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Happy New Year, everyone. I had a labrynthectomy mid-October and things seemed to be going well except for dizyness, which abated some with home vestibular therapy. I had no vertigo since that time until last night when I woke up to use the bathroom near midnight. Although the episode was somewhat mild (little spinning and unsteady walk) it was still disconcerting. Has anyone had the procedure and have had subsequent episodes of vertigo? Did it last or did it go away? Meniere's disease is the all time worst malady . By the way, I've had the gamut of procedures prior to the labrythectomy: medications, sac decompression, gentamicin shots. Thanks for reading.

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    Hello my name is Ray and it pains me to hear about others suffering the affects of Menieres .

    I was diagnosed with it a few years ago after suffering all of the affects. I did not have any surgeries.

    Although I was considering anything that would help, i was miserable! I went to numerous doctors

    and specialists. I am still to this day convinced that it is something that we do,or have done consistently

    over the course of our lives that weakens or damages something in our bodies.

    I know that we are all different inside and out. So I will tell you what has worked for me.

    First I realized that these vertigo attacks came on sometimes suddenly, and lasted from one minute

    to eight hours. So what started them? and why did they stop? First, I noticed that either I had been feeling the fullness or pressure around my ear at the time or I was under stress or had some anxiety. Second, it would stop only after I could sleep, after waking up I seemed to feel better, the dizziness was gone.

    Although I still felt like crap for days! Next up, DOCTORS HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS OR HOW IT FEELS.

    unless they have it. This is what I have done and so far has been very helpful to me. I'm not saying this is the cure. I'm saying it has helped me for that last few years. I have had no Vertigo, fullness in my head or ears, and my tinnitus is all but gone. I can sometimes faintly hear the ringing, but is mostly unnoticeable.

    1. I take Paxil to control anxiety and slow my brain down (in my own words)
    2. I take Acyclovir because I am assuming that it could be a type of virus that causes attacks of inflammation around the inner ear. My doctor agreed to try it because he couldn't find any reason not to.
    3. Triamatrene (hopefully spelled correctly) to help control water, which could help with the pressure in my ear. Also because every doctor out there, pretty much, prescribes it to you anyway. if they think it could be associated with Menieres.
    4. Lastly, I stopped sleeping with a pillow. Because I noticed that my jaw was sometimes a little stiff almost like I had been gritting my teeth at night. I always had to yawn and stretch my jaw muscles. I thought maybe it's related to my problem? It took me a little while to get used to sleeping without a pillow!

      But, now I don't miss it at all. Think about it, humans didn't always have pillows. But they seem to be getting more and more fluffy! Don't believe everything a doctor tells you, and don't believe Anything

      you see on TV. Ray

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      Thanks for sharing, Ray.   I have had Meniere's disease for more than 8 years, and since that time have tried EVERYTHING:  acupuncture, chiropractor, natural healing, home cleared of anything dust, MRI's CAT scans, low salt diet, etc.  Perhaps you're right, it's caused by what our body was subjected to in our early lives.  I'm hoping these last two episodes were the exception.  I'll have to check with my otologist should these incidences continue.  I shall inquire about Paxil.
      Besides the trauma affected by vertigo is the confinement you face, not being  able to drive, or fear of traveling, or going anywhere.  I even had an episode while watching a movie at the theater.  Had to stagger to my car and wait until things subsided.
      I feel comforted hearing from others on this forum, knowing that I'm not alone.
      Once again, thank you for sharing.  I wish you well.  Hang it there!
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