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Meniere's Disease

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  • JMJ 4

    Do You Meditate?

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping to hearing from people who meditate as a way of managing the stress in their lives associate with Meniere's Disease.  I would love to know the type of meditation you practice, how you learned to mediate, how long you meditate each day and how it has affected your life and

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  • JMJ 4

    Relapse After 16 Weeks

    Thanks to steroid injections, I've been free of vertigo for 16 weeks.  But last night,  I had a relapse. I was in the basement doing laundry when suddenly, it was like I was in a centrifuge - the room spinning at 200mph.  I had no warning signs, so I wasn't able to get to my rescue meds.  I reached

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  • jeremiah 59837 1

    Desperate for related stories

    Hey everyone,  I'm new to this forum. I am a 34 year father of 3 and a traveling musician. Back in June of 2016 I suffered an extreme vertigo attack for the first time. I went to the ER had a CT scan and it came up negative for any major issues. After that, the spinning turned into constant

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  • miranda72220 2


    Hey so ive been on 48mg of betahistine twice a day for a couple of months now and it worked great in the beginning but now i am going back to having mitliple vertigo attacks a week im gonna try the steroid injections again but ive also heard some good things about getting chiropractic stuff

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  • michelle11012 2

    Injection treatments

    Hello, I have Menieres. Have been diagnosed about 8 years now. I have looked in to the injections. My insurance will not pay for this so I was told. I have only tried Shea clinic. Can anyone tell me if your insurance covers? Is it worth doing? Was told this is a lengthy treatment also. TIA

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  • julie88435 1

    Could it be Ménière's disease help??

    I'm asking for your advice before I approach my GP ... for 12 years now (since the age of 25) I have experienced labrynthritis as diagnosed by my GP a few times, I have also experienced several ear infections which I never experienced before this age! I attended for a hearing test a year ago as I

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  • ashly34625 2

    Mineres or labyrinthitis?

    Searching for answers I just can't find like others. I believe my husband 29 years old may have meineres. He has a first cousin who's been diagnosed with it but no other family ties. It started in 2015 with a classic attack, fullness in the ear tinnitus hearing completely gone in that ear followed

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  • nina75421 2

    Dr. Google leads me to believe I have MD

    I woke up a week ago, and upon standing fell right back into bed.  The room was spinning like just horizontally, but vertically as well.  It would not stop!  I managed to reach my phone, and called 911 for ambulance, and my son.  I could not lift my head at all.  When help came, they

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  • brian58037 2

    Menderes diets

    Does anybody know if cutting certain foods or drinks out would possibly reduce the attacks.

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  • pat19097 2


    Hello,I have been told I have suspected Meniers,I have had the most terrible 7 months,what I want to know is can it last for a solid 7 months+

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  • stanislavski 2


    how do you guys deal with aural fullness, hypercausis and diplacusis?

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  • melissa04000 2

    Vestibular neuropathy

    Has anyone had or been told about vestibular nuropathy? I feel constant unbalanced and it makes me feel sick. I don't know what to do, I've only done physical therapy for like 4 days but I'm wondering if anyone got better without it and took any medication to help it? Melissa

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  • chelsea15874 2

    Does this sound like Ménière's to you?

    Hi, I am really desperate for opinions from you guys that have had this and how it started for you. I've never had any hearing or ear problems- no ear infections even as a child. I know that might not mean anything but I'm very scared as this is the first time dealing with this.. 2 months ago I

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  • jeff37734 2

    Just got diagnosed for Meniere's Disease

    Hello. I was just doing some research and found this support group and thought I should join. I recently got diagnosed for Meniere's Disease. The past year I have been experiencing very full ears and ringing and some very mild vertigo. At first I ignored it as I thought it was allergies. But

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  • julie05708 2

    Nortriptyline for Ménière's disease

    After visiting the consultant yesterday with my 20 year old son, I feel we are no further forward than we were six years ago, when he first started with this horrible disease.  My son has Bilateral Menieres's Disease and has lost quite a lot of his hearing along with everything else that goes with Menieres'

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  • daniel 43572 3


    Ok I have a question can Meniere's cause weaknesses that last pretty much all day some days or for a few days in a row? And I'm talking about just totally washed out no energy and just really really weak all over?

