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Meniere's Disease

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  • zsanders1 2

    MD and diuretic

    I went to a new ENT yesterday. He said I have all the early symptoms of MD. The only symptom I am missing is the hearing loss. As of now I have perfect hearing. I pray every day that i truly do not have MD. I have a very very slight ringing in my ear except when attacks occur. The doctor gave me a diuretic. 

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  • Hayhue 5

    Drop attacks

    Does anyone have drop attacks? I think I've been having them. I read online that the VEMP has to be abnormal but as far as I know mine is normal. I didn't realize this was what they were until the other day, if that's what it is at all. I have spells where it feels like the floor goes out from

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  • SharnH 3

    Fear of lying flat

    Hi, So I went with my kids for a routine dental appointment. My kids went first and all was grand then it was my I wasn't aware that I was panicking inside until the dentist asked me to sit in the chair. I totally froze and said I am to embarrassed to admit but I started to cry and

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  • melissa04000 3

    Mal de debarquement

    Not sure if I wrote out that name like I should have out, but has anyone had this before for months and got rid of it after months and how? I'm suffering so bad. I've had it for like 6 months now. It's gotten worse over time. What do I do? If you have bad stories please do not write, I'll get more

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  • Ear Today 2


    I dont log in very much these days, as I had been without symptoms for two and a half years.  However, towards the end of January, I started to get the ear fullness, my hearing went down and my tinitus started up again.  Sure enough, on 6th February, I had the worst vertigo attack I ever had. It

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  • mistibluey 3

    What helps your MD?

    I thought it would be interesting for there to be a place for members to discuss what they have to be useful in easing their MD symptoms. Whether it's prescription meds or steroid injections, stress reduction or other forms of self-help, this is the place to discuss it all.

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  • naomi68931 2
  • sezzp 2


    Hi all, I finally saw ENT yesterday and he's currently unsure if I have menieres or not. Said I shouldn't have symptoms all the time with Menieres. I pretty much always feel midly dizzy and have ringing and pressure in my ears, which I'm now getting used too. Then I get 'attacks' that make me feel

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  • paul59441 2

    Large vehicle driver has dizziness and vertigo.

    Large vehicle driver has dizziness and vertigo.  Hello I need advice as I have been feeling very unwell and I have never felt like this before. It started about 2 weeks ago. I have recently started a job as a bus driver and one day I was feeling very dizzy I managed to get through the day but

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  • patrick45945 2

    Meniere's Disease Symptoms, Not Yet Diagnosed

    So I was recently referred to an ENT specialist after suffering with a clogged ear for several weeks. I was initially diagnosed by a local urgent care center with an ear infection and oral antibiotics were prescribed. After symptoms persisted, I returned to my primary care doctor and antibiotic ear

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  • faith79611 1

    Awaiting ENT Appt

    So I've been having these dizzy spells since at least September 2016. Here's how they go: I go deaf in my left ear (it feels very full and I cannot hear anything out of it) then the room starts spinning, I get really hot and nauseous and start sweating. I get these spells about once every week. They'

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  • zsanders1 2

    meniere's disease steroid shot

    I had an ear infection about a month and half ago. After the infection went away I was left with a full feeling in my ear. 1 week later I had my first vertigo attack. I am now having vertigo attacks once a week. I have done an MRI and VNG Test and the results were normal. I have not been diagnosed

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  • Abby1975 2

    Menieres disease/betahistine

    For the past 8 months i have been suffering with vertigo & nausea, along with not being able to read or use or computer without going dizzy. I also feel extreamly tired all the time, loose my balance, intermittant hearing loss, tinitus, fullness in my ear and have what i call brain fog! Its been

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  • JerseyJill 2


    Hi, I was diagnosed with Menieres about 10 years ago. I've had the steroid injections; they had no effect on me. I have it in my left ear onky and pray it doesn't turn bilateral someday. I've been in Betahistine for year. Had to take 6 capsules a day to get the benefit. It worked great for

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  • BrianBelleair 2

    Dexamethasone vs Gentamicin injections for MD

    I have had Meniere's Disease for about 5 years now and the episodes have started again in early April, nearly daily.  I take the meclizine to counter the attack and my ENT put me on Diamox (acetazolamide) daily. At first the Diamox seemed to help, but now 4 weeks later it does not seem to work as

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  • JMJ 4

    Relapse After 16 Weeks

    Thanks to steroid injections, I've been free of vertigo for 16 weeks.  But last night,  I had a relapse. I was in the basement doing laundry when suddenly, it was like I was in a centrifuge - the room spinning at 200mph.  I had no warning signs, so I wasn't able to get to my rescue meds.  I reached

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  • tim63896 2


    I was wondering, those of you who have had steroid injections, has there been any improvement in your hearing? My hearing has been very badly affected by menieres. There is some hearing which of course I want to preserve but I think it may have got too bad to improve upon now. I think for some

