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Meniere's Disease

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  • ruem38033 2
  • kilikaz 1

    Frequency of Betahistine -

    My husband has been prescribe Betahistine by the GP.  GP says to take when husband has an attack.  However, patient information sheet says it can take 'a couple of weeks before you notice any improvement'   When we mentioned this to GP, he said it was the drug company trying to make more money!!  I used...

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  • steve58456 2

    Meneires disease 10 months in

    Diagnosed meneires in November 16 was having attacks at least once a week was put on 8mg bethastine work for a while then End of November started again,at this time I was off work since September and couldn't see a end to it,so was upgraded to 16mg and tried a low salt diet,ok until January then was...

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  • mattfin92 2
  • JMJ 5

    Do You Meditate?

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping to hearing from people who meditate as a way of managing the stress in their lives associate with Meniere's Disease.  I would love to know the type of meditation you practice, how you learned to mediate, how long you meditate each day and how it has affected your life and your...

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  • jess31342 1

    ringing in ears

    Can anyone tell me, if its a side effect to have permanent ringing in both ears.. I have had Menieres disease for 19 years, and now my ears are ringing all the time.

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  • BrianBelleair 2

    Dexamethasone vs Gentamicin injections for MD

    I have had Meniere's Disease for about 5 years now and the episodes have started again in early April, nearly daily.  I take the meclizine to counter the attack and my ENT put me on Diamox (acetazolamide) daily. At first the Diamox seemed to help, but now 4 weeks later it does not seem to work as well....

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  • daniel 43572 3


    Ok can anyone help? I have MD and the pressure is bad of in my ear right now causing some dizzy spells and just feeling really bad the past week any good suggestions on what to take to get it cleared up?

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  • mistibluey 3

    Meniere's monitor

    A free app has been developed to help with monitoring symptoms of MD which you can review yourself and share with your doctors. Those who are in the UK can send their data, if they choose, to Exeter Medical School. They will be cross referring the results with the meteorological office in Britain to...

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  • mistibluey 3

    Meniere's disease and other medical conditions

    I am wondering how many forum members have other, seemingly unrelated, conditions as well as MD. Exeter University medical school in England has found that there appears to be a link between MD and “immune system disorders and diseases related to the autonomic nervous system, such as Irritable Bowel...

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  • terri-ann28375 2

    What to do next?

    Hi all, I've been diagnosed with Menieres Disease which has been confirmed by balance tests. My consultant has put me on oral steroids as a high dose of Betahistine along with high dose Cinnarazine and Prochlorperazine has failed to control it.  The trouble is the oral steroids has made the vertigo aspect...

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  • jackiejo 1

    Low sodium diet and a diuretic

    I am new to all of this and I have a lot of questions. One of the main things I'd do I have to do both a diuretic (I am taking one daily) and the low sodium diet. I feel I like I am going to starve. I sometimes can't even eat a real meal and end up eating a lot of things that aren't really a meal. I...

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  • mistibluey 3

    What helps your MD?

    I thought it would be interesting for there to be a place for members to discuss what they have to be useful in easing their MD symptoms. Whether it's prescription meds or steroid injections, stress reduction or other forms of self-help, this is the place to discuss it all.

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  • JMJ 5

    London Fire

    I woke this morning to the terrible news of the London fire.  I just want to say that I hope and pray that our forum members from London are all safe.  I'm so sorry about this tragedy. Take good care, J-

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  • lianne37530 2

    Depressed and sleep deprived

     I am currently waiting to see a ent. I have been to a few doctors who prescribed me serc and Zofran. I have had vertigo for a few months now. At first, it was all the time but now it is coming in waves daily. I get severe vertigo, lightheadedness, tinnitus, nausea and I have not been able to sleep in...

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  • jonese98459 2

    Ear pain

    Does anyone have severe ear pain my balance is worse with the pain also I have buzzing in my ear like I had beenat a rock concert I do have ringing in the ears but the buzzing is worse

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  • patvj 2

    Not Lyme disease

    Since last summer when I was totally incapacitated with dizziness and total fatigue, I thought it was Lyme .  In fact, after an emergency visit to a local hopital, I was told that I did have Lyme Disease.  My hearing over the last few years has gotten worse but I attributed that to old age and bad genes....

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  • zsanders1 2

    MD and feedback/ help

    I have not been diognosed with MD because I have no hearing loss. I started eating a low salt diet. Last night I fell off the wagon and had some greek food. I had an attack but the attacks that I have are so odd... When I have an attack I have extreme anxiety. I dont really feel off balance but i do...

