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Hi all,

My names phill I'm new here but I don't know where else to turn.

A year and a half ago I had accident in work I fell of the bottom runs of Tower scaffolding with a lead roll on my shoulder. I dislocated my patella, shered a price of bone and tore my Mcl.

Since doing this I have had key hole surgery and the surgeon removed a bone fragment from my knee and preformed a chondroplasrty.

A Yeah and a half later my knee still hasent gotten any better I can jump, kick or run. Walking up.the stairs is painful and due to over compensation my other knee is now showing signs of similar pain.

My referral to.the NHS basically said there is nothing they can do and will not preform any other surgery as it could make the knee worse and will not preform a knee replacement as I'm only 26.

This is seriously affecting my life. I can't play sports daily activities hurt, I struggle with pain in my job, I can't train legs in the gym and I envision that things are only going to get worse.

Where do I go from here? What can I do?

Could anyone please help with some advice as I'm totally lost and don't know where to turn sad

Thanks so much


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    Not sure what to say - maybe a second opinion - or pay private for advice at least. Otherwise I would keep returning and insisting on something being done. at your age you cannot be expected to wait.

    I'm 56 and they tried to Make me wait but I ended up going private well worth it. Maybe they are hoping you can avoid tkr and seeing if you come back. What about pain relief for now at least so you can have some quality. You should be able to get what you need on nhs but sadly have to push hard . First

    Thing is second opinion then take it from there. Worse case scenario get pain under control asap and find other hobbies you can still have a great life - until this is sorted try not to fall into depression - keep us posted

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    Definitely get a second opinion. Re look at pain relief, the pain I had after breaking my patella took a long time to get over. I saw a different doctor who prescribed amitriptylene in addition to the tramadol and diclofenac and that made a big difference to me. Can you be referred to a pain management clinic. I felt I was going mad trying to tell doctors I was in pain when they would say there is no reason for it.  Try and find an exercise you can manage gentle cycling, walking as best you can or swimming. You really need to keep your muscles as strong as possible. See a physio who can give you specific knee strengthening exercises. I was 28 I think when I first broke my kneecap, the second time it happened I asked for a new patella but like you was told I was too young, then it happened again. Its not easy and you will get down and frustrated but you have to keep fighting at the doctors and you do have to perservere as well with the exercises that hurt. They are right not wanting to do more surgery till absolutely necessary the more they go in the more recovery and muscle wastage, and scar tissue.  It at some point will need re doing in the future so the longer you can put it off the better. I do know how you feel and its so frustrating.
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    Hello Phil, I am so sorry to hear this. I'm afraid I don't have any useful advice other than, as the others have said, keep going back to the gp and if there is any way to get a second opinion.

    I couldn't have my knee replaced until now, at 61, even though I needed it from 28. I really really understand the bewilderment , anger, confusion and resentment at knowing what you want to do and can't. Pain management was key for me, even down to using a microwaveable warm pack to put on the knee, never mind masses of drugs!

    You have find the right place here, everyone understands and being worldwide, there is always someone here.

    Wishing you well, and some improvement. Stay strong.

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    The only thing I could suggest is to go to your GP and ask to be referred to the physio. It will be a long process but hang on in there and get it sorted. You shouldn't have to suffer. Physio will assess you and then if he can't do anything he'll refer you back to the GP then in turn he should refer you back your consultant or to another consultant.

    Hope you get sorted there's nothing worse than to live with pain.

    Good luck


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    It's possible a round of steroids may help  if the pain is inflammatory and not structural.  Have they ever looked again inside the knee to see if something was missed?  The pain you are dealing with is just not right at your age.

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    Hi Phil .. I'm in Australia so don't know much about your entitlements if it had happened down here all your medicals would be covered by Workplace insurance .. totally understand that you're so young and they def don't like doing TKR's at your age .. but by the sound of it you have no alternative.  Can you seek a 2nd opinion and if your injury covered by any form of workplace insurance?

    Take care, Tracey

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    Hello Phil. I've had knee problems since my late 20s, I had an ACL reconstruction 10 years after the initial injury, and they said my bone surface was like the surface of the moon and that I would need a TKR but to wait, as I was so young. But over the years, the pain meant I was walking all wrong. Then found I had chronic arthritis in the opposite hip too, so they gave me a new hip ( aged 54), hoping to give me a new knee as soon as I recovered. To cut a long, painful story short, I'm still waiting. I'm on the list, but it's a long list. And now both knees, my spine and the other hip are very arthritic. This has taken its toll on my work, my personal life, everything.

    My advice - you are not too young to have quality of life. You need a working knee NOW.

    If I knew then what I know now, I would have insisted. Doctors have to deal with all kinds of hypochondriacs and many seem to need you to scream and weep before they take you seriously. Make sure they really do realise how much pain you're in.

    But obviously, as others have said, in the meantime, try pain relief, do your best to keep the muscles in good shape - I gave up mountaineering and started cycling instead, watch your weight and do all you can to avoid depression.

    All the best.

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    New TKR parts are lasting up to and sometimes over 30 years with the new technology, so I'd say, doing it too soon should be the least of your concerns

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      Years ago it was a great concern as they only had a lifespan of around 10yrs .. main problem is the bone itself but as you said the new parts these days are our of this world!
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