Knee problems

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Hi just joined up after seeing discussions about peoples knee problems.

3 weeks ago ago come this Tuesday i woke up to my left knee swelt up and painful and felt it wanted to go out of joint,i was devastated to say the least! The same happened to my other knee 2 years ago gone last november but this one feels worse.My other one was x rayed and was found to have wear and tear,which is from when i was younger both my knees use to reapeatly dislocate.

Anyhow got appointment with Gp who looked at it etc,she gave me naproxen and take paracetmol and come back in 2-3 weeks if no better. She said my ligaments seem tender and sore.

I havent been outside since this appointment.Trying to go up and down steps and stairs has been a nightmare and there is about six of them to get in and out of my house,let alone the stairs in the house.This as put me off going to get more help,if it wasnt for my husband i dont know what i would do. Im going to try to go to either my Gp or A&E come Monday.

Ijust want to know if this is going to get better, my walking and balance is rubbish. 

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    Naproxen will help some in pain relief, but it will not cure any problems. You must go to an orthopedic doctor, get X-rays and MRI to find out what is causing your knee to feel as it does. Do not wait any longer.

    Good luck to you and definitely get back here to tell us what happens. In meantime, ice and elevate.

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    Don't go to A and E as it's not appropriate and they will discharge you to your GP for treatment or referral on anyway. . You should get to see your GP sooner or Walk in Facility as I think you need referring for investigation and to Orthopaedic's. Don't wait get on the case to see the cause. Depending on categorisation will be when you get appointment. Its an 18 week referral to treatment for routine but sooner for urgent presuming your NHS .

    However I am 9 weeks post tkr and saw the Orthopaedic Dept.2 weeks from referral date.

    All the best lethus know how it goes.

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      Hi thankyou for your feedback it so much appreciated.Yeah i will go to my GP on Monday.If you dont mind me asking what happened to you knee?

      I will let u know how i get on.Just want to know whats wrong,currently in pain with it mind you think i was on it for too long today!

      Thanks again for all your advice.

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      Hi Annette,,

      Yes make sure you do and let me know how you got on.

      I'm 56 had Rheumatoid since 23 years old reasonably controlled on immunosuppressive meds etc. Secondary osteoarthritis with bowing ( valgus deformity) Was told would need left tkr by 40 years so lasted well.

      Like you had increased swelling and pain had to drag my leg up stais. My Rheumatologist reluctant to refer to Orthopods had steroid injections worked short term .Worked full time NHS's but knee started to give out bine on bone so my fantastic GP finally sorted me out . I am thinking of changing Rheumatologist but will see.

      There are lots of things they can do with knees nowadays you need to find out your problem first. You might need noninvasive treatment but need a diagnosis. Orthopaedics has come a long way.I am sure you will get it sorted. 😊

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      Hi Jan my goodness you sound as though you have been through the mill over the years and still are. Ive always worried that i would need a tkr in one or both knees, as i was told as a youngster that i would probably get arthritis when i got older.My last knee xray on the other knee showed a little wear and tear which my Gp was surprised considering i was 41 at that time.

      Anyhow i'll just concentrate on getting to Gps tomorrow and then hopefully start to get better from this, just want to be able to go out with hubby and kids.I wont take anything for granted again!

      Thankyou for your advice and sharing your journey with me. I will let u know how i get on.

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      I'm fine lucky modern medicine has allowed me a full time career in NHS. Sure odd down but am thankful for my tkr even if a few tears here and there lol 😆. I am getting over op pretty well but tough haul. Happy with bend but extension not great yet .

      How did you get on at your GPS appointment hope you pushed for a referral and not fobbed off.

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      Hi Jan sorry its took so long to back intouch.Managed to get to see a great locum doctor on Tuesday.

      He thinks it is 1 of 3 things. First one is acute arthritis, my symptoms are showing this plus i didnt fall or knock my knee so im going for a xray tomorrow afternoon,he also said my past history where my knees repeatly dislocated when i was younger could have caused this to happen.

      Secondly he said it could be gout which i am going for blood tests on Monday to rule that out but i have psoriasis which can trigger arthritis also which can show up in the blood test.

      Thirdly he said the xray can show up bone cancer, pray that it isnt.

      Anyhow he reassured me that they will sort me out and seems to think its arthritis of some sort because my last xray on my other knee showed wear and tear (oa).

      Well at least im starting to get something done about it. I wasnt sleeping at night thought it was worry but turns out it was the naproxen .Ive got stronger painkillers which im starting today,hopefully they will be better.

      Anyhow sorry for twiitering on,It was nice to hear from you again.

      I will let you know how i get on.x

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      Hi Jan Hope your ok just thought i would let you know that i finally got my diagnosis after all these weeks!

      Xray results showed i have moderate/ severe osteoarthritis of my left knee.

      I was and still am a bit in shock but also not suprised, i knew in some ways because it just didnt feel like ligaments e.t.c.

      Went to docs yesterday and feel a little let down, nothing much they can do its a case of living with it and controlling pain with painkillers, im too young for knee replacement. (Im 43).

      I havent been out much, my walking is slow and i hate that feeling of my knee grating and cracking! If it wasnt for my husband i dont know where i would be.Maybe its just a case of learning to live with it. I  thought i might of been given more advice at docs about maybe needing a walking stick, exercises or anything but was told to keep taking painkillers and symptoms can sometimes get a bit better in summer, to go back and see doctor in a few months.

      Like i said i hope your ok. x

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    Sorry Annette, but I am going to reiterate what everyone else had said.

    Get yourself an urgent appt with your GP or go to an Urgent Care Centre ASAP. You need urgent referral to Orthopaedics & Trauma to have your knee assessed.

    Don't leave it too long.

    I know it's difficult as you can't manage the stairs but you have to go!! ASAP!

    All the best, keep us in the loop.

    Good luck



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      Hi thankyou for your advice im going to go to my doctors on Monday.

      Hopefully i will get some help.

      Iwill let you know how i get on. Thanks very much again.

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      Hi Annette,

      Glad you're going to docs tomorrow. They should refer you to the orthopods. You may also be sent for X-ray, this is good as it cuts down the time it takes for the surgeon to decide what,if anything, he is going to do as he has the photos in front of him/her. Also with the Choose & Book system you can see which clinics having the soonest spots.

      I hope they get you sorted soon.



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      Thanks i cannot wait to go, at least some action might now be taken. Thanks for your reply.x
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      Hi Marilyn

      I dont know if you remember me, i finally received my diagnosis today i have severe osteoarthritis of my knee. Quite shocked but also happy that i finally know whats wrong with me, i finally got here after six weeks of pushing to find out what was wrong.

      Anyhow got to go back to doctors next week to see what happens now.Im managing my pain with meds, still struggling with steps and stairs but getting use to it now.

      Just thought i would let you know what was going on like i said i would.Thanks for your help all them weeks ago!

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      Hi Annette

      Yes I remember you.

      I'm so glad you know what's going on at last!

      Sorry it's severe osteoarthritis! I think we all know on here what that's like.

      So now you're waiting to see you Dr to find out what's gonna be done! Oh boy! It's all waiting isn't it?

      Other than TKR I don't know what else they can do! Believe me, although it's not an operation you want to take lightly, I haven't looked back. That terrible pain is GONE!! Yay!

      I don't know about injections, Chico would tell you more, but I think when you are bone on bone there's not much other than operate.

      At least you are informed now, you know your enemy & you've read about the operation here.

      However, don't base your decision on what you read here. We are the tip of the iceberg, I know of several people who've had TKR & one of them was driving& back at work in 2 weeks post op!!

      Good luck at your doctors.



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