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Hi all,

I have just been diagnosed with lactose intolerance. After, literally years of suffering, I finally have an answer to my problems. I was just wondering if anyone else out there has this and what you suffered? I mean, this seemingly little thing has caused me to become bedridden! I ate a diet LOADED with lactose prior to diagnosis and honestly felt like I was dying over the last two years in particular. I had severe diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, brain-fog, anxiety attacks...the list goes on... I had my appendix out in Oct 2013 too, which I can't be sure was related, but it was horrendously painful any way!

The symptoms I had, I put down to various things and was convinced I had parasites, which I don't have. I just could not fathom why I was so ill. I had a food intolerance test and eggs came up positive, so I eliminated them from my diet at the time, but I had little relief as I was still eating a high-lactose diet, not knowing that I was intolerant. 

I have now eliminated all lactose AND eggs from my diet and in one day, I felt better. I had no abdominal pain, no urgency to poo, and no headache - which I have literally, constantly had for years. It's remarkable. I also didn't suffer bad dreams, which is so weird, as I have actually become used to my dreams being bad/negative and it became normal for me. It's such a relief to be able to rest without disruption!

Did or do any of you suffer with really bad symptoms down to lactose intolerance? Also, as I am new to this and have had to overhall my diet, does anyone have advice on foods I should avoid, etc?

Thanks! smile

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    anything proccesed tinned frozen in packets your find lactose in most of these , and dont forget chicken your find it in chicken .to.

    my friend only had to eat a chicken sandwich and within minutes she would be desperatly looking for the loo . keep it fresh ,you can see what your eating ..i dont know if any chicken is lactose free , your have to look into it . good luck 

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      Thanks for that advice. I wouldn't have thought of meat products, I just read that 'some proteins' have it in. I am being really careful now and reading the ingredients list. It's just annoying when ingredients are listed under names that don't suggest lactose!

      Cheers smile

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      lactose is sweet so its used in a lot of products .

      and meat is pumped full of so much stuff today its a minefield 

      it sounds simply at first avoid dairy , untill you start reading labels

      my brother is dairy free its really hard .

      i would think red meat would be ok . but check anything that comes in pack bacon ,ham etc you cant be to carefull

      but would stick to organic , sauces even things like casserol mixes etc will state lactose as an ingredient . tescos has just launched a chilled dairy free range . might be worth looking at vegan diet because theres defo no dairy in that .

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      Yeah, I will do that actually. I sort of started a vegan diet yesterday and, like you said about your brother, it's very hard to be dairy-free. I did eat some beef for dinner, but I checked it. Still, I can't be sure, so I think that I will be as vegan as possible in case of the risk of lactose. I do take a high quality b-complex supplement, with food-sourced folate, etc, so I doubt I will suffer any nutrtional deficiencies caused by a lack of meat. I am looking at 'free-from' food ranges online, stores that specialise in it, etc. It's amazing how much food contains dairy/dairy derivitives. I am quite shocked by just how much I was eating. No wonder I felt so ill!


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      By the way, do you know anything about casein? I have seen it before in foods ingredients lists, but never knew what it was. Thx
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      ...and thanks for letting me know about Tesco, I shop there, but didn't know they did a chilled selection. smile
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      go to www.webmd.comallergiens/guide/casein-allergy-overveiw

      its a protien found in milk as is whey people can react very badly to 

      swollen lips and hives 

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      my brother is grain and sugar free to so its really hard

      he basicly lives on 

      white fish , small amount of meat , buck wheat bread that he makes himself and veg .

      his working on making vegan butter .

      keep soya products to a small amount to its not as good for you as you have been lead to believe and avoid vegatable oils as these are to high in omega 6 omega is 3 the one you need  . rememember that the industry is very powerful .

      you could look into coconut spreads  

      look at biona on line. but only use these spreads in small amounts daily because they have a high vegatable oil in as well

       you can buy coconut oil for cooking and baking  

      that is  deodrised coconut oil so you get the goodness and not the taste of coconut flavour .

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      Hi Tiswas!

      Sorry for my late response - I haven't been online in a bit, getting used to this diet is kinda strange lol

      Thank u so much for all your advice! I was pondering whether to avoid Soya, so I am so glad you mentioned that. I couldn't seem to find any definitive 'yes/no' on it and the articles I read, I didn't understand, being new to the whole thing! I am usually quite savvy when it comes to nutrition, but this is harder than I thought. I am getting used to it though. My stomach was a little sensitive for a few days so I was very tired and basically unable to get out of bed. Partly due to the fact that I was very hungry, not knowing what I could eat, and so had little energy. I think I will naturally lose the excess weight I am carrying with this diet overhall, which I am happy about as I need to shed 3 stone. The best thing though is that my stomach problems aren't ruling my life anymore! I mean it was constantly hurting and I was even referred to a pelvic ultrasound (still waiting...), which I will attend as I am curious as to whether there is any damage there caused by my diet loaded with lactose and dairy, prior to me finding out I am lactose intolerant. 

      Thanks for the advice re the coconut oil too - I wasn't sure if my food would taste of coconut if I used it, despite me liking coconut a lot. I drink coconut water most days, but I can't have too much potassium as it causes me to have symptoms associated with pernicious anemia, which I do suffer from, so take a high strength, food sourced B12 supplement each day.

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      you have to remember that we are by natrue hunter gatherers are bodies are meant to eat meat fish and berries and fruit . 

      grain to come into our diet untill we started farming .and we are the only 

      mamals who drink  other mamals milk does sort of sound yuk when you put it like that .you can buy deodurised coconut fat that dosent taste of coconut for cooking in .. avoid to much omega 6 to thats it nuts and grains and vegatable oils ,omega 3 is what you need .

