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I have recently been diagnosed with a large (watermelon sized) cyst. I had thought it was fat. But I have recently lost 4 stone in weight and still had a huge tummy - after losing 7 inches in my waist it stopped reducing in size even though I was still losing weight. Not dieting just now and the weight loss has stopped. Whew - never thought I woul be releived at that !

GP thought it was a hernia, but I went through a week of bad pain and the surgeon found the mass immediately on examination and I was sent to a gynacologist.

I am going in for an op on 9th Dec, removal of cyst, womb, both ovaries and omentectomy. Surgeon said he will remove appendix too if it is attached.

I have had blood tests to check for cancer markers - so fingers crossed.

My sister has had a few cysts up to mandarin sized and my first cousin has one that was football sized, so hopefully mine isn't cancerous.

I am am pretty scared about the op and the pain during recovery.

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    It sounds like you have been through a lot of pain but at least you now know why.

    I have just had my remaining ovary removed after suffering with various cysts & having operations for the past 12 years.

    Your recovery will be a long one but as long as you are prepared to do nothing for the first few weeks that will help. Being independent ladies we all feel that we can do more than we should!

    Everyone is very helpful on this forum so keep us all updated on your progress.

    Good luck for the 9th.



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    Hi Frances

    I had a 12cm cyst, this was also classed a water melon so we called her baby mel! I am just home this week after having womb, cyst and ovaries removed. The cyst was too big for keyhold so I am sliced (new bikini line) not that anyone will ever see it.

    Jill is right, it is major surgery but fairly routine now. you will have to be very careful and have someone around to look after you, to start you really wont be able to do much at all and even when you think you can do something you must stop yourself because you will feel it later.

    Surgery is daunting but trust me my sister has had this done and says she has never looked back!!

    No more periods :lol:

    Good luck with op, keep in touch and look after yourself.

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    Congratulations on all that weight loss thats excellent. I have been trying for years and its never happened so for you to manage it with a cyst is fantastic.

    Although the thought of surgery is scary it is a routine thing for them and once you get past the first week the pain isnt so bad and I think if anything because I felt so much better from having the cyst taken out the wound etc wasa piece of cake. My skin went from a sicky grey colour to my normal olive within days of surgery cant belive what a bind having acyst was.

    The recovery is long and boring but its important you follow your hospital guidelines and not over do it.

    Good luck with your op and keep us updated

    Tracey xx

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    Thanks for everyone's support. It is good to hear from people who have been through the same experience.

    Unfortunately no bikini line surgery, it'll be an up and down cut for me. Don't like sunbathing anyway. But I do like horse riding and have a dead cute Icelandic horse. Luckily, my neice has just moved near by and she is riding him now. He lives out 24/7 so no mucking out. But it is going to be a while before I can ride again - boo !

    I am just taking it quietly at home now until the op. My boss has been great, but I'm annoyed about missing the work I was doing as I was learning new stuff and now that is out the window. Sad - but true !

    My parents will be taking care of me when I come out of hospital (I think I'll be in for a week), a few days in my flat then up to Aberfeldy to recover. I'm going to be climbing the walls with boredom, but will be careful as I do not want to hold up my recovery.

    Any ideas on what to wear when I leave the hospital ? No idea what size I'll be with the swelling etc. And don't want anything that will be uncomfortable on the wound.

    Thanks again guys,

    I keep in touch.

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    Hi Frances,

    Sounds like you are well prepared anyway and it's good that your parents will be looking after you. It doesn't matter how old you are, they still like to fuss!

    I would just make sure you have a long baggy top or jumper to wear when you leave the hospital. That way you can leave the buttons undone on your trousers and nobody will ever know! Personally I would avoid tracksuit or casual bottoms as they still have an elasticated wait and will squash you. I found a really cheap pair of PJ bottoms which don't have a waistband, just a very fine elastic stitchin, they would have been great waer home if it hadn't been so cold outside. They were perfect for at home though.

    Good luck & keep in touch.


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    Thanks - PJ bottoms it is ! It will give my mother something to do when I am in hospital.
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    hi all

    im having a laparotomy on 8th jan for a 27cm sized cyst and removal of ovary im so scared. cyst is huge and uncomforrtable and hasmade be incontinent, and im sick of people asking when my baby is due. my pre op isin the morning. im shaking with fear. its not the op im afraid of, its the anastheisa. inside im screaming. any adivce please

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    Hi cassie

    welcome to the forum, wow that's a big cyst, i thought linda's was huge at 12cm, you must be in a lot of pain ? i just wanted to wish you good luck on the 8th and a speedy recovery.

