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hi. I've finally saw a gyno for pains and bleeding etc. She thinks possible endo. She wants to do an op. Lapscopy. I go on 8th December. So not long. She said depending on what they find they could do minor surgery when inside. He

who has had thus op. What should expect? Pain and recovery? Sickness? How much can u do after etc. Please any help much appreciated. Thanks x

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    Well first of all, the last thing you need to do right now is stress about the surgery it is not so bad. however everyone is different and we all recover differently. this was my expereince

    the op itself was fine however recovery can be very rough though, you will more than likely suffer from exteme shoulder and chest pain but that is from the Anesthitic it is the worst part of all of it, and it can take a day or 3 before that eases up. the reason this happens is because of the angle the docs put in during surgery, i wont go into detail because its not pretty

    after that, you will have some discomfort when going to bathroom and depending on how you sit it can also be extremely uncomfortable, hopefully you will be booked off for a week and i would recommend you sleep as much as you can, its the quickest way to heal. the pain varies from person to person, i found that after day 5 i started to feel better but i also stayed away from sugar and caffiene.

    However i have heard from other people that they took hours to feel better and others have said they have taken up to two weeks to heal.

    My main advise i can give you is after 7 days you still dont feel well or are still battling with pain then call you Gyno and ask if what you are experciening is normal or not.

    i really hope your op goes well and that you are cleared of all endo, please let me know how it goes.

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      Hi. Thanks for your reply.  I had my lap on Monday.  Unfortunately they didn't find anything.  I have been referred to gastro specialist now......I have an incision in my belly button and two in public area.  I would say the worst pain is when u come around the burning sensation.  I was on morphine for pain.  Also first time I went for a wee was very painful.  Just aching now. Also shoulder pain is herendous.  And haven't had a number two yet.  I'm too scared to push.  X
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    I had this op on the 1st Dec as a scan showed I had an endemetrioma (a cyst on my right ovary 5cm big that was endometriosis). I had severe pelvic pain a few times but my periods have always been fine. Anyway they removed the cyst which burst during surgery so required a thorough clean out and they found endometriosis elsewhere which they burnt away. I'm just giving you background because I'm guessing that is what your doctor means by minor surgery when inside - if they find endometriosis that needs removing they will do it then and there.

    I was told a 1-3 week recovery time. I took a week off work but had to take another as I'm not completely better yet. So I would allow yourself at least two weeks. The gas they put in you during the op (so you expand so they can see better) takes a while to leave the system and you do end up with discomfort in your shoulders that feels like a kind of breathlessness. It goes after a couple of days. The anasthetic takes a while to leave your system so don't be surprised if as well as feeling tired you feel very emotional. I was in quite bad pain four days later and the GP came round and prescribed antibiotics for a poss post op internal infection. This is very common and antibiotics work quickly - I'm just warning you because a doctor friend of mine said severe pain 4 days after is reason to get checked. I couldn't walk properly for about 6 days and was only able to leave the house after 6 days too. I am walking very slowly, still in a fair bit of discomfort so I'm glad I've taken another week off work. Also no heavy lifting afterwards, and no baths for two weeks although showers are okay - you're advised to keep the surgery incisions dry and clean and they should give you some dressings to help.

    Obviously it is very different for everyone but I wish I'd been told more about what to expect after. Also anasthetic and pain killers can make you constipated and you can't really use your stomach muscles for a while to push! It can add to the pain so it's worth getting something like Dulcoease. But don't get a stimulant laxative like some senna products as it can make your stomach spasm which obviously adds to the discomfort.

    Sorry for the essay! But I wish I'd had more info. Take it easy on yourself afterwards, any operation takes a while to recover from and everybody is different. I hope your recovery is swift and the operation helps to end your pain.

    All the very best with it xx

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      Don't push! You'll feel when it's okay to do so. Dulcoease really helped me. It's good they didn't find anything in the sense that things must be okay in that area but frustrating you don't have any answers yet. If it continues to burn when you wee contact your GP for a home visit and they can test your urine and give you antibiotics if necessary. Good luck with it all and take care of yourself xx
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