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I have both of my knees replaced this year. Is it normal to still have some pain  and swellen .I had my right knee done in January 16,2015 and my left one done May 1st,2015, should i still have some swellen and pain?

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    I had a TKR on left on the 17th of August, still have swelling, pain, and it gets quite warm/hot at times.

    Dealing with a lot of frustration about it, but keep reading here to keep working the exercises and be patient. I don't do patient well.

    For the past week and a half the pain had increased on the inside of my knee. It sort of locks and it is extremely difficult to straighten or to bend. My PT suggested that I contact my surgeon. I have an appointment on the 5th of November.

    Have you contacted your doctor? That would be my first suggestion.

    I am at the point of not knowing if what I am experiencing is normal or not.

    Good luck to you Barb!

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    Hi, I had my left knee done the 27th of April, this year, a TKR. I still have some pain and swelling in my knee. I'm also still taking an ocassional Tramadol for pain. I remember when I discussed this with my doctor and said let's do this; he told me that it would be a LONG road to recovery, at least a year. Considering what they do to our knees, I now believe it. I googled 'total knee replacement' after I got home and was able to get around some....good thing I didn't see any of it before I had my surgery or I probably wouldn't have gone through with it. They literally cut/saw your knee, tendons, ligaments, apart, so it's no wonder we have so much swelling and pain. The doctor also manipulates your leg while you're still under, to make sure everything is working OK.  It's no wonder it will take a long time to get back to normal (whatever that is wink) Everybody on this forum is or has gone through this, and somehow we manage to survive it. It is depressing at times and very frustrating too.  Even at the stages we're at, ice, rest, hydration and exercise are our friends.  Hang in there, it will get better!!!!
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    Hi Barb!

    Don't worry! My surgeon who has been doing knee replacements for thirty years says swelling is normal throughout the first YEAR of surgery.

    So, through May 2016 it will be perfectly normal to have swelling.

    A lot of things effect swelling. Swelling can come and go.

    My surgeon told me that, for example, he needed to do a lot of work on my knee once he opened up my leg. "There is a lot of banging around in knee surgery!"

    Things that can help lessen swelling:

    1) Ice or gel packs

    2) ELEVATING legs above the heart

    3)Drinking water to flush toxins and excess salts

    4)Compression stockings

    5) Resting legs with legs up

    6) Minimizing time with legs down ( like riding too long in the car)

    7) Ibuprofen lessens inflammation which causes swelling

    You will be fine!

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    Hi I had left tkr in may too and still have some swelling to outer side of knee and some stiffness I also take a tramadol if needed as I get some pain on inner side just below knee BIT apart from that everything is good I went back to fulll time work in September after the summer hols (I work in primary school) I go to the gym and I can walk again without a limp or constant pain if you have had 2 knees done in such a short time it must make recovery that bit more difficult so hang on in there love and I'm sure things will soon improve Linda x
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    Like you I had my left knee done in January and right knee in June.  I know its been a long journey and must admit I'm getting fed up with exercising, icing and sitting with my leg up.  I do hydrotherapy once a week which I enjoy.  Today I wanted to wash my windows and realised I still can't step up on a chair like I used to do!

    Regarding pain.  At the moment I'm having a problem with my first knee, swelling on left side, feels like a golf ball and pain at the back on the left side.  I went to see the physio who did an overall assessment and said I was doing great.  Didn't solve the problem!!  I have noticed that during my the night I tend to curl up and end up waking up as I can't straighten it so, wondering it this is causing the problem.   My second knee has some swelling but no pain.  When I use my exercise bike I can do a full cycle with my right knee but have to warm up first for my second. 

    It hard have two knees at different stages of healig. I wonder if there is more people out there dealing with two knees healing at different stages.

    On a good note my legs seems slimmer and I'm trying very hard to keep the weight off.  I was also taken to London for my birthday, did a lot of walking and going on the  underground.  According to my phone I did just under 4 miles and walked up and down 20 stairs.  I was so pleased with myself.

    Roll on the day when we're not be thinking knees!!

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      Hi Patricia!

      I have two knees at various stages of healing. LEFT KNEE was replaced in June, and my RIGHT KNEE was replaced this month.

      So, there is 15 weeks to the day difference between #1 and #2.

      I share your boredom with the exercise, elevate, icing routine as well! I try to incorporate the exercises into my regular day as much as possible to stave off the routine "exercise class" aspect of it all. Elevate means being immobile for awhile. I try to do that when I give myself permission to just STOP, have a nice cup of tea and RELAX. Icing is getting a lot less popular with me as the weather is getting colder. With two metal knees inside my legs, my legs get really cold and uncomfortable. I mentioned this in another post, but apparently it isn't too common to feel that way because not many responded to my post. Maybe that will change with the number of days I am OFF my blood thinner shots. (Just took my last one Friday.) For now, icing consists of gel packs under both knees and a gel pack wrapped around my most recent KNEE. It also consists of towels between me and the gel packs AND one, maybe two of my polar fleece blankets I made! My husband usually brings me more tea to help keep me warm as well!

      I'll bet your birthday trip to London felt WONDERFUL! Getting out to do normal things like birthdays, trips, even gardening and walks is very gratifying and helps to make one feel as though we once again can be a part of LIFE!

      It is challenge with two knees at different stages of recovery, but I just try to make it a competition. I also turn them into individuals with personalities just for fun!

      LEFT KNEE is BOSSY like a big sis. Knows it all! RIGHT KNEE is like the little sis, lagging behind. RIGHT KNEE had an easier time with surgery and PROBABLY will be a SHOW OFF when I start physical therapy outpatient this coming Friday, though. LEFT KNEE will be critical and say, "Come on, RIGHT KNEE! Go higher! Bend more! Get straight!" LEFT KNEE may rise to the challenge or smack LEFT KNEE upside the kneecap.

      I try to laugh and make up stories and stay upbeat. It helps, and I often get the physical therapy department cracking up as well. It is said that "Laughter is the best medicine." I tend to agree!

      Wishing you great continued success with YOUR new knees!

      Keep in touch, OK?

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      Great idea big sis and wee sis but they've not got a name?

      My big sis is being a wimp at the moment but mama not giving in. We sis looking forward to going to London again on Wednesday to meet family for belated posh meal. Big sis better not complain.

      I agree as the weather gets colder I don't fancy ice. Actually not doing it so much.


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      I thought about giving them names...

      Before I thought about Big Sis and Little Sis, my husband said we should call them Lucy (Left Knee) and Ricky (Right Knee) after Lucy and Ricky Ricardo of the I Love Lucy Show!

      Having a KNEE SITCOM would be HILLARIOUS, he thought!

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    I had Miya left TKR done in Dec 2014. I still get tenderness and swelling from time to time. I figure it's as good as it's going to get now. But there's no bone on bone pain and I can walk. We must realize that we have a foreign object inside and it takes a long time for adjustment. You'll be fine. I'm waiting on my 2nd one now. Just be patient, otherwise you will drive yourself nuts. Lol. Be positive. 
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      Thanks Anne

      I have to say after 9 mths patience wears off a wee bit. Yes, it's fantastic no bone on bone pain and to be able to shop without limping or holding onto my husband. People tell me I walk more upright with 'straight' legs and no look of pain in my face. Life is great but would be absolutely fantastic if no swelling or problem at back of knee. I have to say never felt as if I've got a foreign object in me.

      Now to do the daily exercises.


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    im 14mths after revision and still have swelling and some pain so i guess we all progress at different levels
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