    I hope someone else comes along and gives you some advice because they've had their ops and i'm not finding out till the 21st if they are removing my ovaries and cyst, mine's nothing compared to yours.

    all the best and keep us updated please on how your doing.

    kim x

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    Hi Cassie,

    I have had both of my ovaries removed due to cysts. Please don't worry. You will be in good hands at the hospital and the end result will be no more pain. I am terrified of needles and anything like that but it is so quick and you go under before you can count to 5.

    I know it is easy to say but try to relax when you get to the hospital, just make sure you discuss any concerns with your doctor & anaesthatist.

    Just think of the end result and that will get you through.

    Hope all goes well. Take care.


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    Hello everyone,

    2 1/2 years ago, I had my 2 big fibroids removed. During the op, they discovered that i had 5 cysts, not 1 as I had been told. Two years later they removed another big water melon size cyst. And only 4 months later, the doc found another cyst in the left ovary, it's about the size of a small orange!! every month i suffer for 2 days, it causes very severe pain when i have my period.

    My doc said we should wait till it becomes 6 c.m and then she'll prescribe pills, if it doesn't go away on it's own, i'll have 2 go in for another operation.

    i'm scared and don't want to have pills but don't want to have the pain or have another op again!!! I'm depressed and don't know what to do. sad

    any advice??


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    Hi, it is me again ! I had my Op on the 9th of December and all went well. 6 weeks afterwards I was able to go for a 45/60 minute walk and spend about 3 hours a day working on a Jigsaw (getting me used to sitting at a desk !). I then started back at work slowly and have now worked up to 5 hours a day which is about 6 hours in total including travelling time. I did try 6 hours at work but that was too much.

    At the weekend I go and see my horse - I rode last Saturday (getting on from a mounting block and being led at a walk) for the first time and all was fine. Except I did feel a bit tired in my stomach the next day.

    Apart from the above and a little bit of cooking and washing up, I am resting in bed as much as possible.

    My surgeon did say that my recovery will be slow after about 6 weeks and I did have a large verticle cut in my tummy - from about an inch above my belly button downwards - about 9 inches.

    It is now over 3 months after my Op, and I do know that everyone is different and my Op was a big one, but is this progress normal ? I was fairly fit before it. Am I resting too much ? I do so little at the weekend so that I am not too tired for the working week. But do seem to be stuck at working 5 to 5 1/2 hours a day.

    Is there anything else I should be doing to improve my progress ?

    I have just started HRT (12 days ago) as going through the Menopause (AGAIN So unfair !) and the hot flushes are much worse this time, it's not working yet, so may have to increase the dose as my doctor did put me onto the minimal to start with, but will wait till I've been on it for a month before going back.

    What has anyone else found with their recovery ?

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    Hi everyone,

    Its so good to talk to u ladies about cysts and my experience. Ive posted a few on here 2day. With mine i had key hole and i had a 15cm which my consultant just managed to get out or i would of been cut right across he had to fight it. Op was 2hr. Im so pleased i wasnt cut right open was painful enough afer op x

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    hi everyone

    on the 22nd of april i woke up with a very strong pain in my abdomen but went to college as usual. i felt faint in class, not through pain, but dizziness. i collapsed twice and was taken to hospital, who werent concerned about my pain and sent me home. the following day i went to my gp, as i was in a lot of pain still. my gp thought i had appendicitus and so reffered me straight to the hospital and after them telling me i had a nasty water infection and i had an ultrasound scan, i finally found out i had a complex cyst on my right ovary, measuring 10 x 7.7 x 6.5 cm. i am told im likely to have had it for a few years, even though i have never had pain like this before. when they told me this i was absolutely petrified. I have had alot of shoulder pain, which they say is because im bleeding into the cyst and palpitations. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I'm only 18 and they have said they will have to remove my right ovary and it truly scares me so much. They have told me my left ovary may have to be removed too if it is unhealthy and im petrified about surgery and because im really scared i wont get to have children of my own. Everything is happening so very quickly and my operation is only on thursday (about a day away) Not to mention the fact i will be missing my exams, and so will have to resit next year, everything just feels so stressful. i know this will sound absolutely ridiculous, especially as you all seem to cope very well with losing your ovary/ies and even wombs, but did/do any of you feel a kind of loss? When i think about it, im worried i wont feel like a woman anymore.

    Apologies, this post seems to have become a big splurge of everything in my head at the moment.

    You are all making me feel more positive, though smile

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    hi , my name sam and i had a 14cm cyst on my right ovary whiched only caused me to be incontenant and my stomach swell with bad cramps,had key hole surgery on 8th july whiched was a cut in my belly button and bikini cut to get cysts and ovary removed,its now day four and i am still in pain and find it hard to move around and get out of breath easily anyone else felt like this and how much longer before it gets better.
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