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  • yolanda29073 2

    Undiagnosed but still suffering same symptoms

    hi all! After dealing with very similar symptoms described here and feeling really down about it I decided to look into it more and stumbled on this forum. So my first incident with vertigo happened years ago after a few days in bed it disappeared leaving me with loss of balance, didn't think much of...

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  • jonese98459 2


    I was diagnosed with meaniers 25 years ago. I have been pretty lucky witb only short spells of vertigo until about 5 months ago. I had a small vertigo attack but to this day my balance is horrible. I feel as if so.eone is pushing me off a cliff l am so depressed because I feel as if it is so.ething else...

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  • jo89804 2

    my diagnosis eventually

    Just got my diagnosis for MD at52.. had this since 2000... as vertigo has been severe since January this year .. would not wish this on anyone .. and no one seems to understand ..this condition is not known by many.. this forum is invaluable to all on here .. wish there was a group in my area...

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  • JMJ 5

    Relapse After 16 Weeks

    Thanks to steroid injections, I've been free of vertigo for 16 weeks.  But last night,  I had a relapse. I was in the basement doing laundry when suddenly, it was like I was in a centrifuge - the room spinning at 200mph.  I had no warning signs, so I wasn't able to get to my rescue meds.  I reached out...

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  • taylor03140 1
  • mattfin92 2

    Is this really menieres disease? High anxiety levels

    Hi all my life I have heard what I can only describe as bubbling in my head. I have never really took notice to it before. Over the last few months I have been diagnosed with vertigo which is already very difficult. I went to ER yesterday as this sound has been constant for two days. It sounds like running...

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  • StopTheRide 2

    In Limbo

    About 2 months ago, I started having vertigo, tinnitus and trouble with my balance. MRI and VNG were normal. I started VRT. It's helped a little. After 6 weeks, I can drive once again but still feel off balance when I move around too much or I'm very active. My primary care passed the issue to my neurologist,...

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  • faith79611 1

    Awaiting ENT Appt

    So I've been having these dizzy spells since at least September 2016. Here's how they go: I go deaf in my left ear (it feels very full and I cannot hear anything out of it) then the room starts spinning, I get really hot and nauseous and start sweating. I get these spells about once every week. They've...

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  • lee77685 2

    Just looking for some advice

     I was diagnosed by a couple different Doctors with Labyrinthitis. This was a couple months ago.  At first, I had no tinnitus but constant vertigo and my ears would pop. It got better and was going away until I went for some blood work and fainted. Now it is back and I have 24-hour vertigo with new symptoms...

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  • sezzp 2


    Hi all, I finally saw ENT yesterday and he's currently unsure if I have menieres or not. Said I shouldn't have symptoms all the time with Menieres. I pretty much always feel midly dizzy and have ringing and pressure in my ears, which I'm now getting used too. Then I get 'attacks' that make me feel so...

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  • terri-lyn 47004 1
  • melissa04000 3

    Mal de debarquement

    Not sure if I wrote out that name like I should have out, but has anyone had this before for months and got rid of it after months and how? I'm suffering so bad. I've had it for like 6 months now. It's gotten worse over time. What do I do? If you have bad stories please do not write, I'll get more anxiety....

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  • frances101 2

    For VNS how much will they shave my head?

    Dear All, My doctor has decided that he didn't want to do the Labyrinthectomy I spoke about earlier, because he doesn't want to take my hearing. (in my opinion a small price to pay considering I've lost 60% of my hearing.) Anyway, he is leaning toward Vestibular Nerve Section surgery. Out of all the...

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  • zsanders1 2

    MD and diuretic

    I went to a new ENT yesterday. He said I have all the early symptoms of MD. The only symptom I am missing is the hearing loss. As of now I have perfect hearing. I pray every day that i truly do not have MD. I have a very very slight ringing in my ear except when attacks occur. The doctor gave me a diuretic. How...

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  • Hayhue 5

    Drop attacks

    Does anyone have drop attacks? I think I've been having them. I read online that the VEMP has to be abnormal but as far as I know mine is normal. I didn't realize this was what they were until the other day, if that's what it is at all. I have spells where it feels like the floor goes out from under...

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  • SharnH 3

    Fear of lying flat

    Hi, So I went with my kids for a routine dental appointment. My kids went first and all was grand then it was my turn... I wasn't aware that I was panicking inside until the dentist asked me to sit in the chair. I totally froze and said no... I am to embarrassed to admit but I started to cry and through...

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  • Ear Today 2


    I dont log in very much these days, as I had been without symptoms for two and a half years.  However, towards the end of January, I started to get the ear fullness, my hearing went down and my tinitus started up again.  Sure enough, on 6th February, I had the worst vertigo attack I ever had. It couldnt...

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