound, blood and urin work and everything came back normal. After 3 months of trying to figure out whats wrong they did test on H pylori and it came back positive but it was out of normal range. They put me on antibiotics and for the first time after 3 months I can eat normal, and no pain, no bloading etc ... Doctors cant make decision just like that. They need to have a prof for what they are saying. They did all scans on me and didnt show any tumor or caner which means that it can be either gastritis, or bacteria . My doctor asked me if Zi have blood in my stool and I said no which is a good indicator for ulcer too. But once again push your doctor to do further tests coz there is something wrong going on . Good luck
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      I've gone through stages where I can't eat, then I get light headed and nauseated so I have to eat and put up with the pain but it's just getting too much. My tummy feels so swollen and feels so tender on the inside and not to go into too much detail but it hurts mega when I make a bowl movement. I've been putting it off for so long, the bleeding started before my "ibs" and bloating came back.

      /so for all I know it could be something very serious but I keep putting it off because of insecurities but I guess I have no choice but to push past the fear now. I did read up on ibd, I try not to search the Internet too much with symptoms as I automatically think the worst but a lot of ibs symptoms coincide with ibd also. At the moment I'm sure there's something wrong with my bowls/intensities, stomach and possibly a case of polysistic ovaries also.

      I honestly haven't felt "empty" in the stomach/ bowl region in a very long time. It's a horrible feeling and is now interrupting my everyday life, or at least the little bit of living that I do..

      Thanks for the advice.. just trying not to think the worse because my self diagnosis is obviously bowl cancer or something serious. Hopefully I get an appointment tomorrow

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