Lamotrigine feeling weird in the morning

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I have been taking lamictal for about a year and a half with no problems but recently I have been feeling slow and out of it in the mornings until a little while after I have taken lamictal does anyone else have this problem?  

Please help I cant live like this


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    Hi killacidreflux,

    My 14 year old granddaughter is epileptic and takes Lamictal morning and night for over 4 years now. Taking it at exactly the same time every 12 hours, twice a day is crucial. She fights against taking it and ends up with a host of physical complaints, so I asked her doctor what was happening.

    He explained that Lamictal's purpose is to slow down all the electrical functions in the brain because epilepsy inherently is caused from overload of too fast synapses, the firing that goes on in our nervous system, and when my granddaughter is not regular with the medicine, all kinds of miss fires begin and incomplete synapses because without the med, the body tries to start up again at fast pace which causes discomfort of all kinds and confusion.

    Perhaps this information can help you? Are you taking your Lamictal at exactly the same time morning and night with no more than an hour lapse between doses?



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      I dont take it down to the exact minute but same time of day. I dont think this is the problem because no matter what i feel the same sad i actually believe it isnt related to the meication but to something else calle adrenal fatigue.. i feel slightly better and i think with time and good rest it will only get better
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    Hi, I have been on a mix of Lamotrigine & Pheytoin for about 9 months - initially I was 'zombified' but the Phenytoin was reduced every second week and now I am only on Lamotrigine.

    So I am generally back to my self (whatever that was) but I have found that If my diet chages, not eating regular etc the next day I back back to feeling a bit 'out of it'

    So I dont know if that is the problem or sometimes ones body just 'one of those days'

    Aparently Lamotrigine had a 48 hour slow release - has anything changed in your diet, lifestlye, hasseled at work etc

    So many little things seem to have a big effetc on the medication we are on.

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      thanks for your reply! the only thing is... this was the only perscription medication i was taking. so either it is lamictal or something else. but i have been treating adrenal fatigue and symptoms are somewhat subsiding but never completely gone.

      i have heard lamictal is slow release. which confuses me on why i feel somewhat better when i take it? i like have to take it to feel normal. i am now down to 50mg and today i actually feel like i did if i took 100mg ( i was orignally taking 200mg)... but i still feel strange. i just have lost my goofy laughing spark that i had, i just want it back sad

      thanks again and be well!

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    Hi. I have been taking Lamotrigine for 6 months & only have problems when I'm going up a dose. It does take me a while to get going in the morning too. Apparently you wake up slower on this medication hence things could be slower pace. Hope you feel better soon but do talk to your nurse. 
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      Thank you for your reply. Its not just that i am slow in the morning it last throughout the whole day. i seem to get no complete break from this feeling. it is stronger before i take my medication when i take it daily it seems to subside some... and i am feeling a little bit better since dealing with a adrenal fatigue problem... but only a little bit... maybe i need more time? and i am not down to about 50 mg... i am able to deal with my problems without this medication. and this morning i actually dont feel any different which is a good sign.

      i am starting to think that this is unrelated to the lamictal, but it seems to be helping some.

      i have tried to talk to a nurse, doctor, physciatrist, theraist (which i dont see anymore) and no one was able to help. My holistic doctor said it could be from adrenal fatigue which i am starting to think thats what it is.

      thanks again and be well!

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    Ive been on lamictal for about 4 months. (A month and a half ago it was increased to 200mg daily). I felt amazing but still felt that anxiety that plagues me. My doctor recently put me on bus buspirone 5 mg. since that began 3 weeks ago, (I take one in am and one at night). I am groggy, can't find my words sometimes and aren't as quick thinking as normal....I'm also unmotivated. But I force myself up. Even just to put headphones on and go for a quick walk or open up all the windows and just start

    One chore at a time. Just be in the moment. I have been having a harder time waking up....its been rough

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    Hi killacidreflux

    I have just started taking Lamotrigene recently for complex partail seizures .

    Your problem sounds very much the same as mine except I suffer these episodes in the evening and through the night as I also have brocken sleep most nights .

    The feeling I het is dizzying feelings with light handedness with a sensation that you are not fully aware of your surroundings .

    This was a concern for me as I do have anxiety before seizures .

    I have found these actions work very well for myself and lessen these effects and problems.

    1/ Stop watching T.V immediately .

    2/ If you are using a computer or tablet leave that alone as well .

    3/ Turn off your mobile phone and do not use for at least one hour .

    4/ If you can find somewhere quite and shaded and relax for a good hour till you feel better .

    This works for me and the side effects of Lamotrigene are worth putting up with for me as I have good control over partial seizures again .

    Let me know if this works for you .


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    Hi, I have been on lamotrigine since I was 15 starting at 25 mg I am now 20 and I am up to 275mg a day I also have a depo contraceptive jag every 3 months,I have slow days which start in the morning and go on all day I sometimes up my dose by 25 mg just incase it brings on a seizure,but luckily I haven't in over 2 years, the slow day is really annoying as I can't go out or anything when it happens as I can barely talk or able to corresponde with anyone when I go to bed I can't sleep as some days my eyes constantly move as if my brain is in overdrive and I just have to wait till it works itself of, I take my meds twice a day and I'm thinking splitting it to 3 times a day ,,any ideas of what could be wrong and what I'm doing to get these symptoms,don't drink or smoke and don't party, just work and take life easy😊

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