Large Ovarian Cyst, desperately need some advice

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Hi everyone

About 6 months ago my period went crazy, I was bleeding for 20 odd days stopping for 3 days then starting again, and I was very heavy and also passing huge clots. GP gave me tablets to regulate them which cut it down to about 12 days each time but didn't alter the heaviness or clots. Then I started to get lower back pain and a constant ache in my abdomen. GP referred me for an ultrasound which revealed small cysts on my uterus, and a huge one bigger than a grapefruit on my right ovary. I have seen a gynaecologist who took a tissue sample from my womb and did a blood test. I see him for the results on 20th Feb. He says it has to be removed surgically and they cant do keyhole surgery because of its size. My symptoms are much worse now, Im getting breathless and struggle to stand for long periods due to the backache. I also need to wee constantly when Im lying down, and feel so bloated and have horrid indigestion.

I could really do with some advice, particularly about what to expect from the operation as im terrified. Also Im worried as Im on antidepressants, will the anethetist work around them as I cant just stop taking them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thankyou.

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    I had a very large cyst removed last year. I was also not able to have keyhole surgery. They took me in to theatre and I came round about 3 hours later. Though the pain was really bad they did give me a morphine pump which helped I had it for about 18 hours then they gave me paracetamol every 4 hours. I was in hospital for 4 days then came home. I had an incision that started above my belly button, went round my belly button and then straight down my midline, it's about 16-18cm long. In total I was off work for 8 weeks. I can tell you that you will feel very tired, the best advice I can give is to get lots of comfy pillows to prop yourself up on as you won't be able to lie flat, if you need to cough press a pillow to your tummy it really helps, things do get better bit by bit every day. As far as the anti depressants go the best thing to do is discuss these with the doctor as I'm sure they can work around this, just make sure you mention it as soon as possible, take care, good luck you will be fine x
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    Hi Chris thanks for your reply.

    What do they do about you going to the toilet? I read from one women in America that had an enema before the opening so she wouldn't need number two's for a few days. The reason I ask is because I have irritable bowel syndrome and when I need a number two I have to get to a toilet quickish! How quickly are you able to get out of bed following the opening? It's all so worrying and stressful!


    Dawn smile

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    Hi Dawn, I was able to get out of bed the next day. I came out if the op at about 2pm on Wednesday and they had me up about 10 ish the next morning. I didn't actually manage to go until after I got back home, possible the shock of the op scared my bowel but was ok after I got home. If you have IBS you might manage better than some people as its best not to have to try to hard coz it will hurt. I also had to have a catheter for 2 days so didn't have to go for a wee either, it was a bit weird but I got used to it. Try not to worry and I hope you get on ok x
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    Hi Dawn,

    These internet forums helped me before my op so thought I'd share my experience.I'm five weeks post op for removal of v large cyst on my left ovary.I had open surgery and they also took my left ovary and fallopian tube

    Op was fine. I was so scared I put it off for 18 months in which time the cyst almost doubled in size. Stupid.

    Before they took it out I looked 9 months pregnant and was getting breathless. Cyst was 20 cm diameter and was a benign mucinous cyst. It apparently had "worrying features" and was warned it could have been borderline or stage one cancer, but thankfully was not.

    When first scanned after torsion, it could have been done keyhole, but after myprocrastination, it grew bigger than largest bag that can be used for keyhole (apparently). So had op. Consultant had wanted to do up down scar - forgot technical term - but I asked for bikini line. As my cyst had grown to top of stomach cavity, i don't know if it was easier or not.

    But op was FINE, so don't worry!!! Scariest bit was going to theatre, but I was panicking over nothing. Shook after waking that was only other strange bit, but calmed down with lovely theatre nurses.Felt out of it for next couple of hours, but pain was low. Discomfort more than pain and pain control was excellent - had morphine type drug via pump for first 24 hrs or at least after op and overnight. I didnt use my full quota, and it was easy to use and kept the pain at bay. I had c section before, but not with general, and again pain control was excellent - just do what the nurses tell you to re the pain relief. After pump out, I opted for cocodamol and ibuprofen. I could have had something more morphine based and stronger, but didn't want to feel out of it and one of girls on ward said it made her sick - something beginning with s ...?

    My biggest advice re bowel and bladder is drink tons of water, pre and post op. I kept asking for my jug to be refilled and had no probs when they took catheter out morning after op. They monitor your first three pees, and mine were all plentiful, whereas girl in bed next to me found it more difficult to go.

    Like Chris had post op constipation, but best advice is eat lots of green beans and prunes, but might not be needed with IBS...? But i ate "clean" for week before op and first couple of weeks after. Though docs don't

    advise I'd read elsewhere that a light diet helped bowel prepare and with the post op period. I also avoided heavy food in hosp including milk in my coffee and tea, and didn't have carbs or bread or cakes in hosp. Lots of veg and an egg if I remember rightly. am by no means a food saint, but my research told me this helped with the post op constipation. But again have no idea about ibs.

    All I can say is don't worry. Eat well and drink plenty of water for as long before as poss.

    And also try and get up asap next day, and don't overdo it but walk with straight back if you can.

    Stooping can feel natural, but helped my recovery to walk tall.

    Can honestly say that combination, hosp rest, the great pain relief and relief of getting rid of the giant cyst

    made it all a positive experience. Cyst had 2.5 litres of mucinous fluid and I lost half a stone over night and have gone on to lose more. Even tho at that stage I didn't know growth was benign, I was still glad to get it


    Ask for bikini line cut if you can. My recovery was quick and I was out on day 2, even tho I'd been told cld be a week.

    5 weeks on still taking it easy and not driving, but overall good. Some days I feel knackered like battery has gone flat, but that is worst thing. Getting staples out was also no problem, even tho I'd been scared about that. My cyst was v big and must have pushed my organs about a bit. One thing is I feel hungry for first time in what seems like years. It didn't ever stop me eating mind. And just am more "aware" of my bowels and insides

    than before if that makes sense. Sometimes feel they may be a bit bruised, but nothing extreme.

    Yes, good pillows, rest and take advantage of being looked after a bit if you can. I've been catching up

    with reading but still doing freelance work on the computer, that I was able to start five days after op. That's not ideal, and you can take plenty more time off work, but as freelance had to get on. But take it easy and save yourself some energy by trying not to worry. Hope it all goes ok.

    Sorry for mammoth reply, but hope some of it helps. Don't know about anti'

    -d-s but doubt they will be an issue.

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    Thanks for that. I have been to see the surgeon today and had to have another internal ultrasound done (yuk!!) Hes confirmed I have one very big cyst on my right ovary and 2 smaller ones on my left ovary, and has pt me on the waiting list for a hysterectomy. He wants me to lose a bit of weight as well, which I knew he would as I am overweight. He knows what medication I am on and hasn't said anything about it, but I do have to see the anethetist before the operation so I guess hes the one to ask. Im more worried about my ibs as I keep thinking I will need to rush to the loo and not be able to get out of bed! I think I might go on a soup diet for 48 hours before just to make sure lol!!

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