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  • zsanders1 2

    MD vs vertigo

    For the people with MD how did your symptoms start and what symptoms did you have at first. Whats the difference between vertigo/labrintitis vs Meneiers disease Im starting to drive myself crazy because of how I feel. I have a slight fullness on my ear. I have no ringing or hearing loss in my

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  • zsanders1 2

    help-vertigo plus anxiety

    I had an mri and there was nothing wrong. I went to the ent 3 times and he said nothing is wrong. He ordered a vng test. I have never had vertigo in my life and I got it after I got an ear infection. I have had severe anexiety. When a vertigo attack is about to happen i get severe anxiety and

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  • zsanders1 2

    Help- First time vertigo

    I had an inner ear infection a little over a month ago. ever since the infection my ear has fealt full. I had an MRI and everything came back normal. I have had 2 full blown vertigo attacks within the past 6 weeks. I don't have any ringing in my ears nor any hearing loss. I have never had any ear

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  • liz11458 3

    Flying with vertigo and dizziness

    10 days ago I had to fly to Spain was so worried that air pressure would make me worse. Firstly the car journey to airport made me  unsteady then the crowds lights and shops made it worse. My heart was beating fast and I felt so sick. On the plane I put earplugs in ones I got from Amazon and took

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  • caryl73160 2

    Grommets: Do they really work?

    Would appreciate any feedback re grommet operation.  ENT specialist wants to put in both ears but I thought the problem was only in one ear??  Having said that,both ears were virtually 'blocked' for almost 6 weeks. Now, 2 weeks later it is mainly the right hand side.  If I tilt my head to shoulder

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  • melissa04000 3

    Anyone have vistiubular migraines that you were not aware of?

    I've been really off balance and constantly feeling like I am moving, I have no headaches at all, but even in my sleep I feel this movement. Did anyone ever feel this and then take nortriptiline and everything went away? I am desperate to figure out what's wrong with me. It's been about 4 months

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  • marissa492 2

    Months of Dizziness and "Floating" Feelings

    Hello all. For just over 4 months, I've been dealing with various symptoms, and I'm trying to figure out what's causing them. Back in January, I had a sudden "jolting" feeling in my head (kind of like when you miss a step or feel like you're falling in your sleep and it jolts you awake). It lasted

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  • zsanders1 2

    Help-Vertigo first time

    I had an inner ear infection a little over a month ago. ever since the infection my left ear has fealt full. It feels puffy or full inside.  I had an MRI and everything came back normal. The doctor said nothing is wrong and the ear looks normal. I have had 2 full blown vertigo attacks within the

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  • melissa04000 3

    Cervical dizziness?

    Curious, has anyone ever had cervical dizziness, I have a ton of building disc in my neck and I was wondering if that's what's causing my dizziness and what I should do? I was starting to think Maybe my neck is causing migraines that I can't even feel.

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  • Carlyle 1
  • claudia02527 1

    Tinnitus made worse by taking Nortriptyline

    My ear specialist put me on 25mg daily of Nortriptyline because diuretics helped to decrease my ear fullness, but my ear ringing and hearing had not improved after one month on diuretics.   Now after a week on Nortriptyline it  is like the ringing is  even louder in my affected ear.  Have any of

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  • e15tte 1

    Ménière’s disease, labyrinthitis, tinnitus and vertigo

    Has anybody ever experienced pressure in the back of the head with any of these. I have earache a little but this started with a headache a week ago. It's at the back round towards the middle of my skull, then continued to get worse then a couple of days later i was dizzy then sick and really

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  • miranda72220 2


    Hey so ive been on 48mg of betahistine twice a day for a couple of months now and it worked great in the beginning but now i am going back to having mitliple vertigo attacks a week im gonna try the steroid injections again but ive also heard some good things about getting chiropractic stuff

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  • kevin 90530 2
  • Me-N-ears 2

    My future with Meniere's

    I was just diagnosed with Meniere's about 2 months ago. As a "Commercial Truck Driver" I had problems with night time driving for a long time. My problems progressed to day time problems( above 35 MPH) to a point where I can't currently work. I've been to a few doctors(including ENT) and had the

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  • JMJ 4

    Do You Meditate?

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping to hearing from people who meditate as a way of managing the stress in their lives associate with Meniere's Disease.  I would love to know the type of meditation you practice, how you learned to mediate, how long you meditate each day and how it has affected your life and

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  • jeremiah 59837 1

    Desperate for related stories

    Hey everyone,  I'm new to this forum. I am a 34 year father of 3 and a traveling musician. Back in June of 2016 I suffered an extreme vertigo attack for the first time. I went to the ER had a CT scan and it came up negative for any major issues. After that, the spinning turned into constant

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  • melissa04000 3
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