Kidney pain after Cystoscopy/Cystodistention

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Almost a year ago I discovered I had a 7.4mm kidney stone. I was advised by the treating Dr that people live with kidney stones for years so I shouldn't worry. A month or so later I had a new Dr who referred me to a urologist. After an ultrasound the urologist recommended that I return in 3 months to check the position of the stone. So 3 months later the ultrasound showed the stone had not moved and I was not experiencing any pain. A couple of months later I had my first renal colic attack ( I didn't know what it was at first). I woke with it at 1.30am, took psnafol and ibuprofen but it just got worse. Pain was 10+. Called an ambulance and was taken to ER. 5 shots of morphine later the pain subsided and I was sent home. 3 days later I'm back in ER with renal colic, urine test and blood test showed no infection. Ultrasound showed no movement of stone. 7 days later back to ER. This time I have an infection so next morning I'm in surgery having a stent put in. I've read some of the previous posts on here about the horrors of kidney stents. They're all true. I could feel that stent in my bladder. I was urinating every few minutes. Bleeding just about every time I urinated and the pain was vicious. I got a UTI as well. I had that stent in for 7 lousy weeks before I was finally back in hospital for laser treatment. The stone had grown to 9mm and needs to be lasered again. That was on Thursday 31st Aug. They put in a new stent, but a shorter one with a catheter at the bladder end. So far I can't feel it, and it's a blessing. BUT, I have really awful kidney pain. After taking tramadol and panadol the pain has subsided, so I'm hoping for the best that it doesn't return. I feel the utmost sympathy for all the sufferers of kidney stones and stents. They don't tell you how uncomfortable those stents are. My second stent was put in by a different surgeon and I'm grateful for the relief. I just pray it stats thus way. Like many of you I found the only relief was laying down. Perhaps lessening the pull of gravity is what helped. My best wishes to all those experiencing this awful condition!

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    Sorry to hear of all your troubles Mary.

    It's all very well for Dr to say people can live with it for years don't worry, but if you are having kidney pain you cannot live with that for years.

    I have a large stone about 27 mm. I also have horseshoe kidneys (they are joined together).

    I have had pain with the stone and several UTIs over the past year and have already seen 3 urologists.

    Finally I have now been referred to a urologist in Bristol and am seeing him on 20th October. He has seen the scan and thinks he can remove the stone by keyhole surgery. I just hope he is right and he can operate on me this year. It seems likely that I will have this horrible stent. Anything to get rid of this kidney pain will do me fine to be honest. Do take care and keep in touch.


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      Hi Sarah87162. I don't think you'll need a stent with keyhole surgery. Isn't that different to the surgery I had, which was via the bladder and ureter? Keyhole surgery is usually through small holes made in your flesh. I really wish I could have had that, the stone would be gone in one go, no need for a stent. So in the surgery I had, the stent was inserted first. It's purpose is to bypass the stone and stop it from trying to enter the ureter. Also to drain blood from the kidney due to the stone moving around.

      Does having horseshoe kidneys cause any other problems? And does that mean they're joined right across your body?

      Have you been hospitalised yet with renal colic? I had been waiting to go on the list for my surgery, and when the colic started I wasn't yet on the list. But having the colic so severely, it took 5 shots of morphine each time before the pain eased, and then also a UTI showed up on my third hospitalisation, it was then an emergency and I was in theatre the next morning.

      Good luck with the surgery, and I hope your stone is then completely gone and no stent needed.

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      Thanks for reply.

      Someone else on this site said they thought I would need a stent.

      One urologist has said I will need a drain in the kidney is that a stent?

      I've looked at PCNL on the internet and it seems they lie you on your front and make the incision through the back.

      Yes the kidneys are joined across the body.

      If you look on google and type in horseshoe kidney it should give you a diagram, my human biology is not up to scratch!

      I am also told I will be in hospital for 2 or 3 days.

      I think the real thing is they are not sure if they will be able to access the stone by keyhole surgery until they actually get you in theatre. So before they put me to sleep I will probably have to sign a form to say that if they cannot get to the stone by keyhole surgery they can then carry on with a bigger operation. I really don't care any more how they get rid of it as long as they get rid of it.

      I have ended up in A and E several times with the colic pain and UTI's. The last time which was 3 weeks ago they kept me in A and E overnight as they thought there might be something else going on but when my bloods came back fine and the pain was better the next morning they discharged me. I am coming up to 67 years old and did not even know I had horseshoe kidneys till a few years ago when I had a scan and that was what they found, so no problems with them until now, so I suppose I can't complain really.

      Do take care and keep in touch and thank you for your help and support.

      Sarah xxx

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      Hi Sarah, from what I gather reading up on your procedure, the drain from the kidney comes out at the keyhole site in your back. If necessary they may also insert a catheter to drain your bladder. Those are usually removed before you go home. If there is a lot of debris from breaking up a stone you may need a stent, but the aim is to remove the stone through the keyhole in your back during your surgery. I have my fingers crossed for you that the surgeon can accomplish the removal in one go.
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    Really sorry your going through this horror, ive had a stent in 5 eeeks on Monday supposedly for 6 eeeks yet there is no sign of a return date yet so it looks like its going to be longer! I too had to lie down when the chronic renal pain attacks came, had several a day for about 10 days. The first week or so with the stent in was unbearable and I thought I would never last the distance but with Buscopan tramadol and Tamsulosin I have managed and stayed at work against my doctors advise, I am more concerned with the blood loss when going for a pee as it can be quite alot, I am finding as soon as I start to sweat then it starts immediately and the worse you sweat the darker and thicker the blood is! I am awaiting blood test results now to see what my blood count is as I said before my doctor is quite concerned, dont know if your having the same problem but this can only be due to the stent being inserted.
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      Hi Seasidebob, I'm sorry for you too. I did have that loss of blood problem with the first stent. I didnt have the colic pain, though I'm having that now with the second stent. Thankfully it's nowhere near as bad as before I had my first surgery. The colic this time is manageable with tramadol and panadol. I spent most of the last 4 weeks laying down to manage the discomfort of the stent that I could feel in my bladder. Also every time I peed (which in the last 3 weeks was every few minutes) it stung and hurt and most of the time was probably only a teaspoonful. The bleeding I had was as you describe yours. But with this new stent which has a catheter at the bladder end, I can't feel it at all. It's early days yet but so far bleeding has been less than with the first. I'm not experiencing any discomfort peeing. I imagine the kidney pain I'm having is the broken up stone moving around. Fingers crossed I can maintain the same conditions for the next 6 to seven weeks. At least I can go out etc. I'm retired so I don't have that problem. But it was difficult to even go shopping. I wish you well, and I hope you get the call for surgery very soon.


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