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Hi Folks


I recently had a blood test and was told that I have a lack of vitamin B12 in my body.


I know that B12 is obtained from foods such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, broccoli, brussel sprouts, peas, and cod.


However, do I need to cook/prepare the meat, fish, broccoli, sprouts, and peas in a specific way i order to get maximum b3enefit?


Also, would you suggest any particular type of meat and fish to buy/make?


How about eating  fish and chips?  Although the batter on the chips isn't good for your health.


Finally, regarding the dairy products.  Is there any particular type of dairy products that I should eat?


Thanks in advance for your responses.

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    Geek84- what was your results- including the lab ranges. Was your folate and ferritin also tested? If so what were those results? If you are low and have symptoms, you will need loading injections and then maintenance jabs every 2/3 months.

    You need to read up as much as you can because it is rare that a Dr knows much and you will need to drive things! Look at the Pernicious Anaemia Society website and very helpful forum. Also the B12 deficiency website. 😄

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    Hi Blue dragon

    Many thanks for your quick reply.

    The nurse at the practice took my blood test and I spoke to the doctor a few days later who said that I am 10kg over weight and my cholesterol level is 5.6, whereas it should be between 4 and 5.  The doctor also said there is a deficiency of vitamin B12, and suggested a few dietary changes.   She also prescribed me some tablets - cyanocobalamin 50mcg, to see if there are any changes to the vitamin level.

    The blood test was designed to test the following:

    kidney function

    liver function

    Cholesterol level

    thyroid function


    full blood count

    Thanks in advance for any further advice.

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      Thanks for that info. Ask for a print out of your results and keep them for further reference. Tablets for B12 are not recommended unless it is established that it is caused purely through diet alone. Like I said- do some reading. Vit D also important test.
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    Thanks Blue Dragon

    I have an appointment with the nurse next week to further dicuss the results.

    I will keep you posted.

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    Blue Dragon already told you what you need to know going forward. GL with your next appointment!  However, I'm fairly sure that B12 is not found in any vegetables. You need animal sources such as meats and cheese (and I've once read that dairy is not a good way to up your levels - I think the body is more efficient with B12 from meat, although I only read it once and didn't see a study to back it up)

    If you aren't a vegetarian and you have low B12, then something else may also be wrong, as the body should be good at obtaining and reusing this particular vitamin if all is "healthy". Some of the common causes would be Pernicius Anaemia, Celiac Disease, Crone's/Colitis or a combination. If there's more than one vitamin deficiency, keep looking to find out why. If it's just B12, it would probably fall under PA from what I understand.

    As Blue Dragon said, focus on supplements (injections are best since they bypass the digestive system and that was failing you somehow or you wouldn't be deficient in the first place) versus diet. But, do pay attention to what and how you eat in case there is a further gut issue. I hope you're all well soon!!

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    B12 is only available from meat and dairy. Folate is what you get from green leafy veg. Ask for copies of your blood results. If you eat meat insist you have b12 injections. Tablets will falsely increase levels as only 1% can be absorbed from tablets if you have an absorption problem. You may need folic acid too. Check your ferritin is good too.
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    If you do a google you'll find information on which foods are highest in B12. Mackeral is one of the best; I would quite often eat mackeral and would actually notice the difference in how I'd feel for the next couple of days. Liver and clams are even better.
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    Good Morning Folks

    Just to give you an update ...

    I visited the nurse yesterday to get the blood test report.  My cholesterol level is 5.6 and I was told that it should be between 4 and 5, so I need to reduce it. 

    I am also overweight by 2 stones (14 kg) !!  So, it seems I need to go to the gym more regularly.

    The nurse said by getting my weight down, I should also be able to reduce my cholesterol level - so it would be a double benefit.

    I'm still taking 2 tablets a day regarding my vitamin B12 deficiency.  I've been asked to take them for 6 months and then have another blood test to see if it has made any difference.

    I will continue reading around B12 deficiency.

    Any further comments from you kind folks out there regarding the quickest way to get my weight down and the B12 deficency would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You.

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    Good Morning Folks

    I do have a high cholesterol level as well !

    Anyway, as I previously mentioned, I am taking 2 cyanocolabalamin tablets daily, to boost my B12. (as prescribed by doctor). Do you think I should take other supplements as well, such as nasal spray available from Holland & Barrett to help increase the amount of B12 intake?



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    What are your main symptoms? The problem with taking oral supplements is that they can show falsely increased serum b12 as the test measures both active and inactive forms of b12. B12 needs folate to enable it to become active and transfer from your blood to your cells. Do you know your folate level? If you have neuro symptoms then injections are the only way to repair nerve damage.
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    Hi Heather

    I don't really have any symptoms!

    I do feel a bit tired sometimes.  My blood test report suggests I am low in B12 and the GP said I am overweight by about 2 stones!!

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