Kidneys stones for 2 weeks now

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I have had a 3 mm kidney stone for 2 weeks now I went through the usual pain throwing up and fever a week ago and now I have the constant urge to pee and pain in my back and down below again . Am I about to pass the stone or is it something else ?

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    Sounds to me as though the stone is doing its stuff - causing you pain as it tries to move down your tubes.

    The best thing to do is to drink lots and lots to help to flush it along.

    Take painkillers to help you and don't be afraid to ask for stronger ones from your doctor if it gets too much for you.

    Listen to your doctor's advice and seek more help if the pain gets worse.

    Good luck.

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    I have found Tamsulosin (an alpha blocker) has helped significantly with the Renal Colic, but I have never passed a stone, either with or without it, and currently have a small stone of 2.5mm in the right kidney, it hasn't moved a millimetre in months, but it still causes enough pain! (I have been peeing into a container and checking for stone fragments for about 3 years now and not so much as a fragment has yet appeared!)

    The left kidney currently has a 7mm one which causes plenty of pain too, (I am waiting to have Lithotripsy on this at the moment) but when one this size started moving on the right side about 3 years ago, it got stuck, and at one point was completely blocking flow (total agony!) it moved again after some hours and relieved the pain, but finally necessitated Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy to get rid of it, however that procedure has left me in permanent pain. Dreading more!

    I have managed my diet meticulousy for over 2 years now and drink 3+ litres of (fluoride free) water per day (Calcium oxalate stones), and new stones have appeared just as quickly.

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      I think an additional problem for me is relative immobility. I am disabled, and although ambulant, I don't get out very much now and can't walk far due to severe chronic pain.

      I still keep the fluid intake up, (spring water from a non-fluoride source as my water at home is fluoridated) and I don't eat the obviously high in oxalate foods, plus I need to keep salt intake low in any case due to Hypertension, however I have still had stones recur very quickly anyway. It scares me to think HOW quick they would have recurred had I not been doing those things!

      (Drinking so much is a real chore, and loses me even more sleep than I already lose)

      I have a friend who now lives 250 miles away from me, (in a soft water area, no fluoride!), he is a couple of years younger than me, but is VERY active (a Postman!) and yet he has also formed new stones in a little over 2 years too, (his happend a year or so before me) so it is far from uncommon for this to happen. Like me he has needed Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy to get rid of them, the non invasive ESWL didn't work for him despite 4 painful miserable sessions, although his were in the kidney, mine was in the ureter, in the hip area where it had stuck.

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      Wow does this sound fimilar! I am so frustrasted with so many Lithotripsys and other treament plans. NOTHING is working. It is controlling my life. I did get a 2nd opinion (at a  University level) which lead to another surgery. After that surgey  I was told I was "stone free. It was out patient surgery. I made it home. Once the anesthesia wore off. I felt the most horrific pain (I mean I was on the floor) which lead to vomiting. I called the Doctor and he said to go to the nearest ER. So what happened  was... a part of the stone that was broke up obstructed. So here I go again another surgery within 24 hours of the 1st one.That was 2 months ago been passing stones on a regular basis ever since. They have done urine collections stone studies (I keep all my stones because for me it's proof that it's not all in my head). So far they put me on a med called Flomax (its recommened for men and I am a women go figure). I think it has helped with the flow of the stone (I pass them before they store up and get larger) but that is it. I still have pain everyday of my life. I hope someday I will get the right treatment plan so they can figure out why I produce them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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      I get the same drug (Generic name is Tamsulosin), it helps with the colic, but I have never passed anything, and I get fed up with peeing in a jug! The Tamsulosin has the beneficial side effect of improving my cold feet (Reynauds phenomenon), and lowers my blood pressure a bit more optimally!

      I was suspicious that I may have gout, (I get intermittent arthitic "outbreaks" that have never been satdifactorily explained) but my Uric acid levels were never high enough to dignose that, although I still think this is a factor. (That said my Mother had gout for decades and never had kidney stones!)

      Becaue of my Chronic pain I already get NSAIDs and Strong Opiates for pain control, if I had not had those to rely on for the Renal colic pain, I may have gone completely insane at times.

      That said, my last Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy left me with permanent pain when I need to pee, it is mainly in the pelvic area and kidney, and that means I cannnot bear sitting for periods, the pressure on my back makes driving longer than about 20 minute sessions seriously painful - I got trapped in a traffic jam at the hospital for 40 minutes recently and that left me in extra pain for 3 days - I was late to see the Urologist depite bing IN the hospital grounds all the time!

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