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Does anyone have experience with this hypertension medicine? This is my first day taking it and most of my symptoms from high blood pressure went away besides I have a heart beat in my left ear that came back after two hours of taking the medicine. I thought it was due to my high BP 138/90 (23F 5foot tall and 138 pounds) but it returned so maybe it isn't? Does it take a few days to really kick in and take away all of the symptoms? I've never had to take any medications before until now. And for some reason my left hand feels prickly and the veins seem to be sticking out a little more than normal. I'm not sure how I feel about this medicine yet.


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    Your veins are popping out more because you have a more normal bp. If your bp is higher, that means your arteries will be more be happy about it.😄 also a person i know experienced the same thing in his ear, it went away for him after 5 days if i remember correctly. Try to distract yourself, as it may be because you "want to hear it"

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    re your bp - if this is just a one off reading or a reading you get at the GP, very surprised this is even called 'high' unless you are in a high risk group and it is an average of a  day or two of 24 hr monitoring. Even more surprised anyone would give a betablocker, and that type of bb  for that bp unless you are in a special group or  very high risk indeed.  many people have up and own bp, here in uk your GP will probably give you 2 pages to fill in your home readings twice a day, with instructions on how to take, what to do, and instructions to discard the first reading   (resource produced by British hypertension society and other groups) .  Then if  overall bp is seen as high there will be 24 hr monitoring, all this to find what your real everyday situation is, as in GP or medical facility a person is likely stressed or there may be white coat syndrome.

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      I was a little surprised too when I was prescribed it. I dont have any past illnesses but I've had head pressure, headache, neck pain, fatigue, palpitations, and a few episodes of vertigo for about a month and no one seems to know the cause. I went for a CT scan of the head at the ER for my headache and neck pain initially when this all started and they found nothing other than a sphenoid cyst. Then after I developed more of the symptoms I listed above. Everytime I went to the Dr my BP is consistently 130s/85-90. She checked it a few times throughout the appointment and it stayed the same. So she thinks my symptoms have to do with my blood pressure. I bought a monitor for home and it reads 110-120/68-72. I was hesitant but wanted to give the medication a try because I'm tired of feeling this way. But I don't think my blood pressure is the cause of my symptoms. But I'm trying to take it to see if it helps me. Thanks for the reply!

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    Hi Beth, that drug is a beta blocker and whatever it's going to do it does immediately, afaik.  Your BP isn't all that bad, if you were older they'd probably let you go without any drugs at all.  You might take a day or two just to get used to how the drug works, but I would not expect other changes.  Best wishes.

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    ?I'm surprised Your GP was so quick to suggest a BP Med - especially at your Young age.

    ?Please don't take my next comment any way other than a thought or suggestion - no offense intended at all!

    ?At 5' 0" and 137, you are just 10 Pounds into the "overweight" Classification for a Female.  Removing 10 Pounds can very possibly correct your only Slightly Elevated BP Reading Based on the BMI Index for a Female.  BUT, remember the BMI is just ONE TOOL - and it is based on an assumption that everyone has the same desired Muscle/Fat Ratio.  If you're athletic and have Considerable Muscle Mass, one can have a weight indicating they are obese or even Morbidly obese - but be in great shape, have normal or even lower than the supposedly Perfect BP Readings!

    ?Next, If YOU and/or a Significant Other LIKES Your Shape and Weight, it doesn't matter AT ALL what the BMI says!  My wife is in the "Normal Weight" Per the BMI but wears a U.S. Size D Bra.  Needless to say, I LIKE Her size!  LOL!

    ?Regrettably, I am unfamiliar with your prescribed BP Med.  But remember, EVERY Med has some "Poison" in it and invariably has some less than desirable side effects.  Some only a minor nuisance to one and a real problem to another.  We're all different and react differently to the same Med(s).

    ?IF, You're going to try the BP Med for a while, it usually takes some time - 2 Weeks to ? - for your Body to adjust regarding its' efficacy AND its' side effects.

