Large ovarian cyst and laparoscopy booked, advice please

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Hi, i hope someone can give me a little bit of advice as this has all happened fairly quickly.

I went for a gynae appointment due to bleeding and was told i had a cervical cyst, she said she would do a hysteroscopy to remove it and check things out under a GA, then she sent me for ultrasound which revealed a 9.5cm cyst either endometrial or hemmoregic. Now i will have to have it removed under a laparoscopy and a hystercopy at the same time. She told me i may lose my ovary also.

To be honest i expected to be back at work the day after and resume normal life but from what ive been reading its not the case, ive read its a 4-6 weeks recovery and you musnt lift anything heavy or drive.

Im also have the ca125 blood test tomorrow as i told the gynae i was only worried about cancer and she told me straight that she couldnt tell me from ultrasound what it was and i would need the blood test, ive read this can be skewed from endo and having the test near your period which i will be.

If someone has been through this could they please answer my questions:

1) Did anyone have high ca125 but it wasnt cancer related

2) I have had symptoms of abdominal pain but i thought it was my bowels or hip pain etc, it now makes sense but everything i read people had protruding stomachs and looked pregnant, im often bloated but not pregnant looking, find it strange i didnt see any evidence.

3) Did it effect anyones bowels, i need to go alot like ibs but i dont think it is now.

4) Ive heard the gas in your shoulder is the worst part after surgery, how long does that actually last?

5) In reality will i be able to do office work the next day? Nothing physical.

6) how long before i can walk my dog again who pulls and goes crazy when she sees another dog. Shes only small but shes strong.

7) Is there anything i shoudl expect that im unlikely to be thinking of. As its just small incisions and a day case i thought id be sore but fine the next day.

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    Hi hun, 

    I had a 12cm dermoid cyst on my left ovary which needed to be removed via laparotomy (where they cut bikini line) 

    I can't say anything for the blood tests as they didnt suspect cancer due to my age but I had a lot of severe abdominal pain with my cyst, I looked about 6 months pregnant due to the size of my cyst but it could be down to general bloating. I could see the cyst protruding when I pushed my belly out. 

    It definitely effected my bowels as I was either constipated for days or had diarhoea for days - as for post op I'm at 6 weeks now and still having bowel troubles as before. I also needed to pee a lot more often as it was pushing on my bladder. 

    The gas after the surgery was definitely painful, it felt like someone constantly pushing down on my chest but it went away after 5 days or so. 

    As for going to work the next day I wouldn't recommend it, I would wait at least a week before you go back, even if it is office work you must remember that you've had surgery and it can take a while for your body to recover. Are you going under general anaesthetic? My body didnt agree with the anaesthetic or the morphine they gave me afterwards so I was in for 3 days (but this may be different for you as it's a different surgery) 

    If your dog is a puller (mine is too!) i wouldn't walk her for a few weeks until you feel 100% again. 

    As for incisions, I have a bellybutton cut as they thought they could remove my cyst via laparoscopy. I've found it was very tender for about a week. You'll have to make sure you keep it super clean by showering every day and if there are any signs of infection (pus, bad odor, redness, itching or tenderness) get straight to your doctor for antibiotics. My bellybutton got infected even though I was showering every day and drying it thoroughly, the bellybutton is a nightmare for bacteria as it is partially enclosed. 

    As for anything else, don't push yourself! They will likely try get you up and walking around a few hours after the surgery which can be quite painful. Your body will tell you if you've overdone it at all. You shouldn't drive for at least a week after your surgery (if you need to break quickly for any reason it will be extremely paiful and you run the risk of splitting stitches/glue) 

    Also don't expect your appetite to come back immediately, it may do as everyone is different in recovery, but I couldn't eat anything for 4 days after the surgery, and even now I'm struggling with food. 

    I hope your surgery goes well sweetie, if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask! 

    All the best xxx

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    Hi Charlotte

    I feel for for you - this is frightening! I had a 12 cm Dermoid Cyst on my left ovary and althought told I was going to have a laporoscopic operation I ended up having an abdominal incision and lost my left ovary and fallopian tube along with the cyst.

    They did the incision as the cyst was too large to remove otherwise, something that was decided on the day to be safer. 

    I know your procedure and problem is different but I just wanted to comment and say that with the abdominal operation it took me 6 weeks before I was fully ready to go back to work, so with a laporoscopic operation I am sure it would be sooner, I have heard people saying on here roughly 2 weeks.

    However the reality is - be prepared that it might not go the way you want it to and they may have to change the plans when they see exactly what is happening, especially as they are saying you might lose your ovary despite telling you the cyst is in your cervix.

