Knee replacement for a 52 year old

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I have had a over-extended left knee for the last 10 years - it has gradually deteriorated until the pain made walking unbearably painful

I have had MRI and Xrays and finally my consultant agreed that I need work doing ...

What I have been told is that a Partial KR will be better than a Full KR - is that right ?

I am 52 years old and a Full KR wil only be good for 10 years - and that only two Full KRs can be carried out on a person ?

I hate ops and am scared of it "going wrong"

Advice requested ......


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    I am 59 and 4 weeks post tkr. I could not be more pleased with my choice. I have been informed of a 30-40 year life span for my knee. I'll have my right done asap. If your knee is as damaged as you say I would opt for a tkr. A partial knee recovery is shorter but it depends on the severity. I would get a second opinion, I did, and my choice was the correct one. Try to go to a medical university. This is a major surgery, and you want to be as positive as possible going into it. Good luck, great group for advice.
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    This is a call only a Dr can make as each situation is very different. The partial is relatively new in comparison to the tkr so the history of how they hold up isnt in place. Even tkr's have changed in the last few years. I think most experts use a 12-15 year figure as a life expectancy but many last 20 depending a little on how they are utilized. One thing that has been made clear on this forum, recovery isnt that much easier with a partial. You still have to do the process and it is not without a certain amount of pain and difficulty. I'm sure before the end of the day you will hear from several with their actual experiences. 90% of the surgeries are text book and those people are never on here or on here for a short time and then goone on about their life. The ones that are on here for a long period are the people with odd situations or like me, ones that have unusual situations and think the t might be able to help get someone else through difficult times. No one wants to jump into knee surgery on a whim but most will agree they are very pleased with life afterwards and would do it over again in necessary
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    Hi Steve,

    I had a PKR done on my right knee in Sept. 2015 and then had the 2nd PKR done on my left knee in Dec. 2015.  I also had the unbearable pain after letting it deteriorate over 7 years until I finally had no choice but to have surgery!  My doctor suggested the PKR instead of the TKR because due to where the damage was on my knees, he felt by doing this it would take care of my issues.  He explained to me that the PKR's will last as long as a TKR, which I understand to be 15 - 20 years depending on the active use of it.  That was one reason I kept being told that I was too young in the beginning as they'd rather do knee replacements later in life because you're

    apt to be less active the older you get and then the replacement will last longer.  I think "quality of life" is important though and mine wasn't good with so much pain!  I can tell a diffence already.  I still have discomfort due to the surgery but nothing like the pain I had before.  I have been told it may take a year to be totally pain free but I already am happy I had it done.  I'm only 7 weeks out on my left knee and still a little uncomfortable at time but my right knee is doing great!  

    If you decide to go for it, good luck!  Definitely get your mind right before surgery.  It's not fun but you'll get past it!  Stick with this forum.  It has given me so much information through this. 

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    Thanks for your advice - I will let you know what I decide to do...
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    Sorry to carry on again....but meant to tell you!  I was told that PKR didn't cut as many tendons, etc as TKR which results in a quicker and easier rehab than TKR.  The doctors make it sound much easier, but it doesn't seem easier, so don't think something is wrong when you're six weeks out and still  hobbling along. I haven't really had "pain" since surgery, even walking, but it is definitely sore as with any surgery.   If you have access to a stationary bike, start using it before surgery and then I was able to start using it again at about 3 weeks po.  It has helped me soooo much!

    Ok, I'm done!  smile

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    The projection of how long a knee replacement will last was based on the failure rate of the knee prosthetic for whatever reason. The odds are 1 out of 10 people will have a failed knee replacement eventually, The greater odds are with those people whose replacement will last up to 20 years.  99% of TKR's will last 20 years or more. This is due to the fact that research and development of new materials and component designs have greatly extended the life of a knee replacement.
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      Not sure where you got the 99% but according to mayo clinic that isnt correct. I don't remember the exact figure but it wasfar less than the one you used. JAMA had different numbers also but that was a few years ago.
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    I had a full knee replacement done 17 years ago at age 42...

    i don't know why surgeons keep saying you can only have 2 etc, I've already had 4 left hips 2 right hips, 3 left shoulders and 4 right shoulders then last but not least is my one far so good on the knee.

    good luck with your decision,..

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      One reason f or the knee is the weight an torque that it handles. More than any other joint in the body. Just getting up and down out of a chair is one indicator.
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    hi steve i hope things go well for you .  ive had a bi lateral 3yrs ago and a revision over a year ago  so i hope your info is wrong about only 2 tkr in lifetime as im 58 .orthopedics are moving on all the time so dont let that sway you ,as for only lasting 10yrs i think many last alot longer than that .having a tkr  v pkr id go for a tkr as i think its possible that the other half might give you problems sooner than a full .thats my personal view ,ireland dont do pkr . they dont because they feel you would be back to replace it .

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