    ?Oh yes.....Do you exercise at all?  Strangely enough, walking 30 Mins Per day, 5 days a week will usually help control BP.  It will go UP while You're exercising but then become completely normal about 30 mins after you finish.

    ?Keep us informed of your progress.  We care about you on this Forum!  Ernie


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      No offense taken at all! Before all of these symptoms hit me I was going to the gym consistently to get myself back to at least 130 pounds. I've been eating healthier in the mean time and cut out coffee all together while these symptoms have been happening, haven't worked out much though because I was afraid of having another vertigo episode. I was surprised too when she went straight to giving me medication. I would have rather her have me take my BP at home first then meet back and discuss. I think a lot of it is the Dr office makes me nervous so I get extra anxious during the appointment which might contribute to my spike in BP. I think I'm not going to go through with taking this medication because it made me feel uncomfortable all day today and is making me have anxiety attacks. I would really love to try and get this under control the natural way. Thank you for your reply and suggestions, much appreciated and made me feeling better during this frustrating time! I will give updates!

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    Dear Beth,

    I wanted to mention a couple of things after seeing your response before getting off here tonight.

    ?1.  White Coat Syndrome (WCS) is VERY REAL!  Most People's BP goes up when you see a Physician!

    ?2.  If you have the Funds, there are some good BP Electronic Arm Cuffs out there for around $25.00.  There are, of course, Cuffs for more and some for less.  I primarily use an OMRON Model BP710N.  (No, I don't work for them, own any Stock, affiliated with them in any way!  LOL).  It has been very accurate and Reliable.  BTW, I don't have much respect for the "Wrist Cuffs".  They actually won't work on me.

    ?3.  If you have one or buy one - DO and DON'T DO the following things.

    ?       a.  DON'T Take Your BP when you first wake up.  It will be higher than normal as that is part of the

                   "Awakening Process"!

    ?       b.  DON'T take it within one hour after Drinking any caffeinated Beverage.

           c.  DON'T take it more than a couple times a day.  Just doing that will cause one to start Stressing

                 over their varied Readings.  BP changes CONSTANTLY during the day.

    ?       d.  DO take it when you have time to sit quietly for 5 - 10 mins prior. 

    Remember EVERYTHING is on your side.  You're Young.  You obviously don't have any Familial Hypertensive 

    Issues.  You weight is very acceptable as it is.  Especially since you are normally active.

    ?If you suffer from anxiety (You mentioned Panic Attacks), try to determine what brings these on.  And I'll be the First to admit this is easier said than done!  Sometimes you feel Wonderful - Just before one hits!  They're scary but they won't hurt you!

    ?I'm not your Physician but based on what your Readings are, I personally would NOT start a BP Med at this time. It just can't be justified at your numbers!

    ?Regarding the Vertigo:  Does it sometimes happen when you move your head to one side or the other rather quickly? Like glancing around suddenly?  If it does, please respond.  I may have some info that will really surprise you possibly causing your Vertigo!

    Good Night and Good Luck!   Ernie


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      Hi Ernie, hey could you say more about (a) above, a high BP as part of your "awakening process"?  I've sure noticed that before, but when I mentioned it to the doctor(s), they just give me the fish eye.  Thanks.

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      Hey Jx,

      Don't know why a GP would look strangely at you regarding your question/statement.

      ?Part of ones' normal awakening process is the normally considered 24 hour circadian rhythm.  As your Body starts to help you awaken, a host of Chemicals help you start to wake up.  They are two primary ones but a Host of others.

      ?I've copied a Link below BUT realize the Normal increase in BP should not be confused with what is called "Morning Hypertension" - where your BP goes up really high.  That can be caused by your waking and realizing you have another really stressful day ahead of you!

      ?This type increase needs attention - not necessarily BP Meds - but Attention.  The normal increase is just that - "Normal"!