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  • patrick45945 2

    Meniere's Disease Symptoms, Not Yet Diagnosed

    So I was recently referred to an ENT specialist after suffering with a clogged ear for several weeks. I was initially diagnosed by a local urgent care center with an ear infection and oral antibiotics were prescribed. After symptoms persisted, I returned to my primary care doctor and antibiotic ear

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  • julie05708 2

    Betahistine and antihistamines

    Hi everyone. My son who has bilateral Menieres Disease, is having a bit of a rough time of it lately. He's now just getting over the winter coughs and colds and now the hayfever seasons has kicked which is not helping with his Menieres.  We've been told that he cannot take antihistamines while on

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  • melissa04000 2
  • ray02954 2

    Gentamicin injection

    Following three steroid injections in right ear over the past six months my consultant now wants to destroy balance organ with Gentamicin injection. What do you think, have you been through this?

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  • mistibluey 3

    Diagnostic tests for vertigo

    Knowing that a friend was going to a balance clinic to have her vertigo investigated, several posters thought it would be useful if I started a thread detailing what happened, so here it is. I’m afraid it’s going to take up a lot of space but I hope it will be useful to some people. I’m going to

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  • tanney 2


    I've been taking betahistine for 2 weeks and now notice a rash/itching on my chest/shoulders.  Is this common with this med?  Will the rash eventually go away or should I stop the med? thanks for your help/advice.

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  • Bluesmann 3
  • Bluesmann 3
  • jacqueline49907 2

    Endolymphatic sac decompression

    hi, just see consultant again, after grommets, steroid injections and Gentamicin injections. I have to have a endoly photic sac decompression operation. I am terrified, nothing has been explained. I really don't know what to expect. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. many thanks

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  • lyn81204 2

    could this be Menieres?

    Problems started last Oct with a feeling of imbalance that came on fairly suddenly. I rang the go and was told probable labyrinthitis. Over a few days it got worse and I had a bad few days. It slowly improved over a couple of weeks. No ear symptoms during this time. I was then fine for around 4

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  • patrice56477 2

    I may have Menieres, can you help...??

    My GP and I think I may have Meniere's, but I'm still undergoing tests to verify. Can you good folks tell me if my symptoms sound familiar? I've been experiencing short and infrequent dizzy spells for a few years now. If I'm driving, I stop to the side for a few mintutes until the spinning stops

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  • Eliza.Bos 2

    Do concerts trigger attacks for anyone?

    I've had two vertigo attacks after attending concerts. I'm trying to figure out if they were related to the loud noise or maybe instead to something I ate. Any advice appreciated! My seven year old really wants me to take her to her first show but I'm hesitant to do it. 

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  • barb912 1


    I've been dizzy for almost five weeks straight. From the beginning it SLOWLY  got better over about three weeks until I had one day where I seemed symptom free. Then the next day I was slammed so severely that I couldn't even walk! I also have a headache, vertigo, tiredness, jerky eye movements and

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  • terri-ann28375 2

    Can I choose between the two?

    I have been to see the ENT dr, who has recommended a labyrinthectomy as my medications have failed to control my Ménière's Disease. I was diagnosed with MD in 2007 by an ENT consultant surgeon.  She has referred me to the consultant surgeon (ENT) to get his opinion as she has recommended chemical

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  • kh123 2

    Diagnosed this week with Menieres Disease

    Apologies before I post this as I know I have a lot to say and a little rant coming lol, but i'm feeling a bit emotional today after I was finally diagnosed with Menieres 2 days ago. I'm 36 years old. My dizziness started 17 months ago. I'd always suffered with Migraines with Aura (since age 15),

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  • alison 00357 2

    menieres diesease

    I think I have menieres diesease and i would feel comfort if someone with the condition could speak to me about it. I feel alone with this problem and I'm wanting to open this discussion as id like to have someone with this problem to talk to me about the symptoms as I'm trying to figure out what

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  • daniel 43572 3
  • Bluesmann 3

    sensitivity to certain frequencies or noises

    Does anyone have sensitivvity to certain voices or freqencies? so have any of you had the operation the takes everythign out and how has it worked as far as the sensitivies to frequencies? noises or music or voices actually are not exaclty painful but annoying to just

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  • Brookiana 3

    Great ENT doctor at last!

    Hi all, I have been to ENT yet again today and have seen a different consultant this time. He was brilliant, asked me a hundred questions and has finally referred me for an MRI scan. I've been waiting for a year for investigations to actually happen so they can rule anything else out. I just hated

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