Labyrinthitis, sinusitis or anxiety

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I'm not getting anywhere with my GP and I thinking of going private.

5 weeks ago, I was told I had labyrinthitis, no hearing loss but vertigo, nausea and generally felt horrible.

Symptoms started to go but I developed a headache, mainly forehead and eyes, had my eyes tested and that was fine.

I'm ok at home or my parents, even my work and on the bus but getting too and from places is a problem, I feel like I'm unsteady, not really dizzy or lightheaded just shaky and woozy, I feel quite sick and the headache makes me want to close my eyes. I'm tired but trying to to lay down too much incase it's still the labyrinthitis.

I've had sinus issues in the past but the doctor doesn't seem interested, hence the thinking of going private.

I'm going back to the doctors tomoro to ask him to diagnose me so I can get my private referral.

I'm terrified it's anxiety, I've never been an anxious person but certain feel quite panicky when the symptoms flare up.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm at a desperate stage now.

Thank you

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    If you are thinking of going private there is an excellant specialist in Kent. Havent been myself but read about him from others. Pm me if you w ant his name etc.
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    Hi emma02. I joined simply to share how I've finally managed my own symptoms after years of discomfort.

    I have suffered from: arthritis, acid reflux, dizziness (especially lying down at night, nose bleeds, sinus problems, headaches, ringing in ears, occasional digestive dicomfort (which I put down to intolerances to certain foods), fatigue, infrequent anxiety/panic attacks, 'sea leg' imbalance (as if my feet had turned into marshmallows and the ground was unstable) and symtoms similar to pre-diabetes. I was diagnosed with labyrinthitis but I was certain that many symptoms were linked to what I ate, how much I ate and when I ate.

    I have undergone many tests with doctors and specialists which were inconclusive or indicated all was fine. I am currently studying for my masters and decided to take the 'research' approach to my symptoms.

    Here's what I discovered (specific to my history but it could be a useful guide for anyone).

    I had a stressful childhood which has affected my immune system. Stress in my adult life affects me in many ways, as do the injections I take for my arthritis.I have discovered that the source of my physical symptoms is the inefficiency of my digestive system. Over time I linked ALL my symptoms to how I was unable to break down my food groups, no matter how healthy my diet. I tried many different approaches. The approach that worked is unbeliavably simple but gradually alleviated ALL my symptoms:

    1. I started a paleo type diet that reduced my intake of complex carbohydrates (boring but stuck to it for 3 weeks and felt better). First to go had to be caffeine, all coffee including decaff, sugars, gluten, wheat and alcohol. I also took raw apple cider vinegar splashed on salads, 2 daily teaspoons of coconut oil and 6-8 glasses of water/herbal teas.

    2. I then started one high strength probiotic complex capsule daily (there are many good ones on the market, I got mine from Amazon after checking reviews). Please do not take if pregnant or on medication without talking to a GP. I also started to take natural digestive enzymes with every meal (again, there are many good ones on the market, I got mine from Amazon after checking reviews). Again, please do not take if pregnant or on medication without talking to a GP

    3. I felt better and after 3 weeks I started reintroducing certain foods one at a time. There are some that I now realise are best avoided or taken only in moderation and this will differ for everyone.

    My own sytem was depleted of natural probiotics and was not producing sufficient enzymes to break down my food. This appeared to be the underlying cause of my many problems. Antibiotics, medications, infection, illness, stress, you name it, many things can stop our gut working efficiently. We are what we eat and if your digestive system isn't working properly current research, wordwide, has shown that this has the potential to affect the efficieny of other organs and systems in our body. Sounds bizarre but if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. (Your can have the best car in the world but it won't run effectively if it can't make use of the fuel you put in it). 

    Result: I am 52, still take my arthrtis injections, 8 cups of water, probiotics, enzymes, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. I eat healthier, low carb meals and feel better than I have done in 20 years. My weight has fallen back down to its optimum level and I feel more energised and healthy, even my siuses are clearer (hay fever still there but you can't win them all!). My symptoms have gone and I have also noticed that I can think more clearly, as if a fog (that I didn't know was there) has been lifted  [smile]

    I hope this information can be helpful!

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    Without hearing loss, you do not have labyrinthitis.  You are right in going elsewhere.

    Eleftherios S. Papathanasiou, PhD, FEAN

    Clinical Neurophysiologist

    Fellow of the European Academy of Neurology

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