      ?BTW, don't get "Wrapped around the Axle" by the below Link.  If you should discover you have Morning Hypertension, it definitely can be treated.  If it's just slightly high, No Problem.

      ?Once again, Your GPs reaction perplexes me.  It is common knowledge more Heart Attacks happen in the morning than any other time of day.  That's been documented for years!

      Hope the Link just gives you some info and doesn't cause the opposite effect of my providing this Link, i.e., answering your question - not to Stress You Out!   good Luck!  ernie

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      I will be looking for that BP monitor today. I have read some good things about the kind you have mentioned! I did get pretty obsessive with checking my BP at home I would definitely do this more than a few times a day and I think that brought on some of my anxiety I've been experiencing. I've never been diagnosed with anxiety but I've been very worked up about this whole situation and I was afraid of the medication which didn't help with it either. I actually stopped taking it because I was causing a lot more stress on myself and probably added more symptoms than I started with such as trouble breathing, heart racing, and jittery, it was a long night for sure. When I had vertigo one time I looked down to the ground then the other I was in the process of lying down and the room felt like it was spinning in circles and I just collapsed to the ground. It was a little frightening because I've never had that before. Also the hear beat in my left ear periodically makes me wonder if maybe I have an ear problem or heart condition I don't know about? Or maybe my monitor is wrong and I really do have high BP?

      Thank you for your response!

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      Hello JX,

      ?I wanted you to know I replied to your request 19 hours ago.  For some reason, my reply is still awaiting "Moderation".

      Maybe it's because I included a Link.  Don't know but didn't want you to think I had ignored you.

      ?If Links are not allowed, I'll rewrite tomorrow

      All the Best.  Ernie


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      Apparently most links are not allowed here, I'm not sure exactly what the rule is.  I did Google for more on "blood pressure morning" and found a lot of literature.  I guess my doctors don't know how to use Google.

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      Dear JX,

      ?I didn't even think about Links being disallowed....But whatever.  Your comments about Physicians being unable to Google was funny.  I have a DIL who is a Physician.  She doesn't "Approve" of Patients Googling, Self Diagnosing, Questioning her Diagnoses, Her Prescriptions, etc.  She's technically a Gen X but acts more like a Millennial!  Real Piece of Work!  My Wife worked in the Medical Filed for 30+ Years - Not a Physician but just about every aspect.  The Physicians who don't want you to ask questions and be a part of your Health are "Insecure" in their own abilities.  I had one of the BEST Internists in the world until He became fed up with all the Government Red Tape and just became a "Hospitalist" at a Large Teaching Hospital.  He knows what His hours are going to be a month in advance and how much He is going to make.  when He was my Doc, if I asked a question He was unsure of, He'd say - "Ern, I'm not sure.  LET'S look it up"!  Really Good Doc and Cool Dude.

      ?He was probably 50ish when He left.  I was a few Years Older.  Anyhow, Really Good, Caring, Empathetic Physicians are hard to come by.  When you find one, Let Him or Her know how much you appreciate them.  They're Human just like the rest of us and after the Stress of their Day, a little E/M note goes a long way in Your - hopefully - Long Relationship with same.  But Doc's are dropping like Flies here in the Good Ole U.S.!

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      Hi Ernie, I'm really down on the way medicine is practiced these days, but my current doctor, last couple of years, is at least a very nice guy, loves to talk, and he seems pretty smart too - but is nearing retirement.

      However this is the 21st century and I want to be able to ask Siri 24x7, "Hey Siri, what about this symptom?  Should I take another pill now?  Should I call 911?"  And I think in ten years or so, we will have that.

      ?I understand some of a real doctor's concerns about patients using Google, and some of the concerns are even legitimate, lol.  Just a couple of lines off the Interwebs, even if they are correct, are not the same thing as a medical education.  And yet if it takes hours, days, or weeks to get a simple question answered directly by a doctor, that's no good either.

      ?So let's jump ten years, and many things will be better then!

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