    This is not necessarily a straightforward thing. 

    The CA125 seems to be standard when any cyst is found - the cysts are all analysed after removal by the lab too so you can have a definitive answer as to what it is. 

    The abdominal pain and bowel problems seem to be common complaints with cysts - I certainly had horrendous hip and back pain and also had bowel problems, especially during my periods.

    I would be amazed that if you have a general anaesthetic that you would be able to do anything the next day, you have to be kind to yourself, this is a big thing that is going to happen to you. They may be small incisions but you will be taking a certain amount of heavy pain relief I would guess and that will put you out of kilter too.I was told that my op would be done in the morning and I would be home for Dinner but actually wasn't out of hospital until 6pm the following day, you just have to be flexible.

    The gas in the shoulder I can't advise you on but I have heard it is very uncomfortable.

    Walking the dog should be left to someone else for a while I would guess as you will feel sore regardless of what op you have.  

    I wish you all the luck in the world and hope it is really starightforward and you are back to a better version of you really soon 


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    Hi Charlotte,I know you must be scared and stressed out.Ive had 2 previous stomach surgeries and due another one soon.I had a Dermoid and Ovary plus fallopian tubes removed a few years ago and now have another Dermoid on my remaining Ovary.People seem to think that keyhole surgery is no big deal.Just because the incisions are smaller.There is still as much rummaging around going on and any surgery that goes through your abdominal muscles takes some getting over! I had 4 keyhole incisions last time and alot of bruising.The Anaesthetic stays in your system for a day or two and makes you suddenly tired and a bit foggy.You really won't be fit for work the next day.If you don't rest you can end up run down and be prone to infections.You might feel ok after the first 4 days or so.It took a week for me to start to feel better.Your health comes first and you need to give yourself a few days.I have bowel problems from mine and pains etc.You can't lift or pull for 6 weeks no matter if it's keyhole or not so walking your dog won't be an option for a few weeks.The gas pain in the shoulder is horrible and I suffered badly with it.I found a warm water bottle and moving around helped.But I know some people who it didn't affect at all.

    Best of luck with it all,it's alot to deal with x

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    It's scary to find out you'll need a surgery.  Rest assured, the laparoscopy isn't bad.  

    From my experience (and keep in mind everyone is different), I was told I'd be ready for work in 2-3 days.  My procedure was on a Tuesday late in the day, so I planned to just take the rest of the week off.  While I was sore, it wasn't bad.  I went back to work on Monday and realized it was too soon.  I was still swelling during the day, and it was uncomfortable to work in my desk chair, as the prolonged sitting made the discomfort worse, and my muscles would tighten up to the point that when I arose, I was a bit hunched.  Still, not terrible, but I wasn't ready.  The incisisions weren't tender for me (I had belly button, and two 2-cm incisions on each side of my pelvis).

    Walking will help alleviate a lot of discomfort, but don't push too fast.  I agree with the others - if your dogs pulls, don't walk her.  You need to be able to focus on you.  Perhaps consider asking someone to walk with you to lead your pup.

    As for gas pain, I had very little.  I had one instance of gas pain two days following surgery and it was horrible.  But, having had open surgery to remove cysts, I'll take 15 seconds of major "oww" anyday.  

    On the bowels - a cyst of notable size like yours can absolutely affect your innards.  It's putting pressure on them!  I found with mine that I was either constipated or running to find a toilet, had sudden bouts of nausea, hearburn, bloating, etc.  The good news is that it 100% went away after surgery.

    I can't help on the blood tests, but a couple last pointers.  Consider when going back to work that you just had surgery.  You're going to be sleeping poorly most likely for a few days since you'll probably find being propped up is better, on pain medications for the first day or so, and recovering from general anestesia.  When you go back to work isn't just about when you aren't in pain.  Give yourself time to truly heal.  If you're exhausted when you come home from work, it'll take that much longer to get back to 100%.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you everyobody for coming back to me, your answers are very helpful.

    Sorry that everyones been through these issues, no fun being a woman!!

    Ive just had the cancer maker blood test so fngers crossed that will come back ok.

    Im most nervous about the General anesthetic, ive had them before but its always a worry, also worried about bowel or bladder perforation too but Im intrigued to see if i do have endometriosis as its always been a suspicion. 

    In my bid to not have hormones affect me in anyway I have not taken birth control for over 10yrs but potentially i could have messed myself up even more from what ive been reading about endo.

    Did any of you have an ultrasound right before your op to check the cyst hadnt gone? I guess with a dermoid cyst its different but mine i think is filled with blood so just wondering how they know it hasnt popped or leaked until they cut me open. 

    Thanks again


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