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      Yeah, funnily enough I was watching a documentary on human evolution on YouTube this morning, being interested in anthropology, etc, and it obviously mentioned our diet. I also think it's a bit weird that we drink another animal's milk, but if I avoid soy milk (I don't want to intake that much oestrogen), what can I drink to get the calcium? Or what would I use in my tea? I have tried almond milk and I do like it, but it's very expensive. I suppose, considering I don't drink a lot of milk, it might not be that expensive in the long run though.

      In this documentary, the new findings were that, because we learnt how to cook meat, our guts shortened and there was less need to constantly graze on the vegetation - berries, etc. I personally like fruit, but eat vegetables instead because of the natural, yet high sugar content in the fruits I like. 

      Still, I am intrigued by how meat plays a part in our diet, considering our ancestors hunted and ate gamey meats, yet we don't digest it very well. It's a strange paradox that the protein in the meats helped our brain development and evolution, yet we evolved with shorter guts unable to fully digest red meats...? Do you have any thoughts on that?

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      not really its all very hard work trying to understand it all 

      if you only have a couple of cups of tea a day i wouldnt worry about 

      the soya milk only would worry if i drank a lot of it.

      i am lucky so far i am still able to cope with dairy  as long as i dont go over board then i get trouble with phelgm and sinus .. which is just as well as there are other food groups i cant manage . my fav meat is lamb love lamb , and chicken i like duck to but venison i dont like . can you have qourn its not good to have all the time but once a week would be ok . 

      dont forget that vegatables that grow under ground like carrots potatoes and other root veg are also full of sugar.

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      Yeah it is quite puzzling, I agree.

      I am the same as you with dairy and phelgm, I mean my diet was so dairy-rich that I was always blowing my nose! And, sorry to be gross, I think my whole body was full of mucus. 

      What's also amazing is that, despite my eczema clearing slightly as I have entered my thirties, it has literally disappeared over the last week. I can't believe it. I have spent most of my life covered up because I have been self-conscious about my skin, but I hated covering myself in creams, etc - I just hate the feeling of being greased up as my skin is naturally oily. I have had a bit of a spot outbreak on my face this past week or so, but I am not sure it's related. My thought was that it was the crap coming out of my body - in a detox sense, and maybe my hormones balancing. 

      Oh yes, I love lamb too! It's my fav, as well as beef. I love a nice lamb curry though yum! Same as you with venison, I don't like it. Too gamey for me. My mum loves venison and she's always trying to get me to have some lol I also don't like pork, unless it's sausage meat or bacon, which I don't eat often because of the nitrates, etc.

      Shame about the root veg - I love root veg. But I do balance it with other vegetables so I think I am okay with that. I had a sweet potato, 'free-from' cottage pie the other day and it was lovely. 

      I really like quorn, but it contains egg protein so I can't eat it. I was quite surprised about that as I thought it was just mushroom protein, but had to check because of my intolerance to eggs and sure enough it's listed as an ingredient. There are so many things out there with dairy products in, it's amazing how Vegans manage. I am glad I am able to eat meat still though.

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      sweet potao sugar sugar , yes i think you have to draw the line some where 

      its just that so many people dont consider root veg when they are giving up sugar , i like my root veg brocli and cauliflower ,and unless i get problems 

      i will keep eating them, yes i thought it was mushroom protein to, god it s

      a blooming nightmare .

      i am not keen on pork unless its sausage or bacon which like you say 

      are full of nitrates which are bad so bad for you

      i limit my self to once a week . .all proccesed meat is bad and should be avoided as much as poss

      esp if you have any form of stomach cancer not that you have but you might know someone ,

      i can eat eggs if there in things like yorkshire puddding

      or cakes but if i have even that, more than once a week i still will get constipated .

      if you can eat flour ,and like pancakes you can make them with out eggs

      just make up the batter with flour and use bottled fizzy water instead of tap water leave over night in fridge stir the next day ,and fry in the normal way .

      works and tastes just as good .

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      Hey Tiswas!

      Thanks for the PM and the advice again! I just logged back on after a week as I was diagnosed with strep throat and have been on antibiotics. Luckily no side effects (except the weirdest nightmares and glands slightly raised). 

      I have been doing really well on this lactose-free diet! I found an online store that does free-from foods so I know I can't go wrong. My appetite is normal-low compared to how it used to be, and without 'dieting', I have already lost 7lbs. smile I really need to lose 3 stone so that was a nice surprise. I feel like my body is thanking me for diet change lol I just don't feel like I was getting any nutrients before, but now I feel like my body is absorbing them. My eczema (which I have suffered from for over 15 years) has completely gone, I am so shocked! I just wish I had known sooner what what causing it and saved myself a lot of grief. But, hey, at least I know now smile

      Regarding the sausages/bacon, etc, my nan died of stomach cancer so I am very wary about things that are carcinogenic, but I have treated my body like cr@p, tbh. Finding out I was lactose-intolerant was a blessing in disguise I feel, as it gave me the massive kick up the ar$e I needed lol

      I have had a comprehensive food intolerance test done and will have the results this week. All I know right now is I am intolerant to lactose, eggs and cashew nuts (though I don't have much of a reaction to them, I never really liked them anyway).

      Funny that eggs make you constipated if you eat them a lot, I get the exact opposite if you get my drift lol It's so not worth the grief! I miss them though as I always loved eggs. I have read before that you can crave things that you are intolerant to. I find that really strange, but true for me as I always craved cheeses/milk products before. I still do at times, but not nearly as much, especially knowing how ill they were making me!


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